Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Pregnancy - thou art a heartless bitch!

This blog has been rather dead and there are several reasons for it, one of them is (and this is a big part of it) my pregnancy.

This is from two weeks ago, it's even bigger now

Sadly, pregnancy has been really tough on me those last couple of months. By now, I'm basically constantly in pain. I wish I would be one of those hot pregnant mums on Instagram, but I'm not.

Besides, the backache that makes it impossible to lie on my back, the stomach acid and the constant feeling like she might be breaking through me any second, every physical activity exhausts me and to say all that's annoying is an understatement. It feels like it's never gonna stop or get better.

It's two more weeks until she's coming and my belly is so big I can barely sit anymore. I'm not telling you all this for pity, I just wanted to explain.

Another reason I have troubles writing at the moment is that, to be honest, blogging feels rather shallow right now. There's so much going on in the world. Austria is being confronted with a huge wave of refugees and if it continues this way we won't be able to handle it. It worries me a lot and as positive as I try to be about it, I'm too much of a realist to believe everything will be good. I'm afraid it's gonna go to hell at some point, fast and with a lot of hate.

Additionally, nowadays everyone seems that have a blog, when I started it was still something special. You can't look at anyone's account on no matter what platform without finding a link to some blog. I wouldn't mind, but it has become so much about fame and money by now and it's been a real turn-off for me.

So that was my little rant. *gg* I'm gonna try to find back to it, but I don't know to what extent right now. With the baby coming, a lot will change.

Hope you're all doing fine.


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Madame Bonaparte said...

I hope you get through the last two weeks as good as possible!

As for blogging: I feel you. I was never a blogger (I tried but it just wasn't really my thing), but now there are so many blogs and all of them are doing the same thing. The beauty industry is getting boring as well... the affordable brands always have the same stuff and the fancy ones are too expensive anyways... so yeah. Meh.

Best wishes to you :)