Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Youtube Video Online: What the wrong Anti-Baby hormones can do to you - IMPORTANT!!

My girls, PLEASE WATCH this video. It contains important information. It's about what the wrong anti-baby plaster/pill did to my health and I think everyone should know!


Monday, 28 March 2011

Alverde Body Sprays Released

Look what found its way to us. The new body sprays - I liked the citron one best, which, naturally, was sold out. *gg*


New Video Online: Origins Mega Mushroom Set Review

I hope you like it.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Friday, 25 March 2011

Make Up Look Oceany

Hey guys,

I actually wanted to do something with green again *g* but I thought: blue.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Make Up Look: Summer is coming

I wanted to do a green look again, I just love green on my eyes, but I thought you might get bored by that and decided to choose something more colourful.

What do you think??


Sleeks new palette

I'm sure you've already seen it, but isn't this one gorgeous palette??

Pic taken from Pixiwoo homepage

What do you think?

I definitely wanna have this, wish I would live in the UK..


Monday, 21 March 2011

St. Patricks Day Make Up Look

This is the make up look I wore in my latest videos.

I took the first pic as a test to see if I'm in the frame, but since it turned out to be the most accurate colourwise, I put it here. :-)

Do you like it?


Youtube Video: Origins VitaZing

Hey guys,

So this is my latest video. It's about the VitaZing moisturiser by Origins and why it doesn't work on pale skin.

Again, I love Origins, I really do, but if you're as pale as me or paler you won't be able to use it without looking like you applied a foundation that is way too dark for you..


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Youtube: Short General Infos and The Best Muzzle In The World

I decided I want to do Pet Videos as well. About products I like for them and just tips and tricks which I learned during my time as pet "mum".*gg*

In the information video you see how you will be able to distinguish them easily from the beauty videos:

This is it then: My review of a muzzle I think is the best ever. Dog owners - this might be something for you. :-)


Youtube: My Favorite Origins Products

I uploaded a new Youtube video. In fact, I uploaded three, but this is beauty-related:

As promised: My favorite Origins products. Hope you like it.

There will be two other Origins related videos online soon. :-)


Monday, 14 March 2011

New Youtube Video Online - February Favorites

I uploaded a new Youtube video - February Favorites.

Hope you like it. :-)


What I dislike about gel nails

I know I probably should write more poetic headlines, but well.. lol That way it's at least obvious what I wanna talk about. *gg*

I love my gel nails, I really really do and I don't think I will ever stop having them, cause my natural nails are just sooo crappy, but with everything out there, there are negative sides to them as well.

Let's take a look at these sides..

I have extremely bad nails and usually I have to get a refill after three weeks (my nails grow quite fast, who would have thought that..), but the last time I only got an appointment after four weeks and that's how they looked like when I was on the way to my appointment:

Horrible I know.. But after an hour they looked like this again: :-)

So let's take a closer look at the negative sides:
  • Refills are pricey - 38€ once a month..
  • Sometimes they break, i.e.: when your dog pulls on the leash like a freaking moron or you work a lot with your hands
  • As you can see above at the end of the 3/4 weeks the nail polish tends to get stuck under the gel
  • Sometimes the natural nails splits from the gel as you can see on my pointer, it doesn't do anything, but it doesn't look pretty either
  • I prefer them to be matte, but if you don't get that finishing gel (which is only available it this high shine version) the gel won't last..
  • You have to get used to your new nails, especially when they are longer than your natural nails
  • With the gel your nails are strong, very strong, you'll have to be careful not to scratch your boyfriend while fighting for the remote.. *g*
That's everything I can think about. That might sound horrible right now, but there are so many positive aspects.

I think I'm gonna do a positive sides post as well..

Hope this was helpful!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Let's share a moment...

This is not beauty related, but it is something that REALLY freaks me out...

For those who don't know - I study English and German to become a teacher (a back up - cause Austria is crazy small and finding a good job as Make Up Artist is quite hard) and it pisses me off to no end when I have to endure this:

There was NO air in this room after ten minutes.. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem at all with sitting on the floor and all that, but we have to pay fucking 400€ each semester..

Last week I had an exam, an exam - not a plain lecture, and it was so overcrowded that people had to write their exam on the floor and on the windows..

How is this in your country?


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Review: MUFE Aqua Eyes Eye Pencil

To say it right away - I was kinda disappointed.. I wish I could say how I love it, but I just don't..

I've read sooo many positive reviews about it and therefore expected an intense black that lasts. Intense black or just a true black is the keyword..

I applied it on my lower lash and waterline and it took me 5 strokes to get a decent black and not this shitty dull greyish black.

Let me show you what I mean

I compared it with two pencils from MAC:

MUFE Aqua Eyes, MAC Smolder, MAC duo eye pencil - black funk

On to the swatches in the same order - each applied in one fluent movement:

See what I mean? That is ridiculous! It only gets as black as the MAC ones when I go over the same area three times and on the waterline it's even harder..

The one positive thing about it - it does last very well!

After washing my hands three times and rubbing on it:

The MAC pencils wash away quite quickly..

In a nutshell, I expected more and am really sad that the result was and is so underwhelming.

Have you any of the Aqua Eyes pencils?


I'm on Twitter

I thought maybe, and that's a big maybe, any of you might be interested enough in my beauty and pets blabbing to follow me.

Unfortunately, AnonymousBeautyholic was too long, so it's now GuinevereBeauty. I would be great if you subscribe. :-)


Thursday, 10 March 2011


I have an exam in the morning and shouldn't be online at all, but I couldn't resist writing a tiny post.

I recently reorganised my whole make up collection and my brushes as well:

Now, they are all lined up, nice and neat. Smalll eye brushes like liner and smudge brushes. "Normal sized" eyeshadow brushes for packing on colour and all my blending brushes with some random eye brushes in between. They rest are obviously face brushes. :-)

I love brushes, you can never have enough. ;-)

Are you brush-obsessed as well??


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Make Up Look - Classic 50's

I was is the mood for something classic :-)


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Make Up Look - Evil Mermaid

I promised, I know ages ago, to do a look with Illamasqua's Disciple lip colour, so here it is:

I didn't apply the colour wrong for those who wonder, over the blue colour I tapped a bit of Illamasqua's Black Intense Lipgloss. I wanted to make it uneven, darker and just more vicious looking. :-)

What do you think? *gg*


Friday, 4 March 2011

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection

I'm sure you've all seen the first pics of the soon-to-be released Toxic Nature collection by Illamasqua.

I collected some pics from different sites:

I can't stop staring at these looks.. Such inspiration!! I love Illamasqua.

I'm most interested in the completely new !matte! pigments. :-)
And these two polishes:

Hell Candy Make Up has already gorgeous swatches on her site. :-)

How pretty.... Do you want anything? I wish I could get everything.. *gg*


Look by Bipa - Colour Fantasy

I saw the poster of this collection outside the Bipa store and immediately got excited:

And I was quite underwhelmed when I saw this:

Where is the blue lip colour? And most of all where are the eye shadows that create this colour pay off??? Definitely not on this display. I think they went a bit overboard with Photoshop..

Austrian girls, will you get anything? Or did you and are pleasently surprised by the quality? If so please let me know. :-)