Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bad Luck

Sorry for not posting a video, as promised. I really wanted to, but while everything worked fine yesterday, Windows Movie Maker now refuses to accept my Webcam. It kills me..

I didn't have time for it yesterday, cause my cat decided to bite off her OP stitches for the third time and I was busy getting her to the vet...

That was yesterday, my poor baby..

So I went to H&M today and bought a baby body which luckily fits perfectly:

I hope this works now and we can (at least) leave the toby collar away.

As soon as the webcam works again, which hopefully is asap, I upload some videos.




Latinminx79 said...

OMG I've never seen a cat wear clothes before, too cute!!!!

Guinevere said...

I know!! I'm no fan of dressing pets - it's not natural, but we tried everything and this is the only thing that covers all the stitches.
So I'm happy with it and it is indeed super cute :-) and she is okay with it.