Sunday, 11 December 2011

"Metallic In The Mix" Nail Polish Haul & Swatches

Well, in the end I got all of them.. *g* After reading in my comments that lovely CucumPear bought all and worries that the two I (and most of the other bloggers) skipped might be overlooked for no good reason, I just had to have them! *g*

I'm really glad I bought those two, thanks dear! :-) Now on to some swatches and pics of the polishes.

"metallic violet"

"metallic blue"

"green changer"

"gold changer"

"metallic hologram"

"bronze changer"


"metallic matt"

"metallic pearl"

"metallic diamonds"

Swatching time (I haven't had time to swatch metallic diamonds and metallic pearl yet, I'll post them later):

first row (left to right): gold changer, green changer, metallic hologram, metallic matt
second row (left to right): metallic blue, bronze changer, metallic violet, purple-green 

The missing two colours are gorgeous as well, you'll see them soon. I love them, they look soooooo cool. What do you think?