Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Look by Bipa - Kissing Lips

Hey lovelies,

I found these a week ago and fell in love. They are limited edition and I'm a sucker for limited editions and siiince they are only 2,79€ and I bought them during the 15% off offer, it certainly was a bargain.

I got two shades: "Rose Kiss" and "Love Kiss". They reminded me of MAC's Kissable Lipcolours and they still do. Non-sticky, pigmented gloss in lovely shades.

Pretty, right? I hate that I forgot to take a picture of the display.. There are a couple of rosy colours, one nude/brown one and a red and gorgeous looking coral shade.

Some swatches:

"Rose Kiss"

"Love Kiss"

So beautiful..

Well how is the wear time? Unfortunately, not that amazing..

There is no stickyness at all. It's super comfortable to wear. :-) It stays well on the lips, but after a good hour or so the colour is gone, but the gloss is still there. After three hours everything is gone.

Personally, this is okay for me, certainly okay for 2,37€. As "sad" as it is, especially regarding the fact that I own quite a few glosses *gg* I don't have much experience with glosses.

I tested my Kissable Lipcolours from MAC to get a comparison and they perfom the same. The colour is a bit longer visible, but the glossy feeling is gone way sooner than the ones from Bipa.

In a nutshell: I think for this price the glosses are great and definitely worth a try, but be quick, they are limited edition.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Glossybox February 2012

The February Glossybox arrived *dancing-a-little*! *gg* It's so exciting to open this pretty package..

So what's inside???

- Cosline lipliner in "Chianti" -

- Issey Miyake baby-sized perfume in "L'Eau d'Issey Florale" -

(forgot to take a picture *gg*)

- Jessica nail polish in "Purple Edge" -

- Swiss Haircare Volume Mask -

- L'Oréal tecni.art Air Fix -

All in all, I must say I'm not that blown away like I was the last time.

I don't use hair spray and I have enough hair masks, but that's a personal thing. I'm sure for many those two are amazing products to try. :-) For me, those will be great for travelling.

The lipliner is quite dark as you can see, very plumy. I don't see many people needing such a lipliner, I can use it very well, cause I have a few really dark plum colour and no lipliner for them. :-)

The perfume is really floral, a tick too sweet for my taste and I can't wear perfume anyway, cause sadly it gives me headache. Any perfume.. :-(

I'm happy about the nail polish, I looove nail polish and I don't have any from Jessica (quite surprising *gg*).

In a nutshell, a good variety. Not the perfect box for me, but I'm sure for many others. That's the thing with surprise boxes. You never know what awaits you.

I love getting a package and especially if it's in such a pretty box. The surprise factor is exciting and it's cool to try out new brands, but on the other hand I now could have 12€ for a product I really want.

I'm really curious which products await us next month.


The product was kindly given to me by the company for review

Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Nail Care Routine

I love nail polish, but unfortunately nail polish doesn't love me.. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those girls who has pretty nails without doing anything for it.

In fact, I have horrible nails. They love to break and my cuticles regularly look like no one's taken care of them for years.. Nevertheless, I try my best to keep them nice and neat.

Today, I'm gonna show you my routine. :-) It works perfectly for me and gives me at least three days of pretty looking nails. One key product: the Look by Bipa Cuti Clean Gel.

My Tools:

What we'll need for the actual manicure: buffer, the Cuti Clean gel, cuticle nippers, cuticle pusher, a file.

To take care of your nails afterwards (optional): a moisturizer/balm of your choice for cuticles and a nourishing nail polish.

A before picture:

Let's start:

I start by using nail polish remover to remove any residues and wash my hands. After that I buff my nails to even them out. Then I apply the gel on each of my nails.

It's really important to put a thick layer of gel on each nail:

I usually let the gel sink in for at least 15 minutes and after that push back the now softened cuticles with my pusher.

 I use a very thin one and in my opinion that makes quite a difference. I have a thicker one from OPI and I hate it. This is mine:

After I pushed the cuticles back, I scrape off the excess skin/cuticle. For this I use the scraper at the other end of my cuticle pusher:

Now it looks like that:

I wash away the gel and the excess cuticle and it already looks much better:

Now I use the cuticle nippers to cut off the loose cuticles and we have the end result. For the finishing touch I used the balm and Nail Tek nourishing polish.

I'm completely happy with that routine and the key is the Cuti Clean gel. It loosens and dissolves the excess cuticles perfectly.

I hope this was helpful. :-) I couldn't be without it. This is my third bottle Cuti Clean gel and it's almost empty. *gg*


GOSH - Prima Donna

Hey lovelies,

Finally, some time for blogging. :-) I'm gonna post the hell out of you. *g* Let's start with a tiny GOSH haul. A new limited edition nail polish and it's one pretty fella:

As you can see from the title, it's called "Prima Donna".

It has a really lovely golden shimmer, which isn't quite visible in this photo sorry about that.

I have a soft spot for orange polishes, really like it. :-)


Friday, 24 February 2012

China Glaze ElectroPop Swatches

So guys,

Here some proper swatches of my new China Glaze babies from the current ElectroPop collection. You're right, I probably was a bit too hasty. They are quite beautiful.

Gothic Lolita, Aquadelic


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mini Haul: China Glaze

Today is kind of a sad day for me, I lost a follower :-( and I always ask myself why, I try to make this blog as good as I possibly can.. So, thanks again to you who are staying with me. :-)

I got those polishes two days ago and while they are pretty and everything I must say if I would have seen these in real life I wouldn't have bought them.. They aren't as special as I thought they would be. That's the huge disadvantage with buying products online. Swatches can be misleading.

I noticed this with the OPI collections. You can get OPI now in Austria and even though I would never purchase them for the price sold in our store, it's great to see the colours in real life. Already saved me a lot of money. *gg*

Gothic Lolita:


Some quick swatches I made at work *gg*

Yeah I know my nails are everything but pretty..


The Body Shop Chocomania

I totally forgot to post this. *gg* Two weeks ago I went to The Body Shop and saw this new collection and yummy it smells lovely!

My favorite is the Body Lotion and the Body Butter. :-)

Since The Body Shop hasn't the cheapest products I didn't get anything, but I'd loooove to have the Body Butter. If you're looking for products that smell like chocolate, check these out!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Catrice FeMale

Hey lovelies,

I saw this completely untouched display yesterday. :-)

Luckily, I find this collection quite boring, but I've heard that the blush is pretty cool, so I tested the hell out of it and it truly is pretty cool. *gg*

I've never touched a cream blush that turned that quickly into powder on my skin and it's really really pigmented as well.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last long, but I think it's definitely worth its 3,71€. Nevertheless, I wanted to be a good girl and didn't buy it. I have enough blushes. 

Did you get it??


Monday, 20 February 2012


Watch it naggers.


Pet Head or just too much..

You probably all know that I'm an pet lover and I would do everything for my pets, but when I saw this yesterday I was speechless..

That's just bad.. It looks cute and I must admit I was kinda tempted for a sec, but it's very bad to wash your dog with shampoo or other products if it's not totally necessary.

If you do need to wash your pet, get a special shampoo from your vet.

I know some dogs tend to smell very strong, but in 90% that's because of the food you're giving them. The right nutrition really makes a difference, so always try changing his/her food and treats before using products like these.
My pets smell like nothing, they are literally like plush toys. *gg*

Just wanted to share that, it's some sort of "beauty topic" after all.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Colour Blocking - Pastel Style

Since pastel colours are the new "trend", I wanted to do a pimped version of it.

Like it?


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sleek Blush BY 3 Sets

Sleek is releasing Blush palettes with three different blushes.
Most of them new. :-)

Jesus Christ I neeeeeeeeeeed those.. So pretty!!!! One palette costs £9,99 and those will be exclusively sold at Superdrug until the 11th April. Gosh, how I wish I would live in the UK. I miss it so much..

I'll definitey try to get my hands on these.. UK girls, you are so lucky! :-)


Make Up Look: Zitronenschnitte

I wore this while filming my last video, I used the white Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo (Infinite White) as a base. Worked pretty great. :-)

Again, I filmed the video at night and I still have the problem with the bad lighting.

Honestly, I don't know if I really like it. It turned out way frostier than I wanted it to. Nevertheless, why not post it, it's not that bad. *gg*


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum

It's review time again, am I a good "not-purchasing unnecessary stuff" blogger or what?! *gg*

Today, I'm gonna review an Origins product, yay! :) Many of you know that I looove Origins so I'm always more than excited when I'm able to test a product from them.

That is it:

The new serum in the Origins family. I've been testing this for quite a while now, back then it didn't have its final packaging yet. Therefore, that quite empty looking packaging. *gg*

It has a handy pump dispenser.

The serum is white with a bluish shimmer to it, pretty cool:

That's what Origins says about it:
"UV damage? Post acne marks? Age spots? Before considering a derm or drastic measure, discover Dr. Weil's revolutionary approach instead. Although it's not the same as a medical treatment, 83% of those tested showed a visible reduction in the appearance of dark spots in just 4 weeks. It works so powerfully because nature's radiant Rosa Roxburghii complex helps correct visible discoloration and quell irritation to help prevent it from reappearing. Skin stays clear, bright and luminous."

What do I think?

I'm quite lucky with my skin. It seems to be the only part of me that's healthy and pretty without me having to do something for it. So, this little fella had it quite easy, but I definitely have the impression that my skin looks more radiant lately.

My redness also got a bit better, I'm not gonna lie, it's still there, but it's been quite a while since my skin got really red, which is impressive considering the weather outside.

It sinks into your skin immediately and has a lovely smell, not that mushroom scent. More lemonlike. I love using it, I usually use it twice a day. Often, just alone, but if you have dry skin like me it won't be enough on its own.

So, is there any downside??

Yep and it's the same as always - the quite heavy price tag.. *g* In Austria, you'll have to give the Origins staff 62,50€ for it or run really really fast. ;-)

In a nutshell, I love it. It feels great on my skin and does give me radiance and it helps a bit with my general redness.
I'm not sure I would pay 62,50€ for it though. This is a lot of money. Nevertheless, quality tends to cost and Origins is still it the "normal" high end range.
My favorite comparison - a Sisley lip balm costs 75€.. That's what I call ridiculous, but Origins always delivers what it promises, their products are full of amazing ingredients and work with natures power.

I guess, everybody must decide whether or not it's worth the money.

I hope this was interesting and helpful.