Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Acrylic Lipstick Holder

I'm obsessed with storage which you might have noticed. *g* I envy all of you who live in the U.S. and have access to all those gorgeous acrylic displays.
I found this at ebay from a german seller, so no worries with customs:

It holds 24 lipstick of all sizes, even the big ones (i.e. Illamasqua). The display itself cost me 1€, but shipping was 9,90€ *g*. That's still a good price, so I bought it.

Pretty, right??

The "problem" is that if you have a large number of lipsticks (like me) you'd have to buy several displays and that gets expensive.. For now I only have this one and store my lipsticks at the moment still in my old IKEA display. gg Mascaras and pencils fit in there as well.

I'm still not sure if I should buy more displays to have space for all my lipsticks or find something else to put into that display.. What would you do??


Friday, 30 December 2011

My new make up storage

Finally!! I now have my own Alex from IKEA. :-)

..and my new earring display now has its perfect place as well:

Like it?? I'm sooo happy and everything fits perfectly.


MAC vs. Manhattan

I saw the MAC Naturally mineralize blushes on temptalia and I can't shake the feeling that they are almost the same as the Manhattan Oktoberfest mineralize blushes...

MAC Naturally, pics from temptalia:

and now the Manhattan blushes:

Don't they look like they are from one collection?? *gg*


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Current Drugstore Collections

Yesterday, I went shopping with a lovely blogger friend and we came across a DM which had full displays of every current collection!!

Here the pictures:

I had planned to buy a lot from this collection, but in the end I was a very, very good girl and didn't get anything.

Originally, I wanted both blush sticks, but I never use the blush sticks I own, so no blush sticks for me.

I wanted both mascaras, but I can put liquid eyeliner on a disposable mascara wand and coat my lashes wonderfully.

I wanted the kabuki, but again, I always end up using my normal powder brushes.

The shimmer powder tempted me as well, but it looked like chalk, no visible shimmer, just plain white powder..

The Catrice collection, which luckily doesn't interest me as well.

Look what ended up being available at DM!! See the fourth polish that weren't available at Müller?.. I bought it, the rest of the products I wanted, I already own.

They also had the new Essence collection:

Nothing special, I was tempted to buy the highlighter gel, but I never use those lol, so a pass as well, I only bought one polish.

I'm gonna show you my mini-haul soon. Haven't I been a super-good girl? *gg*


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

I decided to show you what I got for christmas. I love posts like these and I thought you might too.

I got an earring display, which I already filled up. *gg* I wanted something like that for ages!!

Another wish: The Babyliss Root Boost. Review coming up. :-)

MAC and Kurt Vouchers :-)

Look at those pretty coupons..

That's what I got from my mother in law :-):

..and these lovely presents are from my fiancé:

A Guess bag:

one of the H&M Versace bags:


The Inbetweeners Movie:

Amazing presents! I'm so grateful. :-) What did you get??


Christmas Make Up

Sorry I've been so quiet, last week I received a personal heavy setback (no not my engagement) and I don't know, I just didn't have it in me to blog.

But now let's move on to some fun stuff. This was the eye make up I wore on christmas eve:

Do you like it? I did. :-)


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Catrice "Hidden World" Thoughts

I saw this (quite empty) display last week and I must say, I wasn't that disappointed by a Catrice collection in a long time.

The main products were still in stock and so I tried them. The blush has the weirdest consistency ever. So gel-like.. The cream eyeshadows didn't look or feel promising either, but after I saw swatches on Mirelas site I'm curious again. *gg* I can't wait to hear how well their lasting time is.

The illuminating base doesn't seem to be like a base. It's a bomb of shimmer.. I don't think anybody could wear it as a base without looking like a crystal ball.

What do you think about this collection? I must say I'm actually quite happy that I don't like it, cause this will save me some money. lol


Kurt, how I love you..

Lately, my addiction to Kurts frozen yogurt got worse and worse. *g* They are the best! I could eat one every day.

A couple of days ago I went there again with two blogger friends and we enjoyed our last for several weeks. Stupid winter holiday, but I understand them completely. Such devoted and lovely owners deserve a good break :-)

A few impressions:

Our yogurts:

I can't wait until they re-open on the 16th of January.


My dream bag..

I love miu miu bags, I'm sure many of you do. The Matelassé collection takes my breath away every time I see it.

Unfortunately this beauty costs 1390€.. I love those bags.

Sadly, even if I earn much one day I don't think I'll ever be able to afford those kind of bags. Does anyone know bags that do looks similar to the bags from this collection??


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I thought I share out tree with you (after I removed my fiancés stupid tinsel.. lol).

I hope you have a great time and get many presents. *gg*


Thursday, 22 December 2011

MIni - but freaking awesome - Haul

Yes! I got my "Let's Skate" Paint Pot and the "Lovely Sinner" polish from Catrice. I wouldn't have these things without lovely Caro. Thanks dear!!

Let's give this beauty a moment:

I can't wait to wear it. It is sooo pretty!!


Monday, 19 December 2011

I'm engaged!!

I wanted to share this with you :-)


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Review: Origins Starting Over Eye Cream

Another review.. *gg*

This is the eye cream I've been using ever since I bought it in March and I absolutely love it.

It's a white/beige cream and as one can see I already used quite a lot. *g*

Now let's review it:

This is what Origins says about it: "Clinically tested, our advanced Mimosa and Fennel Seed formula helps to reduce the appearance of eye area lines and wrinkles. It helps to smooth crepiness on eyelids so makeup looks fresher."

I mainly use it on my under-eye area and I'm really happy with it. It moisturizes the area and keeps wrinkles at bay. Since I (luckily) don't have to deal with deep wrinkles yet I can't say how it affects those, but for me and my eye area it definitely works.

I got a few samples of the new Plantscription eye cream and it feels lovely too, but I prefer the consistency of my cream. The Plantscription one is quite similar to the face cream which is much more of a gel than a cream and I prefer the feel of a cream.

Overall, I certainly can recommend this eye cream. :-) So if you were thinking about getting it, get it!


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Review: Zoya Hurry Up Drying Drops

This is sooo overdue.. *gg*

This is hands down the best nail polish wonder I ever came across. I know those are "mainly" drying drops, but they are also some sort of top coat. 

If I use it my polish dries fast but also lasts and lasts. I don't even need to use a top coat anymore. It's crazy.

I can REALLY recommend it. It's not cheap and mine is empty as one can see. *g* But I'll definitely buy it again!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Review: Wella System Professional Colour Save Mask

I got this about two months ago and used it several times, so time for a review. :-)

For my ingredients girls:

I really really like this mask. It's a great product. Just as simple as that. It makes my hair super-soft and shiny.  

The "bad" thing about it is the price tag:

24,50€ is not cheap.. Is it worth it?

A good question. It's a lovely product and I'm glad I own it, but I think there are other masks out there which do the same job and only cost half as much.

The good thing is that you can get it at every DM. I hope this was helpful if you were thinking about getting it.

The product was given to me for review.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

EDITED: Yankee Candles at Thalia

I hate when that happens, but sometimes it just does: I experienced quite a few things today concerning Yankee Candles which made the original post redundant/incorrect.

Yesterday, I saw the Yankee Candles at the tiny Thalia at Westbahnhof and couldn't believe my eyes. They had quite a few as well:

We bought some and payed for each big glass (411g) 19,90€. But as I found out today there is actually an offer at the moment and they only cost 15,90€ until christmas. Stupid uninformed staff at Westbahnhof. Gosh I was pissed.. So I drove back to that store with my bills and (luckily) got my money back.. Such idiots..

Our haul before today:

The big "Christmas Cookie" which smells delicious!! The "Sparkling Cinnamon" which we haven't tried yet and three tarts: "Christmas Cupcake", "Warm Spice" (smells awesome as well, a bit like caramel) and "Home Sweet Home".
Today, I bought "Spiced Orange" (411g) and "Christmas Tree" (104g).

While the saleswoman at that tiny Thalia told me they are only available for christmas, apparently you can get them at the Thalia Landstraße all year!
This Thalia has maaany different ones and more sizes as well:

Even the ones against pet odors.. *g*

In addition, I was browsing the "wrong" online shop..
While I visited (which silently transforms to a german store), the real Austrian store is and in that online shop you get free shipping over 40€. :-) Thanks hübsch for writing about the existence of that store in the comments.

What a mess.. *gg* I hope the facts now remain the same.


Bipa "Metallic in the Mix" Holo/Foil Swatches

Guess what: sunshine!! How cool's that? *gg*

Here are the pretty holos/foil polishes:

left to right: mettalic matt, metallic pearl, metallic diamonds

Sooo pretty!!

I'm really glad I got the other two as well. :-)