Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am SO HAPPY to report that MAC got the Venomous Villains and the F/W nail trend delivered today. I visited my MAC girls and the delivery arrived during this time - so exciting!!

However, this DOES NOT mean that you can buy them today!

They will be released on Friday as said. I so will be there at 9:30.. *gg* I know I'm a freak, but I'm okay with it. Maybe I even see some of you there. :-)

For those wondering why the hell they can't just start selling them the moment they get the products, here the answer:

The products need to be brought into the system and they have to do that first. Even when the products are already in there, there are official release dates which they aren't allowed to ignore.
It has nothing to do with them not wanting to sell, really. Even purchase will be visible in the computer and they would get into serious troubles.
I myself stood before them and nearly freaked out why they can't just sell them, but they can't and it is not their fault. So if you feel like that, cause you have to work on that day and are afraid everything will be sold out, don't be mad at them, it is out of their hands.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Body Shop's Vitamin C products

I uploaded a new video, finally.. *gg*

It's a review about all the Vitamin C products from The Body Shop. I will make a seperate post about them with pics and descriptions as well.

I sincerely hope you like it!!


Monday, 27 September 2010

My new system to overview my polishes Part 2

Sooo I finally started to get them on to the wall :-)

I mean doesn't that look awesome???

And you can flip every single one over to read the label. I love it!

There's still a lot to do, all the other colours to be exact, but I already like it very very much *g*


Essence Denim Wanted

I was quite surprised when I came across one of the Denim Wanted gel liners from Essence. I thought they were all sold out, but I found the grey one and couldn't resist. I also grabbed an eyeshadow duo which looked promising.

Let's start with the gel liner:

It looks very shimmery silver in the little glas bottle, but it isn't.

It comes with a little liner brush as well, I love brushes. You can never have enough..

I was very happy with the consistency. Staying power was also nice and as it should be. I'm happy that I did find one. :-) I didn't think the brush would be that good, but you can draw nice thin lines with it, another plus!

Let's move on to the eyeshadows:

I love intense colours and they are intense:

Lasting power was awesome as well, needed my cleansing oil to remove them.

So this purchase was definitely worth it. :-) And as always - gorgeous prices!

Did you get anything?


B Pretty Brushes

Last week I was at Bipa, a local drugstore and walked by those little cuties and couldn't resist, even ignored my boyfriends subtle comment that I already own a billion brushes.. *gg*

I wanted to test them, how they feel and work on the skin. Those retail for 2,99€ if I remember correctly, which is nothing.

And that's how they look like:

My opinion: They are okay. When you open them and smell on the bristles it just smells awfully like plastic, but after washing this disappears.

The bristles are okay, they are definitely not as soft as they could be and regarding the fact that Essence has a powder brush in the same price range which is adoringly soft one can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed.

However, for the price I think they are alright. Maybe if you wash them with conditioner they will get softer.

I hope this was helpful for those wondering how they might feel.


Sunday, 26 September 2010

New Design

I decided to use a new blog design from blogger itself, cause they were troubles viewing the blog.

Hope this is better now.


Friday, 24 September 2010

MAC release infos for Austria

I was asked if I know when exactly the Autumn Nail Trend polishes will be released. I called one of my MAC girls and got this info:

Venomous Villains will be released on Friday the first october. 

The autumn polishes might be released the same day if they arrive soon enough, but for sure on the 4th of october. I'm happy they come to us at all, wasn't sure about that.. 

pics taken from

Both collections haven't arrived yet in stores, let's hope they come in time, so they release them punctual.

I hope this was helpful.


My new system to overview my polishes

I have a lot of polishes and I do love them, but it gets harder and harder to really keep track about what colours I already own.
So I thought about something which I found genious and started with that project about a good week ago and then I see exactly the same idea on a germans blogger site.
She appears to have had the same thought at the same time, which is kinda fascinating and weird at the same time.
I'm telling you this, cause I don't want anyone to think I stole it from her and say it was my idea.

You will see differences anyway, but if I have an idea from someone else I will say it.  :-)

I bought a bunch of nail tips, the biggest they have and filed the tips in a nice oval shape and started painting.. *g* It is sooo much work.. So far I reached my last drawer with all the greens and browns.

The pics were taken when I was finished with White to Purple. I bought a bunch of little label stickers to know all the time which colour and brand it is:

I let all the tips dry over night and when I'm done with painting all of them I'm gonna make two little holes in the top of the nail tip, where I left them blank, and will hang them up on my wall by colour.  :-)

So I can see all my colours at the same time, save space and "try" on the polishes :-)

I'm gonna put up another post when my project is finished.

Hope you found that interesting and probably inspiring.


Little Nail Polish Haul

Last week I broke my rule of not supporting the creepy nail polish store that is Micky Nails..

I went there and spent money.. I know I'm not proud either and as much as it pains me to hear "Tschina Glatze", and it does pain me horribly, I wanted the polishes without waiting weeks for them, worrying about the customs and if they will arrive at all and I wanted to see them in real life before buying.

And that is the big advantage they have, every polish has a creepy fake finger and on that creepy wax finger is a nail and on that the colour. So you really see the end result.

I checked out Orly's famous Cosmic FX collection and I'm happy I did, cause in the end I found only two of them really worth buying or spending 12€ on each to clarify.. I also got the OPI Shrek Minis which I'm eyeing since they came out and two China Glaze lovelies.

But see for yourself:

Shreeeeks Mini's: What's with the Cattitude, Fiercly Fiona, Rumple's Wiggin', Who the Shrek are you?

 Orly Halleys Comet and It's not Rocket Science

China Glaze Spellbound (from last years Halloween edition) and Classic Camel (Vintage Vixen collection)

Look at that glitter:

Swatches will follow soon, do you have any of those? If so, happy with them?


Gel refill

Got a new refill, I had one before, but it is so pretty, I needed to show you.. Barbara did such a gorgeous job again, she is the greatest! I'm still so happy to finally have beautiful nails and all polishes, even MAC ones, last forever!

Love them..

Love ya too,

Monday, 20 September 2010

Goth at Heart

Work started again today and I chose something more intense. :-)

Do you like it?


Friday, 17 September 2010

Barry M - Emerald Green

One of the two Barry M polishes I picked up at Edinburgh:

Pretty, right? :-)


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Urban Outfitter Nail Polish Review

This is for the lovely Lilly

I am really trying to quit buying colours I already own, so I look very closely at each colour and to my surprise those colours weren't in my collection. I didn't plan to buy them, cause 6 pounds aren't that cheap, but I'm happy I did!

From left to right: Mint 1, Lilac 2, Green 9

They applied gorgeously. The colour pay off was flawless as well, very opaque, one coat already was great and with just two coats the result was perfect:

My favourite one is Green 9. Aren't they just perfect?

So if you ask me, I totally would recommend them. I'm in love, the only "negative" thing about them is the tiny, tiny brush:

You need to upload a lot of colour on this little thing to get enough colour to fill your whole nail.

I hope this was interesting and helpful.


Models Own - Nude Beige

My first Models Own polish :-) It is a colour I didn't own until now and called Nude Beige.

The result is, as obvious, very nice, though I have to say I had to deal with some streakyness. I wouldn't call this a dream application.. At least it turned out even at the end. I would have expected a better texture for the price of 5 pounds I think it was.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

UK holiday and Haul

I'm back!!! *g* Did you miss me? I certainly missed you!

Thanks for the lovely comments, I love reading comments from you guys, it is the best part of this blog!

It was utterly beautiful, as always, especially in the Highlands, we spent three days at Portree on the Isle of Skye, the northest part of Scotland and two days in Edinburgh. It was a very non-beauty holiday. I was sick most of the time and almost everything I brought with me make up wise sat in the suitcase. And since my boyfriend likes me best without make up on, I wasn't wearing any. I was feeling very bad about that as someone who has a beauty inspired blog. lol

Some impressions:

Isn't that just unbelievable? I miss it already..

And now to the make up part *g* When we spent our last two days in Edinburgh I shopped and that's what I ended up with :-)

I bought two super cute travel sizes of the great Body Shop peppermint cooling foot spray and their camomile make up remover, you can't get these sizes in Austria.
Furthermore, I finally found a Jewellery tree who isn't a headless dress with a ton of metal sticking out.. and I went to Topshop, got myself a gorgeous ring and two of their make up brushes. I will review them as soon as tested.

I'm very happy with my Body Shop Shampoo's, but I couldn't resist two Aussie deep conditioners, one for coloured hair and one for long hair - fits both! :-) Aaand three of Urban Outfitters nail polishes, I wasn't planning on buying them, I was captured by the colours and had to have them.

I also went to Superdrug: Sleek had an offer: the two sided brush and a contour kit for 8 pounds, which I think is a good deal, so I took it, even if I am not that fond of two sided brushes, how store them properly without needing tons of space?.. I wanted to buy one of their new kajal liners, the big ones, but besides the fact they were all already used, I was rather disappointed by the quality..
I got two polishes and a glitter dust from Barry M, they have 3 for 2 at the moment and my first models own nail polish. :-)

Furthermore, I went to MAC with my empty containers and got myself a free lipstick, juhu!!! I love Back to Mac so much.. I took Superior - a dazzle finish rose tone from the fabulous felines collection.

And my new ring tree in action:
I need more rings.. *g*

For those waiting and wondering why there is nothing from Illamasqua - there is NOT ONE Illamasqua store in Edinburgh. What a disappointment.. :-( There is only one store in Glasgow and I didn't have time to drive there and my boyfriend would have killed me - he already waited once before that store for three hours.. lol

I hope you liked the post and I can't wait to read your comments.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'm leaving on a jetplane...

Hey my girls and maybe even boys :-)

Today I'm flying to Scotland, again. :-) I wish I would be more excited, but my flu stills eats a lot of my energy. And since the weather people say it will rain every day I hope it doesn't get worse.

I don't know if I will have internet connection, so if not, I haven't forgotten you, I love all of you very much and am grateful for each and everyone of you!

I'm sure I will be back with an UK Haul *gg*

Have a nice week!


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Review: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme

Here is my review of the new lip product by MAC.

I bought one of the new pro longwear lipcremes which you might already have seen in my haul post:


What I think: It has a gorgeous, opaque colour pay off, which I always love and applies very smoothly. But unfortunately that changes soon and you get this longlasting-product-feeling. It dries down and one has the impression the colour tries to creep into your lips and dries them out. Look how you see every line:

I wanted to put a lipgloss over it, but resisted for the purpose of this review, but I think if you do that this feeling goes away quickly.

The lipcreme does last very well, eating and drinking doesn't impress the product.

Conclusion: MAC made a good longlasting lip prodcuct with beautiful results, but even MAC wasn't able to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling completely.

Hope this was useful.