Saturday, 3 December 2011

MAC Metal X Cream Shadows & Mini Review

Hey guys,
Enjoying the weekend? As I'm sure you all know the Metal X eyeshadows have been released a couple of days ago:

An interesting concept and a similar product has already been released once. Here are the shadows in a close-up, so you can see the texture.

They are so weird in a cool way. When you use them the really feel like a cream product. Almost like a paint pot or a MUFE aqua cream. They are lovely pigmented as well. Here swatches of them, indoors and in daylight.

AND NOW to the big problem with those: they CREASE and not just a bit creasing, no, the worst creasing I ever experienced..

After one hour, there was already serious creasing going on and at the end of the day the shadow was gone. No idea where it went, but what was left, was a thin line on my lid..

So please, really really think about buying one of those.. Test them first! I applied one at the MAC counter to see how it would perform over the day and I'm so glad I did, cause from the swatches and the feeling alone I could have bought 5 or so. *gg*

Hope this was helpful.


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hübsch. said...

How sad!!! i was so curious for them and was sure they would be amazing- thanks for warning us....