Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sparkly Purple Make Up

I always feel incredibly bad when I don't find time to post.. So I'll do it now, even if the lighting in the pictures is not that great and I originally planned to not post them at all.. I hope you're okay with that. *g*

I made a youtube video, a tutorial and this look was the endresult:

If you wonder, where the hell that video is, I didn't upload it, because the end is cut off.. It stopped right after I finished the eyes and I'm not sure if a cut-off tutorial is that great..

Nevertheless I liked the result of the look, I made it with the Sparkle Sleek Make Up palette, who needs to be reviewed asap. I only post close ups, cause the lighting on the normal pic is horrible..



Kyouya said...

ooh, sparkly, got a Stylish Blogger award for you back at mine!

Guinevere said...

wooowww, thanks sooo much!!! Is this like a tag thing? Do I need to do the same steps as you now? Just so I do it right. *g*