Sunday, 25 December 2011

Catrice "Hidden World" Thoughts

I saw this (quite empty) display last week and I must say, I wasn't that disappointed by a Catrice collection in a long time.

The main products were still in stock and so I tried them. The blush has the weirdest consistency ever. So gel-like.. The cream eyeshadows didn't look or feel promising either, but after I saw swatches on Mirelas site I'm curious again. *gg* I can't wait to hear how well their lasting time is.

The illuminating base doesn't seem to be like a base. It's a bomb of shimmer.. I don't think anybody could wear it as a base without looking like a crystal ball.

What do you think about this collection? I must say I'm actually quite happy that I don't like it, cause this will save me some money. lol



hübsch. said...

Blush fail! And the mousse eyeshadows are waaay too glittery and of course crease like hell....
sadly i didn´like it at all!

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Yasso Naser said...

thank you for allowing for me to comment