Saturday, 30 October 2010

My Halloween Make Up

I know Halloween is on sunday, I know my favorite holiday. *gg*  But I made this for work, in an extreme hurry, cause I was already late.. *g*

I would have played a lot more with extreme colours, but I couldn't, because I am limited with my colour choice, I already stretched the rules a bit..

Do you like it?


Little Nail Polish Haul

I ordered these angels:

It was my first order from and I am totally happy with them!! I already placed my second order - the China Glaze Holiday collection.

I bought:

OPI - Who the Shrek are you?
China Glaze - Ick-a-bod-y
China Glaze Mummy may I
OPI - Sparkle-icious

I didn't get Zombie Zest yet, but I will, wasn't able to order it when I tried, but it is available now. I already have the small size of OPI's "Who the Shrek are you?" but I wanted the large bottle, to have enough - the colour is amazing! Sparkle-icious was one of the colours that stood out the most from OPI's Burlesque collection.

Swatches will follow soon. :-)


OPI Cuticle Pusher Haul+Review

You all know how I love my nail designer Barbara, she's just an angel.

We talked about my horribly brittle natural nails and also about my cuticles, they are horrendous as well. I hate them, I asked about a recommendation for a cuticle pusher and she showed me the one from OPI and used it on me.

It was divine!!! Such a great product, she used Avoplex Cuticle Exfoliator which kinda dissolves the cuticle skin that is too much and afterwards she used this pusher and the OPI Dexterity Nail Cleaner. It was such an amazing result.

The pusher retails in Austria, hold your breath, for 65€ or more, no joke! I bought it only for about 25€ including shipping, which is stil a lot, but I need a high quality product for my horrible nail situation. I bought the dual sided one, which means you have a large side and a smaller one:

Looks massive doesn't it? I wanna buy the Exfoliating Treatment next and after that the nail cleaner. :-)


Friday, 29 October 2010

My MAC's A Tartan Tale Haul

I was almost the good girl I wanted to be.. *g*

I bought the cute Teddy (so unfair 22€, in America you only have to pay 15$ .., but at least it's for a good cause), the wonderful Semi-Precious eyeshadow, Style Clan nail polish and I couldn't resist the nail polish holiday set..

But let's move on to the picture gorgeousness:

Isn't that bear just awesome!!! And everything else of course.. *gg*

What did/will you get?

By the way, isn't it unbelievable that Austria got the new collection just one day after America???


Thursday, 28 October 2010

MAC's A Tartan Tale

Look who's already been released at Douglas..

Sorry for the poor quality - I Phone pics..

Imagine what?!?! You get a pro discount on the colour collection, thank god.. :-) And I still want that bear.. *g*

I swatched like crazy on my hand to presort, cause I'll wait until MAC itself releases it, which will be on saturday or maybe monday, but I'm pretty positive it will be saturday.

Style Clan nail polish
Ohhhhhh Lilly-darling I abused the brushes a lot to get a good opinion. The brushes seem okay, the powder brushes are kinda scratchy, a tiny bit, and I have the impression they aren't that well shaped.. Other than that they are okay, I expected them to be more horrible.. So I guess it's up to you, I still prefer full sized brushes. One set costs 56€.

I will go into detail when I spent more time with the products and got my own share. *gg*

I'm pretty sure I will buy:
  • The Teddy Bear (yeaaaaaaaaah)
  •  Style Clan nail polish (awesome colour!!!)
  • Semi-Precious Eyeshadow (amazing colour pay off and gorgeous purple)
Believe it or not, I think that's it, I need to save money, really..

Excited about the collection ??


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Let's play a game!

What does the trained eye see??????

Yes! A freaking OPI polish! I was sooo excited when I saw this.

It is a commercial of the Ringstrassen-Galerien in the first district. Anyone ever been there and knows in which shop you can get them??


Monday, 25 October 2010

My Nail Polish Storage System

I FINALLY found the nail polish wall displays!!!!!!!

I've seen them already once 3 years ago on , yes 3 freaking years, but exactly at the time when I wanted to order them they were discontinued.

I was devastated. But I kept looking on their homepage from time to time, just if they might came back and they did!!!!!!!!

So a few weeks ago I ordered three to make sure that I have enough. One large display officially fits about 90 polishes, depending on the size of the polishes. Since I don't own only OPI polishes, mine hold more than 100. :-)Each costs 32,99€ which I think is a good price :-)

And here they are:

The pic without the flash is lighter and nicer to look at, but the one with flash is definitely more colour accurate.

The third one is already put up and ready to be filled :-)

Aren't those gorgeous??


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Meet the Momijis!

Today is a random posts days *g*

I have the tendency to collect things I like.. And I do like Momijis. What are they?

They are handpainted message dolls made of clay. I first saw them when I was in Edinburgh and took two with me because of their cuteness. They have a little hole in their bottom, where a sheet is ready to be written on. So when you give them as a present they get even more personality.

I always bought them for myself.. lol And collecting them is dangerously addictive. *gg* By now I already have over 20 and here they are:

Cute right?

Aaaand now I need your opinion!!!!!!

I bought two shelves, the same as I bought for my brushes, actually they were there before the fireplace and I'm not sure what to do now, I have too many Momijis to put them all at the place I had them before (the first pic) and I'm thinking about buying more shelves and put them on this wall as well and put the other Momijis there.

Do you think that would look good or rather not?? My boyfriend is no help because of his "I don't care" opinion..



Besides Make Up I also adore shoes and bags. What a surprise.. *g*

And these are on my "I-sooooo-wish-I-could-afford-them" wishlist:

Louboutin Studded Pumps

YSL Mohawk Suede Pumps

Kandee Cherry Bomb
Aren't those just divine?


Better late than never

I know a billion people already own it, but yesterday I got mine. :-)

What I'm talking about? Naturally Illamasquas new lipstick "Disciple".

Pure beauty..

It looks sooo black!

But is blue.. *gg*

I'm gonna do a look soon. Any of you own it?


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Gorgeousness in a bottle

I'm so excited about this post. *gg* I'm adoring China Glazes Sunset Glow ever since I first laid eyes on it via swatches on the internet and I finally ordered it.

I contacted a lovely seller on facebook "Mad about MAC" that I found it in a store, but they don't ship internationally. So she organised it for me and sent it to me. I paid $10 for it plus shipping which I think is okay.
Here it is:

That is just incredible!!

It is discontinued and I obviously got a very old bottle, it is the old design:

It is a little bit streaky which worries my quite a bit, but well that is the risk when you want an "old" shade. I hope it will stay stable.. Or I have to try polish thinner.

What do you think about this shade? Isn't it just lovely!!


Friday, 22 October 2010

A plea to all nail polish lovers located in Vienna, Austria or Germany

PLEASE, PLEASE don't shop at this fucking Micky Nails store. I hope you'll excuse my language but I was soo mad today.

I went there, huge mistake, and this asshole of owner kicked me out for the felony of "just" looking. He said to me after I looked and looked and didn't buy anything, cause I realised they had raised the prices again, that I cause him "troubles" and I am "stealing" his time and I should go somewhere else to just look. I bought polishes worth 75€ the last time I was there.

I mean WHAT THE FUCK, such assholes... I absolutely HATE it when people are unfriendly or in this case assholes without a reason.. This shop has no more than three customers per day..

I also heard from a trustworthy resource very bad thing about the quality of their naildesign. I usually don't talk bad about people, but they deserve it. If you consider going there for that, I would think twice..

So if you are looking for polishes out there that they have and you consider buying from them, PLEASE contact me first and I will find a place or store with you who carries them as well. A store who deserves earning money..


How/Where I store my brushes

I kept it quite simple. :-)

I bought two wall shelves from Ikea and put them on the right wall of our bathroom. I only have them in the Coca Cola bottles, cause my other - much prettier brush holders are too large to fit in the space of the shelves.. Unfortunately..

I quite like it that way, especially regarding the fact that I don't need to worry about curious cats anymore who like to take them on a trip through the apartment or so.. *gg*


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hey guys,

I wanted to ask you something. Are you happy with my blog? I wanna do the best I can, is there anything you wish I would do more or differently?

I hope that you find time to comment. :-)


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Matte Top Coat comparison

When Essie released their "matte about you" top coat I ordered it immediately, only to find out a little later that I prefer shiny polish.. lol
But it was and is still useful, Essence followed the trend and released one as well. Since it was soo cheap I bought it as well.

I compared them and this was the result:

Not a difference at all, none.. If they look different to you it is because the way the light fell. No natural light was available. I was pretty amazed, I would have thought there might be a little bit of a difference, but as always Essence did a great job.
So I would definitely recommend Essence's one which is cheaper. :-)