Thursday, 2 September 2010

Water make up look

I'm sick again.. The day I was born god must have been really pissed. Not only did he bless me with all the diseases my family had to offer, he also decided that I don't need a working immune system.. I mean why would I need one.. I'm so selfish, bad Guinevere..

Okay, enough with the rant, I'm just annoyed with myself. Before I got sick again I did this look:

Do you like it? If there is a question about the colours or certain details, just write it into the comments and I will answer. :-) I need to sleep now..



Lilly said...

WOW! this is gorgeous! I think out of all the make up looks you posted here I like this one the most.

feel better soon sweetie! hugs!

Guinevere said...

thanks sooo much sweetie :-)

thelittlerouge said...

you're gorgeous, you look like a mermaid or a water fairie