Monday, 31 May 2010

Windows 7 sucks

I gotta say Windows 7 sucks..

My webcam doesn't work anymore on it and is incompatible with Windows Movie Maker, I have troubles editing posts and since Windows 7 is still in its childhood there aren't all the freaking programs one needs.

So after my digicam died a week ago, what a perfect timing, I started reusing my Canon 300D, but guess what - no software program for the 64bit Windows 7, so I have high quality pics waiting to be posted, but can't upload them on my computer..

What the hell?...

I, therefore, apologize if there will be a short lack of updates, because of this stupid Windows 7...


Saturday, 29 May 2010

May Favorites

I finally found some time to film another video:

May Favorites

I hope you enjoy it and yes I know my choice of words and pronunciation has been better, but after a whole day of work and switching between german and english a billion times this was all I could offer.

Love you all,

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bad Luck

Sorry for not posting a video, as promised. I really wanted to, but while everything worked fine yesterday, Windows Movie Maker now refuses to accept my Webcam. It kills me..

I didn't have time for it yesterday, cause my cat decided to bite off her OP stitches for the third time and I was busy getting her to the vet...

That was yesterday, my poor baby..

So I went to H&M today and bought a baby body which luckily fits perfectly:

I hope this works now and we can (at least) leave the toby collar away.

As soon as the webcam works again, which hopefully is asap, I upload some videos.



Monday, 24 May 2010

Neutral Everyday Make Up Tutorial

These pics have been lying around in my make up folder literally for ages and I never had time to post them, but now they will be.

Paulina asked me to do a neutral make up look using MAC products she got: Tete-a-Tint eyeshadow and Soft Ochre Paint Pot - believe it or not - I didn't have either of them.. And even more surprisingly it wasn't easy to get them.

Tete-a-Tint is an eyeshadow that is discontinued in Austria, so I bought it when I was in NY, I also wanted to buy Soft Ochre, but it has such a yellow undertone, that I bought Painterly instead.

But don't worry, you can use Soft Brown eyeshadow from Mac as a dupe for Tete-a-Tint, it's almost the same and Soft Ochre/Painterly are that neutral, that they function as nothing more than an eyeshadow base. So you just get what suits you more.

But let's start:

The finished look:

I usually start with the eyes, it's just simpler – when you have fall-out you just wipe it away without loosing foundation.

I applied my UD Primer Potion as my eyeshadow base and after that Groundwork Paint Pot to give the colours more depth.
Instead of the Primer Potion you can use Painterly Paint Pot. It will be a great base.

After that I put Tete-a-Tint all over my lid and in the crease Ground Brown. Any dark brown will do.

Since we’re creating a soft look I used a brown gel liner from Coastal Scents to line my upper lash line.

I used the Tete-a-Tint and Ground Brown Combo underneath the eyes as well as you can see. The lighter colour on two thirds of the under eye area and the dark shadow to connect the ends.
After that I curled my lashes and used my Givenchy mascara.

For my face I used Illamasqua’s Satin primer and over that the unbelievably gorgeous NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia.

I set it with Kryolan powder and applied NYX 01 Bronzer as my contour and NYX Pinky blush as my blush colour.

And that's it. Very simple and wearable.
I hope you enjoyed it and I will put up another youtube video today -> Products I love. :-)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Another Jade Make Up Look

I'm sorry I didn't update for so long, well actually it only has been like two days, but my goal is one post a day :-)

Life just tends to get in the way and this time it was because of crappy working hours. But let's get to the look:

Would you like me to make a tutorial to this look? I also uploaded a new youtube video. :-) The Essence "Into the Wild" Haul.

For those who have seen it, how did you like my Magenta Madness talk-through to the make up look posted on my blog. Was that good or more on the boring side? Do you want me to do it again?

I would be grateful for your opinions, all of them!


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

MAC and Disney's Venomous Villains Collection!!!!

random picture taken from google - not an actual promo picture

MAC and Disney finally decided it's time to make a baby!!!!!! And the babys name will be "Venomous Villains".

How gorgeous is that? I mean seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I can't wait to see first product photos.

It's going to be launched worldwide in september and four Disney characters will be featured. Since the name "Venomous Villains" is already known one can exclude characters like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, which is sad, but I'm sure we will survive.

I hope you are as excited as I am!! What characters do you think will make it into these top 4???


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Requested Post: Make Up Online Stores

Lovely Lilly asked me to make a post about the make up online stores I buy from and since that is a gorgeous idea, I couldn't wait to do it.

I decided to make two categories: the stores I shopped and what I think about them, and the stores I would shop, but why I didn't do (yet).

Let's start with the shops I already bought stuff from. There is no ranking to them: - They have great finished make up palettes, a ton of brushes and other stuff for awesome prices. I shopped there already several times and it worked always fine. - Sigma is specialised in brushes, they are very close to the ones from MAC and have even the same numbers for reference. I love their brushes and they have great prices! I will buy from them soon again. The launched a make up range as well, but I'm not convinced enough to buy it.
- I bought some empty eye shadow pans and magnets recently and was very happy with them. They sell a lot of limited or discontinued stuff and get new products every day. - I do love Illamasqua and since there is no store in Austria, I order from their website. They do offer a pro discount as well, so it's definitely worth checking out. - Mac Aroni (that's her facebook name) has a store on facebook named "Mad about Mac". There you can get the actual limited editions and a lot of other MAC stuff. She is super nice and recently started offering pressed pigments, pro and normal ones and the limited edition ones. A gorgeous idea!! I ordered already twice and will buy some pressed pigments soon! - Besides make up I also adore nail polish and nail art, which you might have noticed *g*. They sell Konad plates and accessoires for a great price and even do offer free worldwide shipping.

Ebay - I already bought many times make up and nail polish from ebay. There are "power sellers" with "real" stores. If you only buy from them, you won't have troubles getting your stuff. I only would buy from them if you wanna stay on the safe side. Always watch out for flawless recommendation and many buyers. - a store that sells NYX cosmetics and some other brands!! I ordered from them once and everything went smooth, but they raised the shipping costs again, so I won't be able to order from them again.

Now on to the stores I didn't buy stuff from (yet). Again, no ranking:

It has very simple reasons why I didn't buy there yet - not enough money and/or too high shipping costs to Austria. - a store with everything for hair, from styling to treatments to curling irons, blow dryers etc. I would sooooo love to buy from them, but the shipping to Austria is like $80.. - Exactly what the name says, a store with everything american drugstores have. Gorgeous for us Europeans, but again - super high shipping costs to Austria..
- similar to love-make up: a variety of make up products, from MAC pigment samples, to refills to palettes, to several products from previous high end brand collections - didn't buy there yet, but definitely will in the future
- I can't wait to buy make up from them, gorgeous super pigmented, bold colours. Just amazing! - a store that sells all those great nail polishes like China Glaze, Opi,.. I would love to order from them, but again: way to high shipping costs.

I guess that was it, at least all that I can think of at the moment. There are many great stores out there. For example almost all american high end make up and nail polish brands have an online store, but the only ship nationally, which excludes me. It's the same with make up outlet online stores.

So if you are american, lucky you, you will be able to buy from all those store I listed without troubles, for the ones not located in the US like me, always take a look at the shipping costs.

I hope this was interesting and informative. Did you like it Lilly?? :-)
If there are other requests, let me know!


Friday, 14 May 2010

Massive NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Disappointment

As some of you might have read, I've been in NYC some weeks ago - during the volcanic ash chaos. And there I bought a ton of make up, I don't even wanna say out loud how much I bought.. *gg*

And one of my top to-buy things was a bunch of NYX stuff.

I owned already some lipsticks, 2 lip pencils, 1 jumbo eye pencil in Milk, some of their palettes and 2 bags of them, which I've had ordered online on some time ago.

I only use the Milk Jumbo eye pencil on my waterline, where it works great and I had heard so many ravings about these pencils as an eyeshadow base for example that I got myself quite a few.

I know, crappy artifical light picture, but it's enough for this purpose.

So shortly after returning I did a smokey eye. I even used UD Primer Potion underneath, just to make sure and then applied the black NYX jumbo pencil and directly after that the black eyeshadow to set it. It looked great. So I went off to work, I arrived and when I saw myself in a mirror I couldn't believe my eyes:

This is the worst that can happen. The NYX pencil had sucked up all the black colour and built this black ugly line. In an freaking hour!

And naturally at that day I needed something from my MAC store. Gosh that was embarassing.. I wanna make this clear - I'm not vain! Not at all, I leave the house without make up all the time, but when I wear make up I want it to be perfect, especially as a pro myself.

I rather wear no make up, than crappy, badly applied make up. So this was torture for me, cause I gotta be honest with you, when I see someone wearing make up like this I think: Girl you need help...

So if any of you dear readers know how to get these NYX pencils to be a good NON creasing eyeshadow base, please share your secret!

I know this probably wasn't the most exciting post in the history of posts, but I really wanted to do it, cause if you think about buying them as a base like me, you should think twice.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Essence Into the Wild Trend Edition

I'm so happy that the comment posting problem is solved and I can't wait to read your thoughts to my posts. So bring it on! :-)

Since Essence has started selling in the US as well I feel more comfortable posting stuff from them, cause I always feel bad when I rave about stuff some of my readers can't get.
I know how that feels, cause I feel that all the time. lol

So here is Essence's actual trend edition and I'm very pleased with it, I got almost all items of it.
That is the set up and I was quite lucky to find one that still was that stocked. *gg*

So here's what I got:

Let's take a closer look:

There are three eyeshadow duo's and I got Boogaloo:

I couldn't resist the nail polishes and ended up buying all four:

Zulu, desert fox

bongo drums, heart chakra

I bought two of three available lipglosses:

heart chakra, beat the heat

The highlight powder: a tribe called wild

And the two jumbo eye pencils:

beat the heat, zulu

does the design look familiar??

Probably.. *gg* As you can see in the direct comparison, NYX's are larger and shorter.

On to the swatches:

I won't repeat the names, cause they repeat them, so let's make it simple:

From top to bottom:

The jumbo eye pencils and the swatch from the yellow shadow in the duo

The two lipglosses and the brown colour swatch from the duo

Left I put the yellow eyepencil on and tapped over it the yellow eyeshadow to show how that makes the colour pop and the three colours of the highlight trio

The colours are really, really nice and I'm going to do a haul video soon where I will wear a look with these products and post it here as well.

I hope you liked that post and don't forget - I'm open for requests, may it be looks or a special youtube video or whatever might is on your mind.


Comment problem solved??

I've heard that there are problems with leaving comments.

Thought the settings seem alright and the way I wanted them to be - everyone can comment, it didn't seem to work..

I changed it and it should work now, now there is not this automatic window at the end of each post, it changes into a comment site where you write it and you should be able to leave comments again, so please write a comment, no matter how general *g*, so that I see if it works now..


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Magenta Madness Look + my Youtube Channel + NOTD

Time for a make up tutorial - and the youtube video to it - and my nail polish to it.

I called it Magenta Madness after the MAC Pro Pigment Magenta Madness which is the most beautiful neon pink ever and which I used for this look.

The eyes:

As always my UD Primer Potion. Then I put Magenta Madness, which I mixed with Water Mixing Medium, wet all over my lid and set it with the loose pigment itself. Then I applied Carbon from Mac and blended it from the crease inwards.
With a small brush I applied the Magenta Madness on the inner under eye area and connected the rest with Carbon.
I curled my lashes and put my Givenchy mascara on.

For the face:

I used my Illamasqua Satin Primer and then my NARS Sheer Glow foundation in siberia, over it I concealed my red spots with Full Coverage from Mac and my under eye circles with Mac Moisturecover.
Then I set it with my Kryolan Setting Powder, applied Blush of Youth beauty powder as blush and Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish as contour.

Aaaaaand if you wanna see me talking you through it with the products and brushes used you can do so by clicking to this link:

Cause I started my youtube channel and really hope you like it. Maybe even subscribe :-) I will do reviews, hauls and tutorials on it.

And last but not least the nail polish I was wearing today, I got asked more often after it than after my make up. lol It flashes like crazy in my tutorial *gg*
It is from China Glaze and called "shocking pink" - what a fitting name!

As always please forgive my stupid cuticle area..

Love you all,

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Body Shop "Nomadic Goddess" Summer Trend Collection

Today the "Nomadic Goddess" collection was released and I gotta say The Body Shop did the hell of a job. :-)

It's relatively small - only three eyeshadows and two bronzers, but damn are they pretty.

There are three duo eyeshadows called Copper, Jade and Moonstone and the Bronzers: Golden Bronze and Warm Glow

Beautiful, right? And naturally I have some swatches for you.

Left: the trios: Moonstone, Jade and on the bottom Copper

Right: the upper bronzer is Warm Glow and below it Golden Bronze

The consistency of the products are great and the colour pay off is nice as well, especially used wet you can achieve great results.


Monday, 10 May 2010

MAC To the Beach Look

I did a look inspired by Mac's new collection and I thought I show you. :-)

It's very fruity, colourful. Just as I like it. *g*

How you can recreate it:

I applied my UD Primer Potion and on top of that on the inner part of the lid Obviously Orange technakohl eyepencil and on the rest of the lid Pharaoh Paint Pot to give the eyeshadows more pop.

Then I used on the inner corner of the eye "Off the page" eyeshadow, on the middle part "sweet & punchy" and on the outer part "bottle green". Over that, under the brow bone, I applied a highlight colour.

I blended them carefully together and made the same on the undereye area in a thin line.

After that I applied Undercurrent as my liner close to the upper lashline, curled my lashes with my shu uemura eyelash curler and applied Givenchy phenomen eyes mascara.
Lastly, I filled out my brows with Mac's new impeccable brow pencil in black.

Did my normal foundation and blush/contour routine and applied Mac's to the Beach "Flurry of Fun" lipglass.

And that's it. :-)

Hope you like it.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

New Essence Blush Brush

Hello lovelies,

I'm a fan of Essence cosmetics, their prices and quality are very unique. So I'm always watching what they are bringing out, cause their trend editions are mostly gorgeous!!

So besides a new trend edition haul that is coming soon I have a little review of the new Blush Brush they released now permanently.

So here he is:

He is a tiny thing, but got what it takes to play in the league with all the big ones. The bristles are super soft and very comfortable.

The shape is also exactly right as I would describe it.

To be able to see how "big" he is, a comparison:

The Essence Blush Brush from the limited Moonlight Collection, the new permanent one and a MAC 129SE from one of the holiday collection brush sets.

I'd say the softest is the limited edition one, than the permanent and, no kidding, the MAC one only scored the last place. It felt almost scratchy..

Conclusion: For the price of 2,95€ this brush is a wonderful choice you won't regret! I totally would recommend it! And I mean one can never, ever have too many brushes.