Monday, 9 May 2011

Maybelline Jade New York Eye Studio Duo Review

Hey guys,
A few weeks ago L'Oréal kindly sent me some products for reviewing. All my opinions are honest, as always. This is what I got:

All of these are products, which were released only a few weeks ago.

Today I'm gonna review the Maybelline Jade New York Eye Studio Duo in 540 Green Gold:

Looks pretty, right?

It is, great colour pay off and very smooth in texture. Nevertheless, there is one big flaw, which totally destroys the potential of it. It creases horribly..
It's a drama, cause there are 6 colours and all of them look promising, especially a blueish/purple which looks amazing.

See for yourself:
After 1 hour

 After 4 hours
I tried three different primers to make sure it's not me or just a bad base, but even with my UD primer potion it did crease. It starts after an hour and gets worse during the day. At the beginning you can smooth it back in its old place with your finger, but of course that's not a solution..
Résumé: Unfortunately, I can't recommend those shadows. They retail for 9,95€, which would be perfectly alright if they would stay put, but in this case it's a waste of money. If you don't mind creasing or have dry lids, maybe it works, but for me this is an absolut no-go! Sorry Maybelline..
Hope you liked the review, again this my honest opinion, quite obviously..


CucumPear said...

That's too bad, the colours are so pretty. I'm really looking forward to the bronzer review, I saw it at BIPA today, but found it too expensive to just buy on a whim.
Btw, I believe I saw Bio-Oil there, too. I don't remember the price, though.

Guinevere said...

Bio-Oil?!?! How cool is that gg