Saturday, 2 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains & F/W Nail Trend Haul

Well yesterday was a big day.. So many releases of things I really wanted.. MAC's Venomous Villains, MAC's new Nail Trend and the new highly limited Momiji dolls..

You wanna know how bad I was? Oh I was really bad...

I still feel extremely bad about spending so much money I can't even enjoy the products at the moment, but I know myself, I would have regretted it forever if I banned myself from buying.

When you see it from the Blogger point of view - I did great lol but from the there-are-other-things-that-need-to-be-paid point of view I failed completely.

But let's enjoy the pictures for now:

Ps.: I would list the names of the products, but let's be honest, you all know them already.  *gg*

And I bought all the nail trend polishes, which I don't regret as well..

I'm gonna do swatches of all the nail polishes soon. I won't do Venomous Villains swatches, there are a billion better ones out there already and for those who read previous haul posts know that I have the weird habit of waiting a while just worshipping, until I can actually use them. *gg*
And when it comes to such a gorgeous collection, there definitely needs to be some time just marveling. *g*

I really hope there are other people out there who bought that much or more.. Would make me feel better.


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Lilly said...


omg! I am jealous. nevermind about the swatches. I think everyone's seen them already anyway :)