Tuesday, 14 October 2014

GOSH Fall/Winter Novelties

Hey guys,

I've been really busy, sorry for the lack of posts. Two weeks ago I had the incredible pleasure to attend the GOSH event to see their Fall and Winter collections and novelties.

I have some sort of special relationship with GOSH. GOSH was one of those brands which were only available in the UK for ages and even though we now have it in Austria it's still something special. :)

Enough talk! Let's take a look.

New Lip Laquers with a freaking awesome colour pay-off

New lovely lipstick colours

They created a powder which can be used as primer and setting powder and three mineral powders. Haven't tried them so far though. I'm more of a liquid primer/foundation girl, but I'll review them soon!

They also had their relatively new eyeshadow pencils which I already reviewed. You can see swatches and everything here.

A lot of new and promising products. :)

Have you tried any of those novelties? I'm gonna post reviews and looks soon.


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