Friday, 26 February 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast

Hello lovely readers,

I wish I would reach more of you.. Well, whatever - I know I said I'd do a post about the MAC preview night that was on tuesday, but it was sooo unspectacular, that I won't.

They tried it, really, but it just doesn't seem to work. I was there all about 15 min. Bought what I wanted (needed) and was on my way back home.

I will show you what I got :-)

As predicted I couldn't resist the blush ombres and to my utter surprise one lipstick - Victorian.
This lipstick has a very cute golden shimmer in it, something unusual. I forgot to take an extra picture, sorry.

The only special thing we got was a "program" with all the colours, it looked like one of these painting colour example thingies.

Hope you liked the post and if you like my blog I would be utterly grateful if you might spread the word about it.. If you like.


Thursday, 25 February 2010

MAC in Lillyland

Long time no see, I know, but I was kinda busy.

Some days ago my Lillyland products arrived, which I had to order from the states, cause Austria didn't get the collection.. Gosh I was pissed.. I really was looking forward to the collection, but well, I still made it happen.

So that's what I got.

Not much, regarding the fact that they also had nice lipgelees and the creme blushes, but I need to be a good girl and only buy what I really need or well.. what I really wanna have. lol

I won't do swatches, cause I have no intention of using them soon. I have the weird habit of not using the things immediately. I never do that with MAC products I recently bought. Always takes me some days. *gg*
The most extreme was a pair of pink shoes which I didn't dare to wear and so they stood at home in their box safe and sound for one year.. lol

I'm happy enough with worshipping those things and knowing they are mine. I guess it won't take so long until I use those two gorgeous products, but there is definitely some worship-time necessary. *gg*


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nubar vs. China Glaze

Another day, another post :-)

Again something nail polishy. *g*

I bought Nubar's Lemon Sorbet some time ago, a quite unique colour and then China Glaze released its Up & Away collection with a polish, Lemon Fizz, that looked exactly the same.

Nevertheless, I couldn't resist buying it as well and when the order arrived yesterday I immediately had to try it out.

Here the pictures:

Look so alike in the bottle, don't they?

Well, but after putting them on, they didn't seem so alike anymore.

On the left side is Nubar's Lemon Sorbet and on the right side the China Glaze one. Furthermore, you must know that Nubar has 3 coats, cause it took so many to make it opaque, while China Glaze needed only 2 coats.

The Nubar one is paler and sheer, the China Glaze one has much more yellow in it. I like them both, but I'm definitely happier with the consistency of the one from China Glaze.

So if you have one of them and think about buying the other one I hope this little post was helpful.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

MAC's new Mineralize Foundation

Soooo I promised a make up post and here it is.

MAC released a new mineralize foundation at the beginning of the month and even though I didn't expect it, I bought it. *g*

I was there to check out the All Ages All Races All Sexes collection and stumbled over it. The sales girl talked about it and that I would need the NC15 if I want it and not the NW15. I have several experiences with MAC sales girls telling me what foundation shade I need and they always get it wrong, so I thought "okay, another proud moment for MAC" but when she showed me the shade I changed my mind immediately.

The NW115 was soooo superdark, it was crazy and as you can see the NC15, the one I ended up buying after trying it out there, has such a warm undertone to it, you wouldn't believe it. Typical mineralize foundation as it seems..

And how is the foundation itself? I would recommend it. It has a nice coverage, doesn't feel heavy and is handy.

One thing I always think about is the perfect brush for a foundation and every texture craves another brush and with this one I found the perfect brush:

MAC's 168 or as in my picture the Sigma 168. It's soooo perfect for this creamy texture. I don't like it for liquid foundations, I usually use a duo fibre brush for it.

So I hope this was helpful. :-)


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nubar Reclaim

A short tribute to this polish. I talked about it in my nail polish collection posts and it deserves its recognition. I love it so much.

Gorgeous, right??

More Make Up focused posts are coming, promise!!


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alexander Mc Queen is dead

I was so shocked, when I just read that. The good ones always seem to go first..

I really loved his creativity and boldness to dare things no one dared before. I mean look at that:

And it's due to him that Mac released one gorgeous collection in 2007. It's one of my favorite collections ever, because of the paint pots, especially Pharaoh!

May he rest in peace!

Pics taken from:, - no infringement intended


MAC Preview Night

Look what waited in the mail today!!!!!!!!

We're not blessed with many events, cause Austria is so small seen globalwise, so I love it when they do events. This is a preview night, where they reveal the truly huge Spring Colour Forecast collection earlier to the Make Up Artists and some selected regular customers. You can swatch everything and buy the products. I wish they would do Masterclasses more often..

I thought I share the flyer with you.

This collection will kill my wallet.. I'm tempted by the single eyeshadows, one lipglass and definitely obsessed with the blush ombres.. I think I have to have all four..

Well, well, have a nice day.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mini Illamasqua Haul

I usually order stuff from Illamasqua with a dear friend of mine to split the shipping costs, but when I got this 50% off e-mail of things they would be discontinued soon I totally panicked and ordered immediately.
The stress was more than unnecessary, as there are most of the items still availabe, but it was early in the morning and well I panic easily.. *gg*

Here we go:

The first time I got Illamasqua stuff in a little package and not an envelope.

As you can see it's barely a Haul. I ordered two of the cream eyeshadows, Morn and Outcast and the Undereye Concealer in 115, no fear the concealer is permanent, I just wanted it for ages and thought let's order it too. The little tag with the words "This is me" from Illamasqua's "Sophie" campaign came for free. :-)

I have no swatches yet, I was very tempted to order all the cream eyeshadows, but I've heard from several people that they crease and so I was a good girl and ordered only two. I've always wanted Outcast and Morn is such a versatile shade, one can use it as lipstick or blush as well.

The concealer is utterly hyped, I only used it twice and the result is nice, but nothing I would jump for, which is kinda sad. It has a little mirror in it, you can see my shirt *gg*

Have a wonderful night.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Nail Polish Collection part 3

It's time to finish my Nailpolish Collection posts.

This time it's all about my nail treatments. I store them in this little box from IKEA, they fit exactly.

I have 5 China Glaze treatment polishes:

Strong Adhesion Base Coat, Fast Forward and No-Chip top coat. Unfortunately I have to say that I'm not that happy withe the top coats, especially the No-Chip top coat just doesn't work.
The Orange Culticle Oil and the White Tea Extract Manicure Soak on the other hand are mighty! The Manicure Soak makes the nails sooo perfect for a manicure, you can put some drops in warm water and put your hands in it or apply it directly to your culticle area. The Orange Culticle Oil smells wonderful und makes your culticles feel "nutritioned" and is the perfect after-manicure treatment.

My Essence regime:

I love the products from Essence and I have a lot of their treatment polishes. Amongst them a Culticle Peeling!! which is really nice, and several polishes, you can read the names. :-) The Fresh Start polish is super great, it removes all the oil and dirt that is invisible to the eye and makes the nail ready for the polish.

My Zoya polishes:

These polishes are part from their lock-down series. I have the renew polish, which I already dedicated a post to, base and top coat and their hurry up drops.


Two polishes from the drugstore "Bipa", their products are quite nice as well, an Allessandro top coat, my Drip Dry drying drops from OPI - the best ever!!!!! Qtica half time drying drops, also very good and a growth support polish from Catrice.

So that's it. Hope you enjoyed these posts, I love nail polish soo much. *gg*


Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Nail Polish Collection part 2

Soooo let's get into the second round.

To my first part, unfortunately, I wish I would, I don't live in the UK, the reason I still have Gosh, Barry M and Collection 2000 polishes is that I travel to Edinburgh and London all the time. I brought them with me from these trips :-)

This is my "big" case full of China Glaze and other large bottles:

In Detail:


I have only two full size bottles from OPI: Mod About You and Teal The Cows Come Home

KO Cosmetics:

This brand started the whole Matte polishes hype and that very successful. They have only one polish for every colour, so I'm lazy and won't write the names. *gg*


I don't own many as well, but the ones I own are gorgeous, especially Reclaim, I love it soo much.. Lemon Sorbet, Reclaim, Grass Green Glitter, Wildlife


Great Looks, Wicked Purple, Really Black

NYX Girls:

Golden Glitter, Disco Ball, Show Girl, CN243, CN245, CN250,CN237, great ones as well!

China Glaze:

The most polishes I own :-)

Goulish Glow, White-Kwik-Silvr, Celtic Sun, Vintage Crepe, Orange Knockout, Japanese Koi, Ruby Pumps, Innocence, Pink Underground, Second-Hand-Silk, Bad Kitty, Mom's Chiffon, Shocking Pink, Pink Voltage, Purple Panic, Strawberry Fields, Seduce Me, Flying Dragon, Bahamian Escape, For Audrey, Shower Together

Turned Up Turquoise, Calypso Blue, GR8, Recycle, Lubu Heels, Wagon Trail

Some random polishes:

Manhattan polishes, Hot Topic polish, b pretty polishes, Golden Rose polishes, s-he style zone polish

Essence Moonlight Collection:

Sparkling Dawn, Live Forever, Into the Night

Do you like them?
The third part will contain all my treatment polishes so stay tuned.


Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Nail Polish Collection part 1

This post is for my dear Paulina, who's always so excited about the polish posts! :-)

I thought I share my Nailpolish Collection with you. I feel stupid to even have to say that, cause it's so obvious to me, but here we go: I don't post this to brag, not at all.
In fact, I know that my collection is small in comparison to others. So let's start.

I'd die to own a nail polish rack, but I just can't find one in Austria. Therefore, I have them in IKEA cases. At the moment there are 3. One for the nail treatments I own, one for all the polishes that are small enough to fit in the second box *g* and the third one is full of the larger bottles like China Glaze, OPI and KO.

Let's start today with the second box. It's my favorite case, I wish they would have a larger version of it for the bigger bottles.

As you can see it is quite see-through, which I like and it holds my Gosh, MAC, Barry M, Mini OPI's, NYX, Illamasqua, Eyeko, Essie, Zoya, Essence, Collection2000, Wet'n Wild and Konad polishes.

And here are close ups:


Rainbow, Yellow Bombay, Sweet Peach, Peachy, Flamingo, Wild Lilac, Gasoline, Golden Dragon, Green Hawaii, Holographic, Golden Bronze, Chocaholic, Nero.


Phospor, Something about Pink, Love & Friendship, Illegal Purple, Plasma Blu, Peppermint Patti, Dry Martini, Mercenary, On the Prowl.

Mini Opi's:

I don't know the names of them, they don't stand on the bottles and I bought them some time ago, sorry..


Wayward, Whack, Elope, Rampage.

Saucy Red, Pretty, Pink, Pastel, Vamp, Disco, Nude, Lilac, Purple, Indigo, Cosmic. (add Polish to every name)

In this case I keep all my Konad polishes and also the long Eyeko's.

Barry M:

Matt White, Coral, Bright Red, Red Wine, Turquoise, Acid Yellow, Lime Green, Spring Green

And the rest:

my one Zoya: Midori
my three Wet'n Wild's: Goldmine, Inferno, Jade
my two Collection 2000's: Hoola Hoop, Ninja
my two Essie's: a little one: Great Expectations and the "matte about you" topcoat

Hope you liked that, blinking at you Paulina, and the big case and the treatment case will come next. :-)