Monday, 30 May 2011

Balea Summer Limited Editions

I want it....

So gonna get that..


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Look by Bipa Brushes - Review

 Hey guys,

Sorry that I've been afk for the last couple of days, but university was hell.. 

Remember when I showed you my pretty new brushes by Bipa?? *click me*

I deep cleaned and tested them like there's no tomorrow. After all that I can savely say: These are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely adore them. After washing them, the plastic smell was gone and the colours of the bristles were still bursting with pink goregousness

Those are incredibly soft and glide lovely over the skin. What more is there to say.. Oh, the price is another plus - if I remember correctly:

Kabuki 4,99€
Powder & Blush: 3,99€  

They do have other brushes as well, but nothing extraordinary, which is kinda sad. A lip brush, a lash/brow comb brush, a sponge applictor brush and one that looks like a lip brush but is labelled as eyeshadow brush. See pictures below:

Not a big difference between those two.. If they would have a good eyeshadow and blending brush this range would be perfect.
I'm sure the lip brush and the lash/brow comb brush are great as well, but since I have enough of those, I didn't buy them.

So if you're thinking about buying these, buy them. They are great!!!!!!! 

Austrian girls and boys: already bought some? What do you think?


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Alverde Hippie Deluxe LE

Uuuuuuhhhhh.. Really looking forward to this one!!!!

Like it too?


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Essence Pomegranate Nail Polish Remover

Most of you know that the nail polish removers from Essence are my favorites and they have a summer edition :-) -> pomegranate

It smells very nice, not really "pomegranaty", but truly lovely. You won't smell it, if you open the bottle. The scent only reveals itself while actually removing polish.

If you need a new one, go buy this one. *gg*


Friday, 20 May 2011

Catrice Papagena LE

I'm baffled every time at the impossibility of getting items from a Catrice LE..

This month it was the Papagena collection, one I really wanted. I tried to get the products I wanted in Vienna and got some, but the display was almost empty. A few hours after the display was set up.. Gosh I hate that we only get Catrice at those few Müllers..

And theeeen we went to Retz. We spend there every weekend and wanna live there asap and close to Retz is Horn. The closest bigger "city" and they have a Müller.

So I hurried to the store and look what I found:

Who would have thought there still is a full display in this world..

Close ups:

Aren't the lashes pretty? Btw sorry for my chipped nail..

What did I get?

It's funny, cause I ended up buying things I was sure I wouldn't and didn't get items I was sure I would.

I bought the palette with the nice green and purple in it. Lovely colour pay off. The golden nuggets had to find a new home as well. :-)

I got two of the three eyeliner pens - you need to get them!! They have amazing colour pay off and literally last aaaaaaaaaall day. I swatched them on my hand and after washing my hands 5 times and hours of wear, the liner was still there. There are three colours: a dark green "Welcome to the jungle" (bought it), a white "White eyes" (bought it) and a lighter green. The light green is nice, but too light to really show up.

I bought two polishes, the green ones. One blush stick, to be honest even this one wasn't really worth buying, but I just wanted one so badly.. I got the coral-orangy one with decent colour pay off, the rose toned stick was not pigmented at all and slided around on the skin without ever setting.

I was sure I would get at least one of the gloss lipsticks, but there was no color pay of at all and I mean at all! Nothing..

I was very intrigued to get the lashes, which are beautiful, but too long for my personal taste.

I'll post my haul soon. :-)

Did you get anything?


Thursday, 19 May 2011

MAC Eyeshadow Swatching Project: Yellow

So my dear ones,

I'm continuing with my MAC Eyeshadow Swatching Project: Today it's yellow:

From left to right: Crest the Wave, Going Bananas, Essence LE shadow, NYX Serengeti, Bright Sunshine, Chrome Yellow, Bright Future

What do you think? Like them?


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MAC Surf Baby or the fight with my addiction..

What a "heavy" headline. *gg* But so true..

I really wanted a ton of items from MAC's Surf Baby collection, but since I'm still deeply in the red, my family organized an "intervention".. lol I wasn't allowed to buy anything, at all, ever again, anything that had to do with make up.

Quite unrealistic, hey I'm a beauty blogger, but I swore to be a "better" girl. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist going to the Preview Party and checking out the items. I was with my best friend and amusedPolish and able to NOT buy anything. What a proud evening.

Well, this was a few weeks ago and last week I faltered and got one product - the Surf U.S.A. eyeshadow. It was such an awesome colour, I just couldn't resist it and I earned it..

In addition, I made swatches from all the products I would have loved to get..

The lightest bronze stick Tan-Tint, the two Careblend powders and Sun Blonde eyeshadow, I did get Surf USA as you know. *gg*


Bi(o) Oil Review

Hey guys,

As promised my Bio-Oil review. Before I start talking, some pictures.

My opinion:

I had high hopes and happily those hopes were met. I like the oil very much!! It really does moisturize incredibly and is soothing. It is perfect when my face is really red and dried out after showering or after I removed my make up.
I don't know how it works, but I also had the impression that it does even out my skintone a little bit and calms down my imperfections.

I like that you can use it everywhere. So far I used it on my face, lips, and hands. I was pleased with the result each time.

The "hmmmm" things about it:

The smell. The first time I smelled it, I thought that this might smell like something I would apply on my body, but certainly not on my face. Assured by Pixiwoos positive reviews, I tried it nevertheless and by now I'm used to it. It's not an unpleasent smell, it's just, I don't know how to describe it, a body treatment smell.

Though it is fast absorbing, it is oil and if you don't get the exact amount of product you'll need, it's too much and sits a bit on your face. I only use it at night time, so it's not that big a deal.

For the mineral oil part in it:

I know it's not ideal, but mineral oil doesn't harm you per se. It just sits on your skin, it doesn't absorb or anything and the tiny amount of it that is in this product or other beauty products definitely won't do anything. Don't worry, really, that's just a waste of time.

Just think about what we do to our bodies every freaking day: eat crappy food, like (soon) radioactive fish, smoke, drink, don't exercise enough, bla bla bla. There's so much. *gg* My favorite complainers are smoking "only natural ingredients" people *g*

I don't smoke, drink or eat fish, but I certainly eat too much chocolate and should work out more. In comparison, that baby amount of mineral oil seems a bit ridiculous. So don't worry. :-)


If you think about getting it and it could meet any of the mentioned needs or those on the packaging. Go get it, it's a great product.

I hope this was helpful.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Look by Bipa Brushes - Haul

Look by Bipa launched a few brushes in a perfect colour combo - white neon pink!!!!

I got a few, of course.. *gg*

I really like the look of these. I haven't tried them yet, but they feel really soft and nice. They smell like pure plastic though. Let's see how they smell after I washed them.

I was tempted to get the eyeshadow and lip brush as well, but well, the lip brush was okay, but I wanted to be a good girl.
I would have bought the eyeshadow brush, if it wouldn't have looked exactly like the lip brush. Wonder who designed that one..

Did you get any?


Youtube: GyneFix - mein Erfahrungsbericht - german

Hey guys,

I uploaded a new video, a non-make up video and it is in german. Quite a difference to the usual *gg*

It's about GyneFix, a non-hormonal way to prevent pregnancy, but as safe as the pill. If you don't speak german and think: What the fuck I wanna understand that too!!

Let me know and I will do it in English as well.

Please watch, it's important!


Youtube: Review of the L'Orèal Paris and Maybelline Jade items

My video review of the products. :-)


Sunday, 15 May 2011

L'Orèal Paris Intense Blondes Color Riche Lipstick Review

Hey guys,

So now it's time to review the last of the items I got sent..

.. and this is the L'Orèal Paris Intense Color Riche Lipstick in 373 - Magnetic Coral:

Isn't it pretty? It totally is, let's see some swatches:

Now on to my opinion:

It's a bit problematic with this one.. It has beautiful colour pay-off and glides nicely onto your lips. It didn't dry out my lips either, so where is my problem?

It has an extremely artificial scent. A quite strong one.. It feels like you smell it all the time, while applying, the whole time you're wearing it and when you talk or open your mouth. I have no idea why they couldn't get rid of that or just didn't care enough. I don't know. I even smelled on the testers at the store and even the testers, which are out on the open all the time smell that strong. For a lipstick that costs 15,45€ I would expect that not to be an issue.

Résumé: If you don't mind the smell, go get them. They have a great texture, apply nicely, stay well and have a gorgeous colour pay-off.

Anyone of you own one of these?


My Forever21 Experience

I'm sure every blogger from Vienna already wrote about the new Forever 21 at Mariahilferstraße, but I thought, hey I wanna write about it too!! *gg* And I'm sure its a bit different than the other "reviews".

It's a huuuuuuuuuuuuge store that looks very beautiful and stylish, who would have thought that building has such potential. I especially adore the cash till area:

But for the store and clothes itself.. The size of this store is overwhelming, truly overwhelming and not in a positive way. At least for me..

There is so much, so many clothes, so many accessoires and everything has flower prints on it. It felt like I would get lost in all that space and flowers. I doubt I'll ever be able to get through this store without taking a day off.

In addition, flower prints aren't my thing, but I liked the pink brush they had. I left after 10 minutes without anything. I'll try it again on a morning during the week.

Some cool/weird facts: This store is the first in Europe, we're playing with the big guys now. *gg* Every three weeks they change their whole range to avoid that all people have the same stuff. Seems cool at first, but now I have to go there every three weeks, otherwise, I might miss something cool. I hate that kind of pressure, but a good marketing scheme..

What do you think about the store?


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Colour Review

Every time I find pictures I took with my digi cam I feel like crying.. I miss it so much, I want it back. This is the second expensive present from my BF I lost.. 

So for now I'm banned from getting a new one, cause apparently "Ich bau alles an" which losely translates to "you loose everything"! Stupid boyfriend, but unfortunately he kinda has a point..

I took these two a month ago when I dyed my hair with the "Perfect Mousse Permanent Colour" by Schwarzkopf. A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift and I had high hopes..

Let's see what's in there:

Pretty usual, except for the pump.

It claims to be as easy as using a shampoo and getting the same results one would get with a normal coloration.

My opinion:
It really feels like using a shampoo once distributed, but here's the catch: it's extremely difficult to get a precise distribution, cause it's a foam and it's impossible to get all those fine hairs that frame your face.

For the rest: while massaging it into my hair, which really feels like using a nicely foaming shampoo, I thought that, finally, all my hair will be evenly coloured, but after washing it, I saw that this wasn't the case.

Conclusion: I wouldn't purchase it again. I rather have the liquid version and be able to get those fine hairs.

Have you tried it?


Friday, 13 May 2011

New Youtube Videos!!!

I've got two new videos for you :-)

Monthly Favorites:

Monthly Disappointments:

Hope you enjoy.


L'Oréal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio in Blondes

I posted this already once, but apparently it vanished.. Thanks Blogger! So here we go again:

Let's do another review. :-)

Today it's gonna be the L'Oréal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio in Blondes:

This was and is my absolute favorite ot the items I got!! Let's take a closer look at this beauty:

This is such an awesome product!! It retails for 20,50€, which isn't cheap, but it's sooo worth the money. Before I go into detail, look at these bursting swatches!!

Each colour and then swirled together:

Such an amazing colour payoff!!! I love it. Since I got it, I used it everytime I did my make up.

It has a smooth texture and as you can see a great colour payoff. You get 11grams of product and only need a tiny amount. In comparison, a MAC MSF has 10gr and a MAC blush only 5gr.

It's so cool, cause you can do your conturing, your blush and if you're not as pale as me your highlight with this one thing or swirl it together and go wild. ;-) Perfect for travelling and you get a mirror and brush as well:

I can reaaaaaaallllyy recommend it!!! I know 20,50€ isn't cheap, but just in comparison - one MAC eyeshadow costs 18€ and this Trio has so many functions. I'm sure it would do a great job as eyeshadow as well. *g*

I hope you liked the review and it was helpful.


Monday, 9 May 2011

Maybelline Jade New York Eye Studio Duo Review

Hey guys,
A few weeks ago L'Oréal kindly sent me some products for reviewing. All my opinions are honest, as always. This is what I got:

All of these are products, which were released only a few weeks ago.

Today I'm gonna review the Maybelline Jade New York Eye Studio Duo in 540 Green Gold:

Looks pretty, right?

It is, great colour pay off and very smooth in texture. Nevertheless, there is one big flaw, which totally destroys the potential of it. It creases horribly..
It's a drama, cause there are 6 colours and all of them look promising, especially a blueish/purple which looks amazing.

See for yourself:
After 1 hour

 After 4 hours
I tried three different primers to make sure it's not me or just a bad base, but even with my UD primer potion it did crease. It starts after an hour and gets worse during the day. At the beginning you can smooth it back in its old place with your finger, but of course that's not a solution..
Résumé: Unfortunately, I can't recommend those shadows. They retail for 9,95€, which would be perfectly alright if they would stay put, but in this case it's a waste of money. If you don't mind creasing or have dry lids, maybe it works, but for me this is an absolut no-go! Sorry Maybelline..
Hope you liked the review, again this my honest opinion, quite obviously..