Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wedding Update!

My wedding day is just 17 days away.. It's crazy how fast time flies by.. It's so scary.

I just finished Thomas Sünders "Wer Ja sagt, darf auch Tante Inge ausladen" The only book that I found useful in terms of wedding preparations.

It's from his perspective and describes what he watched go wrong and how to avoid it and god there's so much that can go wrong... Even though he's "just" a DJ, he has useful tips for every part of the wedding. For everyone who gets married - this is a must red!! 

Planningwise, I'm almost done. The only thing that still needs to be arranged is the flower decoration. I'm not good with plants or flowers, for some reason they always die. I'm gonna choose the flowers I think look pretty and will let my mum do the rest. *g*

For the rest, I can't complain enough about the high prices.. Everything is so expensive. I had a lovely photographer, but we recently and surprisingly moved and with all the renovations we had to do, she got too expensive for us... Yay..

I heard the sentence "I hope this is over soon" more than once from my fiancé and this really makes me sad. I just hope it will be a nice day, but I'm gonna be honest. I'm happy when it's over as well. Not the getting-married part, of course not, I'll try to breathe those moments in and keep them locked in my mind forever, but all the guests and organisation.. I've had enough of that already...


Subcutane Ageless Hydro Lipid Emulsion Review and Ilvy

Hello lovelies,

You would think once Uni is over, I would have time to blog, but so far it was more stressful than anything else. Right now and until Wednesday we're babysitting my parents dog, Ilvy:

As innocent as she looks, she's a little devil.. She keeps me busy all day and apparently thinks she's a cat..

But NOW let's get to the beauty part of the post. A couple of weeks ago this bottle surprised me in the mail:

Subcutane is a certified natural cosmetics brand, I must admit I've never heard of, but as soon as I used it we became close friends. It's a skin care range full of rich vegetable oils, natural moisturizes and concentrated herbal ingredients.

The Hydro Lipid Emulsion I got is designed to really moisturize your skin and prevent any dryness. It's packed with white tea, jojoba oils, apricot seeds, pineapple extracts, shea butter and more. That's what Subcutane says:

"Subcutante Hydro Lipid Emulsion supports the natural barrier function of your skin against loss of moisture and gives it renewed elasticity.  The exceptional 2-phase texture from high quality plant oils and moisturisers balances your hydro lipid film.  Your skin is soothed and due to its light colouration it gives your complexion an instant refreshing effect."

So what do I think?

I love it. I was quite wary at first though. Oil often means greasiness and especially during summer this is something I really don't need. But no. It absorbs quickly, smells pleasent - like apricots and pineapples - and truly moisturizes my face. 

You shake it to mix the ingredients and then spray it into your hands and apply it. Here is my only point of critism. I wish it would have a pump instead of a spray bottle top, because you lose product this way. It get's between your fingers and some of it gets lost.

Other than that I think this is a great product. It does a lovely job and is all natural, what do you want more. Sadly, that mix isn't the most affordable one. The emulsion costs 32€, but if you compare it to other brands it's more than okay.

The series which contains five products (Deep Cleansing Foam, Eye Balsam, Hydro Lipid Emulsion, Tautening Serum, Moisture Balanceis now available at DM's and online.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Braindead @ University

My brain is toast, it feels like I can't form one coherent thought anymore. Today, I've been working on my Language Teaching portfolio all day, literally. And the worst part - I'm still not done.

Three more tasks to write, I just wanted to say Hi! and promise you I'll be back tomorrow with a bunch of new posts when this semester is finally over...


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pandawears Box

Hey guys,

This is really cool! We all know the various monthly boxes like the Glossybox for example. In the United States, they even have monthly Boxes for your pet.

Two weeks ago I heard about the Pandawears Box. A gift box for yourself, but instead of beauty items, you get a gorgeous pair of sunglasses each month for 9,99€ including shipping (for Austria).

I was looking for some awesome glasses for weeks and never found a pair that looked cool and didn't cost a fortune, so this was just the perfect timing, I couldn't wait and was so excited when I got my pandas:

They were so nice and sent me two pairs, two goodies and stickers.


Here we go:

My absolute favorite:

I've been wearing the pink ones every day and got tons of compliments so far. :-)

You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions. They keep track of the sunglasses you already have so you never get the same one by mistake and to define what you can expect you can choose between these:
Sadly, you can only choose one of the four. I wish you could tick more, I would love to have Girl and Freaky.

I think the idea is awesome, especially after weeks of looking for cool sunglasses and never finding a pair. Especially for that prize. So, I got myself a three months subscription. :-) Just the right amount of time to cover summer.

If you wanna check them out, just click: here

What do you think about the box? Like it?


L'Oréal Paris LA Manicue by Color Riche

L'Oréal released a new series of nail care polishes. Seven products to cater to your every need. I love nail care stuff.

L'Oréal sent me the Miracle Repair 7 serum which promises healthier nails in just seven days. :) "Unfortunately" I have gel nails and therefore can't test it, but I still wanted to show it to you.

Sadly, the only things I could have used, a cuticle oil or cuticle removing gel, is missing in their collection. Poor Guinevere. ;-)

Pricewise, the collection is between 7,95€ and 9,99€. Not a bargain, but if it helps I think it's worth it. Have you tried it??

To make this interesting for you - you can win this repair serum above. There'll be a big giveaway pretty soon and this thingy will be part of it, so stay tuned.


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sebamed Lime Shower Gel

Hey guys,

Having a nice weekend?

Yesterday, I had an English exam and it went quite well. What a gorgeous feeling! So, today is blogging day!!

Let's start with this nice shower gel by Sebamed. The weather in Vienna is insane right now. It's so hot that I shower about 5 times a day. I hate feeling sweaty and I wish more people would feel like that..

I never tried one of their shower gels, but it smells fresh and nice. Something I need when it's hot outside, lime is just the right scent for that. Aaand it doesn't dry out my skin. What more does one want? :-)

If you got curious, better be fast, it's limited edition.


Friday, 21 June 2013

Review & Swatches Wedding Glossybox

Beware; This is a loooong and picture-heavy post. *gg*

Most of you already know that I'll get married in July, so when I saw the newsletter about an upcoming Wedding Glossybox I couldn't be more excited. What an awesome timing.

It costs 25€ including 6 full size items worth 100€. So let's get right to it. :-)

The pretty packaging, I loooove pretty packaging:

The ribbon is full of "yes" in different languages:

 and the box is filled with cute plastic rose petals

Now to the content :-) Edit: Apparently, the items in the box differ quite a lot. 

Naobay Body Lotion

Model co Lip Duo


Emite Make Up Sponges:

The Glossybox exclusive beautybird nail polish in "Yes, I do"


Babor lip pencil in "Orange"

bellápierre volumizing mascara

Overall, a pretty neat box. All the products are of great quality and they are definitely useful when it comes to a wedding day. 

Some thoughts:

I was surprised to see no familar brand in the box. Personally, if it comes to an important day I wanna use brands I know.

I found it a bit sad that the Model co lip duo and the Barbor liner didn't match. Kinda defeats the purpose of it. The lipstick is smooth and soft, but too brown for me. 

I haven't used the mascara yet, so I can't say anything about it for now.

The nail polish is the PERFECT wedding shade and sponges are always handy. The scent of the body lotion isn't really my thing, but a good idea nonetheless.

In my opinion, this is an amazing gift idea for your bridesmaids. The perfect idea, I should have gone with that.. *g* For me, as the future bride, only half of the products will be useful on my wedding day. I had hoped it would be more. 

Currently, the Wedding Glossybox is sold out, but it will come back. :-) So to all future brides, here is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

MAC LE's June

Morning guys,

I'm so sorry that I neglected you, but this and next week are exam days at University and I'm drowning in exams, portfolios and oral exams. On 28th June it will be over, I can't stress enough how I'm looking forward to that..

Nevertheless, I quickly wanted to share MAC's current LE's with you. Besides the lovely "In Extra Dimension" which I wish I could buy every blush and skinfinish from:

Mac will release the new Rihanna Riri collection. It will be sold exclusivley online beginning tomorrow. 

The LE consists of five gorgeous items:

Bronze and Blush Duo "Hibiscus Kiss"

Three lipsticks:


"Riri Boy"

"Riri Woo"

and Lustre Drops in "Barbados Girl"

If I could I'd buy everything except the lustre drops, which I already own, but sadly Mama's broke.

I must admit I don't like these online exclusive collections. I never seem to be quick enough to get the products I want and I prefer to be able to test and see the products in real life before buying.

Will you try to get something? What exactly?