Friday, 20 May 2011

Catrice Papagena LE

I'm baffled every time at the impossibility of getting items from a Catrice LE..

This month it was the Papagena collection, one I really wanted. I tried to get the products I wanted in Vienna and got some, but the display was almost empty. A few hours after the display was set up.. Gosh I hate that we only get Catrice at those few Müllers..

And theeeen we went to Retz. We spend there every weekend and wanna live there asap and close to Retz is Horn. The closest bigger "city" and they have a Müller.

So I hurried to the store and look what I found:

Who would have thought there still is a full display in this world..

Close ups:

Aren't the lashes pretty? Btw sorry for my chipped nail..

What did I get?

It's funny, cause I ended up buying things I was sure I wouldn't and didn't get items I was sure I would.

I bought the palette with the nice green and purple in it. Lovely colour pay off. The golden nuggets had to find a new home as well. :-)

I got two of the three eyeliner pens - you need to get them!! They have amazing colour pay off and literally last aaaaaaaaaall day. I swatched them on my hand and after washing my hands 5 times and hours of wear, the liner was still there. There are three colours: a dark green "Welcome to the jungle" (bought it), a white "White eyes" (bought it) and a lighter green. The light green is nice, but too light to really show up.

I bought two polishes, the green ones. One blush stick, to be honest even this one wasn't really worth buying, but I just wanted one so badly.. I got the coral-orangy one with decent colour pay off, the rose toned stick was not pigmented at all and slided around on the skin without ever setting.

I was sure I would get at least one of the gloss lipsticks, but there was no color pay of at all and I mean at all! Nothing..

I was very intrigued to get the lashes, which are beautiful, but too long for my personal taste.

I'll post my haul soon. :-)

Did you get anything?


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CopyCat said...

I am only going to get the lashes. since me and Catrice do not like each other...