Friday, 14 June 2013

Review: Garnier 5sek Retuschierer/5sec Perfect Blur Primer

Hey guys,

Today, I have something reeeaaalllyyy cool for you. The Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur Primer. 

This is a completely new hybrid product. It's not a foundation or moisturizer and it's more than a primer. 

This cream or fluffy thingy is a skin smoother. A primer that just after 5 seconds perfects your complexion and blurs out wrinkles, imperfections, large pores and shine. 

To make it clear: it gets rid of the appearance, nothing more, but still - how cool is that!

I must admit when I got it I was sure there must be something wrong with it. The texture reminded me of an expired make up product. I mean look at that weird texture: *gg*

But no, that's the way the product is. It doesn't have a scent either. You're supposed to put it on after you moisturized your face. Now let's show you some proof.


Luckily, I don't have many wrinkles yet, but I have this horrible lines between my brows and some tiny lines under my eyes:

After I applied it and waited the five seconds:

Can you believe that result? It's incredible! I applied foundation afterwards and it went on smoother and easier as well.

I can't state enough how pleased and surprised I was by that result. It's crazy. I love and totally recommend it. Gonna wear that on my wedding day!

Now to the best part: If you live in Austria, you have the chance to get it for free! Today Garnier will be at the SCS at 14:00 in front of the New Yorker store and tomorrow in Salzburg in the Europark at 13:00 in front of S'Oliver. If you have time, get there and get yourself one!

If you buy/get or already have it, let me know if you're as happy with it as I am.



Allison L said...

Ummm... Holy crap! That cream is pretty awesome!

Madame Bonaparte said...

Krass, das Closeup sieht aus, als hättest dus massiv mit nem Weichzeichner bearbeitet :D

Ellieh said...

HEUL und ich hab mir keins geholt in der SCS obwohl ich 3x dran vorbeigegangen bin - ich blöde Kuh, mir immer einreden ich brauch sowas ned T______T