Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MAC Surf Baby or the fight with my addiction..

What a "heavy" headline. *gg* But so true..

I really wanted a ton of items from MAC's Surf Baby collection, but since I'm still deeply in the red, my family organized an "intervention".. lol I wasn't allowed to buy anything, at all, ever again, anything that had to do with make up.

Quite unrealistic, hey I'm a beauty blogger, but I swore to be a "better" girl. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist going to the Preview Party and checking out the items. I was with my best friend and amusedPolish and able to NOT buy anything. What a proud evening.

Well, this was a few weeks ago and last week I faltered and got one product - the Surf U.S.A. eyeshadow. It was such an awesome colour, I just couldn't resist it and I earned it..

In addition, I made swatches from all the products I would have loved to get..

The lightest bronze stick Tan-Tint, the two Careblend powders and Sun Blonde eyeshadow, I did get Surf USA as you know. *gg*


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