Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Review: Origins A Perfect World Treatment Lotion

It's no secret I love Origins and once again this brand convinced me that they are just freaking awesome. Aaaaand finally, I get around doing this review. I wanted to do it for ages, but never gotten around to do it.

I got this quite a while ago and fallen absolutely in love.

Treatment lotion aka toner (don't know why they not just call it toner..):

Origins says: "Helps surround skin in an age-defending protective bubble. Silver Tip White Tea plus revitalizing Trehalose serve up an extra helping of hydration to keep skin comfortable and noticeably smooth. Leaves skin soft and prepared for treatments to follow. Oil-free. Alcohol-free."

Everything's true. It has an adorable scent, the typical "A Perfect World" scent and after using it my skin always feels soft and lovely. It's full with protecting ingredients such as bergamot, orange, lemons and mint. I've never had a thing for toners, but since I have this I'm addicted.. *gg*

Are there any toners you absolutely adore??


This was sent to me for review.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Review: The Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On

Hey guys,

I have so many reviews lined up that I'm worried you'll get bored.. *gg* This time it's about the new lip roll ons by The Body Shop.

I got so excited when I first saw the infos online and even more when I saw that pretty setup in their shop at Mariahilferstraße:

There were obviously two favorites *g*

But what are those Lip roll ons?

In a nutshell: if a lipgloss and a scented oil had a baby, this would be it.

Body Shop says: "Made from 100% natural ingredients, this roll-on liquid lip balm leaves lips feeling soft and totally kissable."
There are five different roll ons: Rose, Berry, Orange, Coconut, Mint

I bought the Orange one:

It's quite "big" with its 10ml and comes with a roller ball, which isn't just cool looking, it's also hygienic:

So what do I think?

I really like it. It feels a little bit weird at first, cause you're basically rolling oil over your lips, but it's not greasy or anything at all. It's glossy looking without the stickiness and lovely scented.

In terms of moisturising qualities, those are quite limited. I feel the oil about an hour on my lips, then it's absorbed. It might have a mositurising touch to it, but nothing more.
It keeps the moisture of your lips where it's supposed to be, but if you have chapped lips this won't be enough.

It's a cool product and definitely handy if you want some glossiness on your lips.


Monday, 22 August 2011

Review: Garnier Hautklar Aktiv Washing Gel

This fella truly saved my life when I got a horrible rash all over my face. Don't believe me? Here a picture, I hesitated to post it, but I don't want people to think I'm vain.

As you can see those aren't "normal" pimples. I've never seen anyone having spots on their lids.. Due to the lighting one can't see the full extent of it, I couldn't get myself to post more distgusting ones.. It looks a little bit like measles.

I went to the dermatologist and he told me those things can take some time to vanish, it might be a reaction to stress or a product, but I hadn't used any new products, so that was out of the question. He gave me two creams and told me that I shouldn't get impatient if it would only get better at a very slow pace.

I thought okay, at least it will get better. Well, after two days I couldn't take it anymore, I went to the next drugstore and got the "Garnier Hautklar Aktiv Anti-Spot/Anti-Spot Marks" washing gel. I'm a big fan of the Hautklar SOS Anti Spot Pen and how much worse could it get?

It was amazing, already after a day my skin felt a bit smoother and not that bumpy anymore. I continued using it with my Clarisonic (sure this helped a lot as well) twice a day and after 5 days my face looked like this:

I was sooo happy. I continued using it, but stopped immediately when my skin was almost back to normal. I wouldn't call it aggressive, but it's definitely very strong and would be way too much for my skin under normal circumstances.
In a nutshell, it's a gorgeous product. If you haved troubled skin, go get it! But really think if you need it. I'm always gonna reuse it, when I need it. :-)


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Review: MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation

Hey guys,

The Select SPF 15 by MAC was the first foundation I ever bought and used and it's still as good as new. As long as products perform, smell and feel the way they are supposed to, I keep them.

MAC says: "Our water-based liquid foundation. Combines medium coverage with SPF 15. Provides a fresh, natural matte finish. Layers up, lasts long: helps protect the skin all day. Non-oily. 18 shades. Best way to baby your skin!"

All that is true. It has a very liquid consistence and applies smoothly. Since it distributes so lovely, I usually apply it with my fingers almost like I would do with a face cream.

The finish looks and feels natural and one can get medium coverage with it. The problem with this product is the fact that as soon as it gets hot and one starts to sweat (even only a little) the foundation literally runs down your face..

If there wouldn't be this one flaw, it would be the perfect foundation. So due to this water-based problem I only feel save wearing it when it's cold.

I really like this foundation, but I wouldn't repurchase it. This is a no-go for me, if I wear a foundation it needs to be durable.

Hope this was helpful. There are so many foundations out there, can be quite confusing.


Friday, 19 August 2011

An early christmas present or the Pink Orchid Limited Edition ghd Styler

Hey guys,

Two days ago I got a package which made me jumping around the appartement. I got the Pink Orchid Limited Edition ghd Styler for reviewing. 

I contacted ghd about three month ago and asked if I could test one of their stylers. Due to the high demand (which is no surprise) I got on a "waiting list" and they said they might get back to me.

I put all my heart in my blog and do my best, but I gotta say I didn't have much hope, cause I'm still a "small" blog in comparison to other blogs who have thousands of followers. All the more I couldn't believe it when they wrote me a few days ago and asked if I'm still interested in testing the ghd styler.

Of course I sayed yes and here are photos of this beauty:

Even the tape is awesome:

Let's go:

I also got several styling products, a pile of instruction booklets and three dvds which explain how to achieve certain hairstyles:

I'm sooooo grateful. I'm gonna take a lot of time to really thoroughly review it. :-) In addition, I'm gonna book a styling appointment at a hairdresser in Vienna who works with ghd stylers to get some further skills. :-) I maybe get my new haircut there as well.

Thanks again to ghd and their trust in my work.


Review: Balea Pure & Fresh Shampoo

Since I almost emptied my Balea Pure & Fresh Shampo I thought it's a good time for a review. :-)

I've used this shampoo for quite a while now and what can I say, I really like it. :-) This one is all about getting rid of debris and thoroughly clean your hair. It does feel that way after washing it.

I can definitely recommend it and it's super affordable as well. :-)

Do you have drugstore shampoos you would recommend??


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Missha BB Cream Haul

I've been watching the trend wave of BB creams for quite a while now and as Garnier decided to release one as well, I thought: get a BB cream.

I looked online which brand had great reviews and came across the brand Missha who has several BB creams. I decided to test the "Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42" in Nr. 21.

Yesterday I received my package. I ordered from spicygoods on ebay and I'm so happy I did. Besides the BB cream, which cost me including shipping 19,99$, I got four samples, cotton pads and a lovely note.

I didn't wear it yet, but I swatched it. It blends easily into the skin and smells like a nicely scented face cream. I can't wait to wear it and thank god it fits my skin tone. *gg*

I will let you know how it performs on my skin asap.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Youtube: Monthly Favorites June and July

My monthly favorites from June and July. Enjoy :-)


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Review: Balea Bodymousse Himbeere

I bought this several weeks ago and absolutely love it!!! It's a body moisturiser with an adorable raspberry scent. I have a hard time not buying a back up, but I already have so many moisturisers.

I wouldn't actually call it a mousse, as you can see it looks and feels much more like a pudding. You only need a little amount of product as well.

Here are the ingredients:

Get it, if you like raspberry scents.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

GOSH nail polishes

I thought I share my GOSH nail polish collection. I'm actually surprised how many I own. *gg* Not all of those are available here, but maybe one day. :-)

Let's start:
From left to right: Yellow Bombay, Sweet Peach, Peachy, Flamingo, Wild Lilac, Gasoline, Green Hawaii, Holographic, Golden Bronze

(didn't found those two earlier) Chocaholic, Nero

aaaaaaand I forgot another one lol - Golden Dragon:

It's swatching time babes:

Yellow Bombay, Sweet Peach

Peachy, Flamingo

Wild Lilac, Gasoline

Green Hawaii, Holographic, Golden Bronze, Nero (no bottle)

Chocaholic, Nero

Golden Dragon

The only other item I have from Gosh is an eyeshadow brush. Nothing special but it does its job nicely:

Hope you liked that and it's useful for future decisions. :-)


Monday, 8 August 2011

Müller Haul

My purchase frome the recent Misslyn and Catrice collections:


I'm so excited about the cream eyeshadow, it seems to really last and doesn't crease!

On to Missyln:

With Missyln you don't need to stress, all their collections are from their permanent range.

I also got this pretty pale grey/nude polish by Essence:

Did you buy something from the recent collections?