Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Clarisonic Mia "Hope is Beautiful"

Today, I visited my cousin Julia, who I absolutely adore. Such a lovely person and her dog, Ebby, is one of my dogs best friends. :-)

We spent New Years Eve together and I told her about my Clarisonic Mia. She was quite interested in it, cause she regularly has troubles with her skin and after she tried mine she was won over by it. *gg*

So we ordered it on Yeah, you now can order it on!!! How unfair.. *g* I had to literally sent a friend money, she then bought it at a Sephora in the US and shipped it to me. The only thing one needs is a credit card.

She was extremely lucky, cause at the moment one can get a special edition called "Hope is beautiful". Sooo pretty and for a good cause!

In contrast to the others this LE Mia has a shiny surface. :-)

No flash:

Usual charger.

I envy her.. I wish my Mia would be so beautiful, but as long as it works I won't need a new one.

Thought you might wanna see how it looks and that one can order it from Austria now. :-) She paid with shipping about 120€, which is definitely a good price for this item.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

MAC's Wonder Woman Packaging pics!

OMG I love limited editions and I adore LE packaging, but this one rocks them all, soooo awesome:

All pics taken from temptalia, seriously what would we do without this woman?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tips for London???

Are any of you guys maybe from London or living there?

My flight leaves on Friday evening and I'm already super excited. I can't wait to be there.. I haven't been to Covent Garden in ages.. And my beloved Marks & Spencer...
Do you have any tips for must-go places, no sightseeing things or so, cause I've seen them all already. :-)

On saturday, I'll mainly be at IMATS I'm sure. :-) Will any of you be there as well??

Other than that I'll visit, as mentioned, Covent Garden, naturally Camden Market, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and deeeefinitely the Illamasqua flagship store, but maybe there are some places I haven't been beautywise.

Would be awesome to have some insider tips!


Monday, 24 January 2011


Look what I found in a magazine..

I thought Bipa copied it from Illamasquas new Throb collection, but..

..apparently this Bipa look was created months ago. So no stealing.. *g* Thanks to Lilly who corrected me. :-)


Saturday, 22 January 2011

60's Fashion Show

Hey guys,

Yesterday was the hell of a day..

I did the make up for a 60's fashion show my sister and her colleagues organised. She's in her last semester of an event management school and that was the final project. A whole event "in the 60's" with an authentic fashion show. The models, she and her colleagues wore original clothing from the 60's borrowed from the ORF archives. Soooo cool..

The professional pictures will be ready soon and I hope they are good, cause the ones my mum did ended up looking extremely crappy.. lol I'm a bit sick of jobs where I end up having no pics for my portfolio, which happens all the time.

Nevertheless, I thought you might wanna see them.

The four ladies of the evening - my sister is the one in the yellow dress. She looked gorgeous, but I loved the orange/white dress the most, sooooo Austin Powers. *gg*

The models :-)

I worked, no exaggeration, all in all 12 hours.. Model after model came from the hair stylist and I even, in my "breaks", ended up doing the make up of some of the assistans, cause the begged me to.*g* I'm bad in saying no.. So in the end I did 12 whole face make ups that day.

One horrible thing happened, one of the girls needed a mirror and I gave her my MAC Dame Edna beauty powder with the little mirror in it and she dropped it..

This was the worst moment of my day.. I think you as beauty lovers yourself can feel that pain. I'm going to try to press it, let's see how it goes..

I wish I would have been payed for that day, but their budget was tight and as the sister.. At least I had the satisfaction of their smiles and joy when they looked in the mirror after I finished. That is worth the most, the knowledge that they love what you did. :-)

I hope you had a more relaxing day. *gg*


OPI RapiDry Spray Review

Hey guys,

I got this as a present from my sis and first I wasn't entirely convinced, but after using it for several times I really started to adore it.

It is the equivalent to the OPI Drip Dry Drops, which are gorgeous as well - just in spray form.
What you do is spraying this over your painted nails and it helps them to dry faster. It smells a little bit like artifical cherries and does its job perfectly. It works as well as the drops, but less messy. :-) 


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Youtube Video: How I trim my eyebrows

I uploaded another video: How I trim my brows - what products I use for shaping and styling  :-)

That was the look I wore in the video:

Here's the link:


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Alverde Powder Eyeshadow Base

What do you think about this soon-to-be released product??

pics from Alverde's facebook page

Personally, I don't know if I will or would like it.. I prefer eyeshadow bases in a cream form and not as a powder and they describe it as super unique, Coastalscents had powder eyeshadow bases long before them. So it's not that big an innovantion, but I don't wanna rant about it without knowing it.

Will you buy it? I will try it, if it comes to Austria, I have quite oily lids, so maybe the powder is even better than the cream ones. Who knows.. *g*


MAC's Wonder Woman LE

Have you seen these pics on temptalia??? How awesome are those!!!

I love special packaging.. I don't understand why everyone keeps saying the packaging looks cheap and childish, that was the Wonder Woman design, I mean everything else wouldn't be accurate.

I'm sooo excited for these, ever since I became a huge The Big Bang Theory addict I get more and more into comic books. lol

What do you think?


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Product of the Week Youtube video is online

My first Product of the Week video is online. :-)

Here's the link to the video:

And here the link to the blog post:


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sparkly Purple Make Up

I always feel incredibly bad when I don't find time to post.. So I'll do it now, even if the lighting in the pictures is not that great and I originally planned to not post them at all.. I hope you're okay with that. *g*

I made a youtube video, a tutorial and this look was the endresult:

If you wonder, where the hell that video is, I didn't upload it, because the end is cut off.. It stopped right after I finished the eyes and I'm not sure if a cut-off tutorial is that great..

Nevertheless I liked the result of the look, I made it with the Sparkle Sleek Make Up palette, who needs to be reviewed asap. I only post close ups, cause the lighting on the normal pic is horrible..


Monday, 10 January 2011

Product of the Week

Hey guys,

I'm a bit in a hurry, but I thought for this is time, or has to be. *gg*

I'm gonna start a new project: product of the week, simultaneously I will do this on my youtube channel as well. I didn't put up a video since October..

This week it's Balea's Sheabutter/Vanilla Handlotion.

I think I talked about it before, but I can't find the post.. I "only" liked it at the beginning, now I'm totally obsessed with it. *g*

It sinks into the skin super fast and has this amazing smell, like bourbon vanilla, not only vanilla, this sweet bourbon one. I love it!

I thought it is only a "light" moisturiser for your hands, but I can say now, after using it for a while, that it is quite rich and really pampers your hands.

Sadly, it is limited edition, I never bought a back up, but yesterday I bought a back up for my back up. lol Since it only costs 1,95€ it is okay.

You get it at DM, which is available in many countries, not only Austria and Germany, I've seen one in Hungary and in the Czech Republic, so maybe there is one near you even if you're not from here.

Hope you like this project, I do. :-)


Friday, 7 January 2011

Mani of the Day

I know it's not that spectacular and a nail polish post again, but I had to work the whole day and that was the only thing I had time for.. *g*

Just a random rose polish on which I dusted pink glitter. :-)


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Powder Box Online Store!!!!

Hey guys!!

You so gonna love this. *gg*

Do you remember when I asked you about your wishes for an online store, well the store is finished!! :-)

Unfortunately, I know it's a bit sad, they only sell OPI right now, buuuuut and that's an amazing but, they sell everything from OPI!!! Accessoires, gifts, lotions, creams,...

It's soooooooo amazing, let's show you some pics:

The store looks very friendly, that's the front page:

They sell gift sets, I've never seen something like that before!!

Feet products!! Did you know OPI sells them?? I didn't..

Pampering products :-)

My favorite part!! OPI's creams and scrubs, I was able to test them once when I got my refill and they are divine!! I absolutely adore the Espresso ones and I don't even like coffee, but the smell is amazing.

And last but not least, the nail polishes!! They also sell older collections. :-) One polish is 10,50€, so much cheaper than at Bipa, Douglas or Topsi, and far more variety.

Isn't it pretty?

Some additional info:

Shipping: For Austria it is 2,50€ which is nothing and for Germany 4,50€ and it doesn't matter how much you buy, the shipping remains the same! I hate it when I buy on ebay and in the end I have such a high shipping rate..
I don't know if they ship internationally, but I'm sure one can ask. :-)

One last thing and that is a huge advantage, you can go in their store and look at all the polishes and products, so you can see the actual colours!! And the store is tasteful, Barbara is lovely and it is NOT like at Micky Nails where you get kicked out for "just looking", still can't get over that..

I do NOT get payed for this post. lol
I just love Barbara, she is one of the kindest, loveliest people I know and I think this great store deserves some recognition!

So maybe you wanna check the site out. The homepage is:


Monday, 3 January 2011

Opi at Douglas

I know the pic is crap, but Douglas sells OPI as well, 16€, I wonder when they will realise how ridiculous it is to sell them so expensive..


MAC Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours Haul

Cham Pale was released today and here is what I got including the Stylishly Yours things:

I loooove Fix+, so I had to have the Lavender one, it smells divine..

I wanted to resist the Paint Pots, but this one looked so amazing:

Swatches will follow soon, I'm not sure if I will keep the Lipgelee.. So I might not post swatches of it, but the others will be online soon.

Have a great day!