Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did you see it? I was watching it the whole day and truly adored it. Kate wore such a beautiful dress!! So classy and Grace Kelly..

I was a bit sad about the passionless kiss, but at least we got two and the second one was more authentic. I loved it when you saw William saying: One more kiss? And she slightly nodded and they kissed again. So damn cute!!

I'm such a UK nerd.. I definitely need a tattoo to honour this passion. :-) And I want back to London.. Or Edinburgh..


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thoughts on MAC's Surf Baby + Preview Night

So yesterday was the Surf Baby Preview Night and it was kinda weird.. I came a little bit late and the place was almost empty, there were like 5 people.. But at least I saw amusedPolish again. :-)

Pics of the displays:

I can't find my camera, which freaks the hell out of me, so unfortunately only crappy I-Phone pictures..

I was most excited for the flower powder, Hibiscus lipstick, the nail polishes, Surf Baby eyeshadow and the bronzing sticks. After taking a closer look nothing was as awesome as expected.. Hibiscus isn't as unique as I thought and Surf Baby looks pretty, but nothing special. The nude polish does exactly look like the Models Own Nude Beige and the blue polish is nice, but again nothing unique.  
The bronzing sticks indeed have an amazing colour pay off, but are quite dark and I have the creme bronzer from To The Beach which is almost the same, so this was a pass as well.

I'm really proud that I was able to skip the collection and save some money. *g* Nevertheless, it's hard.. I just love special packaging..


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vintage Helena Rubinstein Lipstick

I found an old Helena Rubinstein lipstick in my mum's make up bag. How cool's that?!

It's called Nr. 14 Rouge Glorious

It has so many "streaks", cause I cleaned it with my Beauty So Clean wipes.

Isn't that one beautiful red?


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bipa, MNY, Catrice Polish Swatches

Further swatches from recent purchases :-)

Bipa polishes:

Flamingo, Rubin, 080,070

Catrice/MNY polishes:

Catrice: London's weather forecast - MNY: 906A, 905A


Monday, 25 April 2011

Updated Nail Polish Storage System

Hey lovelies,

How are you? I'm so happy to be in Retz and that I can breathe again. The last couple of days were very exhausting and painful. My mums dog, with whom I grew up and naturally love is a senior now and she has water in her lungs..
She is old and her heart doesn't work right anymore, so all we can do is give the best we can and try to make her life as long as possible happy and without pain.
The last few days, while all my other family members unfortunately were on holiday, I spent the most time in the emergency pet clinic. The warmer the weather gets the harder it is for her to breathe. She's better now, but it seems I always have to be the strong one for our family...

But now enough about me. Can you remember when I first showed you my wand displays for my polishes: Nail Polish Storage

Well my collection grew, haven't thought it would be possible that I fill up all the shelves *gg* But it happened:

I need more shelves.. *g* I need two large ones for new polishes and two small ones for my pigments and my nail treatments.

What do you think?


Saturday, 23 April 2011

DM Haul: Essene + Alverde

I might be considered "addict of the month", but let's be honest, this blog is called Anonymous Beautyholic. You know what you're getting yourself into. ;-)

The Swatchaholic posted a picture on Twitter from the Essence LE You Rock! polishes and I immediately got nervous. lol 
I thought the collection would be released first of May and not a week earlier and since I reeeeaallly wanted the polishes and test the eyeshadow base, I "panicked" a bit.. 

So I called my closest DM and they already had the products in store, but not set up. I drove there and asked and they were so nice and got them out of their warehouse for me and I could choose what I wanted to buy.. *gg* 
So here's my haul:

I got the eyeshadow base and all the polishes. In an attempt to convince the saleswoman that I'm not completely crazy I started talking about the similiarity of those to the Chanel ones. She ended up setting a set of the polishes aside for herself. lol
I'm awesome in selling products, shouldn't have quit my old job, but there are so many downsides that I only regret it a little bit.

I already wanted to pay and then I saw the clearance box packed with a bunch of stuff from the latest Alverde and Essence collections!
I think almost every product from the last Alverde LE was in there, which was quite tempting, but since I prefer pressed products, I restrained myself (yes I can do that!!, on occasion *gg*) and only got two brushes and the green powder concealer. I'm really curious if the concealer works, but I highly doubt it.
Two polishes from the Essence Blossoms LE found a new home as well.

Yep, that was my freaky Friday.. *g* I wish my wallet would be more cooperative.


Friday, 22 April 2011

New Youtube Video online!! - A way to use the VitaZing Creme by Origins

Hey guys,

Remember my video about the VitaZing Creme by Origins and that it is too dark for me? Well I found a solution:

Hope you enjoy!

Happy easter!


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Candy Yum Yum Look

Here is my Candy Yum Yum Look, finally. :-)

..such a gorgeous neon, blue based pink!!!

Everyone said it is not drying but I gotta say I do find it a bit. My lips weren't in the best shape though.

Do you like the look??


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Quite Cute Make Up Look - what I used on my eyes

I'm really sorry that it took me so long to answer the question what I wore on my eyes in the Quite Cute Look.

So here it is:

First, I lightly applied the white NYX eyeshadow base. Then all over the lid and blended upwards a mixture of MAC Kitschmas and Cool Pink pigment. I lined my eyes with the chromaline gel liner in Rich Purple. I forgot what kind of purple I used in the crease, sorry.. Lastly, some mascara and I was done. :-)


Monday, 18 April 2011

DM Haul

I got these when I bought the things from Müller.. *g*

Here we go:

As you can see a bunch of Balea stuff, which luckily is cheap *gg*, many of these are limited edition. I see limited edition somewhere and my brain switches to panic-it-will-be-sold-out mode.. I also got two super-pretty polishes from a MNY limited edition which name I forgot. The Alverde palette was on sale :-)

Did you buy any of that too?


Saturday, 16 April 2011

L.A. Color Swatches

Hey there,

Remember the L.A. polishes I got?

I have swatches for you, and damn I am surprised by their beauty :-)

First row: Rainbow Glitter, Enchanting, Pink Sizzle, Metallic Pink
Second row: Lightning, Blue Paradise, Sea Green, Current

Pretty, right?



Hey guys,

I stopped getting gel nails, why?
  • There were getting too expensive, at least for my current situation - no money - thanks IMATS *gg*
  • I got annoyed, I tend to get annoyed by the tiniest things and this particular reason might seem especially weird - I love my Origins products so much and a ton of creme got lost under my nails and that sucked and it just hurts when they split and so on..
I still think they have a ton of advantages and are kinda gorgeous, cause they are just pretty and make the most brittle nails strong, but I wanted a break.

I didn't get them "professionally" taken off, I just let them grow out or at least tried, they broke off and so, not pretty at all.. I didn't want to get them taken off, cause I wouldn't have seen where the healthy, normal nail would start.

Long story short, this is how they look now, it's horrible.. And sorry for my cuticles..

See where my healthy/normal nail starts, crazy different right? You really see how weak the nail who had the gel on is..

Many people say their nails are weak for months, but I don't think this is an actual effect of the gel, there's just a huge difference between a gel nail and a normal nail.

I wonder how long I will survive without them.. lol Cause this is one horrible situation..

I wanted to show you this, cause, you know, knowledge is power. ;-)

Love you,

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Müller Haul

When I read the short passage about my blog in WIENERIN magazine, I was more worried than happy. I didn't or don't want people to believe I'm a brainless shopping monster, who can't walk by a product which seems interesting. After the weekend I gotta admit that this description might be dead on after all.. *gg*

My purchase:

In my defence, all these items are justifiable..
  • Got2b Rockin'it dry shampoo: I have no dry shampoo and I wanted to try one
  • Essence Blossoms liquid blush: I have no liquid blush and it seems to be a cute colour
  • Catrice Sun bronzing powder: a matte bronzer with is perfect for contouring, contouring is important
  • Catrice Lashes to kill: I needed a new one and this has many awesome reviews
  • 4 nail polishes (3 essence, 1 catrice) okay, no excuse for these.. But I mean I didn't have the exact same colours and I needed a new super-bonding base coat
  • Catrice eyeshadow base: I need a new one and I have oily lids, a necessity
  • Catrice liner brush, Essence blender brush: you can never have too many brushes
How good am I at finding reasons? *gg* Reviews and swatches will follow soon..


Monday, 11 April 2011

My Latest Youtube Videos

Monthly Favorites

Product Disappointments March:

Alverde Brushes:

Essence gel liner and eyeliner brush:


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Another Blue Make Up Look

Really into using blue at the moment.. *gg* It is quite similar to the one I did last month.

Like it??


Thursday, 7 April 2011


Some moments that made me smile :-)


Review: Alverde Brushes

I bought those three last week and I also own their angled liner brush, which is released again as well. The concealer brush just looked ridiculous, so I skipped it.

I really like them. The bristles are soft and glide nicely over the face. When you open the packaging, they smell like pure plastic.. But after washing them, that's gone.

Pricewise they are good as well, I was hoping they would be cheaper, but 3-5€ for a brush is nothing compared to other companies.

My favorite of those is definitely the angled liner brush, it's just awesome!!! I absolutely love it. :-)

Will you get any?


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I'm featured in a magazine!! :-)

Hey girls and boys,

About a month ago I was contacted by the magazine WIENERIN which is one of the big magazines in Austria. They wanted to do a feature in their April issue with bloggers from the world and Austria.

Naturally, I said yes. :-) I was soooo excited!!! I was sent a question paper and the request for a picture.

In the end they only featured the Austrian blogs very small, no picture or interview, and focused more on international blogs, which I think is a bit sad, cause after all it is an Austrian magazine..

Here the scans:

Find me?? *gg* It's in german. If any of you is interested enough (lol) I will translate it for you.

Monday, 4 April 2011

DM Haul

A lot of the new Essence products and one of their mascaras.

Reviews will follow soon, very soon. .-)


Sunday, 3 April 2011

MAC Quite Cute Haul

Hey guys,

With one day delay I will blow you away with a ton of posts *gg*

Here is what I got from Quite Cute:

Sakura Mineralize Blush:

Cany Yum Yum lipstick:

Such gorgeous products.. I can't wait to do a look with that matte neon pink lipstick..

What did you get??


Friday, 1 April 2011

MAC Quite Cute Released

First post in April and it is a short one. :-)

MAC's Quite Cute is in stores and I went to take an innocent look at the products, look at that display:

Doesn't that scream Tokidoki right at you?