Monday, 22 August 2011

Review: Garnier Hautklar Aktiv Washing Gel

This fella truly saved my life when I got a horrible rash all over my face. Don't believe me? Here a picture, I hesitated to post it, but I don't want people to think I'm vain.

As you can see those aren't "normal" pimples. I've never seen anyone having spots on their lids.. Due to the lighting one can't see the full extent of it, I couldn't get myself to post more distgusting ones.. It looks a little bit like measles.

I went to the dermatologist and he told me those things can take some time to vanish, it might be a reaction to stress or a product, but I hadn't used any new products, so that was out of the question. He gave me two creams and told me that I shouldn't get impatient if it would only get better at a very slow pace.

I thought okay, at least it will get better. Well, after two days I couldn't take it anymore, I went to the next drugstore and got the "Garnier Hautklar Aktiv Anti-Spot/Anti-Spot Marks" washing gel. I'm a big fan of the Hautklar SOS Anti Spot Pen and how much worse could it get?

It was amazing, already after a day my skin felt a bit smoother and not that bumpy anymore. I continued using it with my Clarisonic (sure this helped a lot as well) twice a day and after 5 days my face looked like this:

I was sooo happy. I continued using it, but stopped immediately when my skin was almost back to normal. I wouldn't call it aggressive, but it's definitely very strong and would be way too much for my skin under normal circumstances.
In a nutshell, it's a gorgeous product. If you haved troubled skin, go get it! But really think if you need it. I'm always gonna reuse it, when I need it. :-)



Nagellackprinzessin said...

Freut mich, dass es schon besser wird! glaub mir ich kenn das, ich hab seit jahren akne :( bei dir ist es eher eine allergie, oder?

Ich hab cremen vom hautarzt die mir gottseidank reine haut beschehren, aber das war auch schon ganz anders :S

2% salizylsäure ist echt viel für ein drogerieprodukt, deswegen werd ichs glaub ich probieren.

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