Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Artdeco Dita von Teese

Hello Lovelies,

I know I've been quiet and I'm sorry, but life got and still gets in the way. I'm almost done with all the exams, the last is on the 12th July, but after Friday the worst is over.

I kept away from the blog to avoid distraction, but since I can't concentrate anymore, why not. It might make it possible to re-focus. :-)

As I'm sure all of you know that Dita von Teese recently teamed up with Artdeco to release a limited edition exaclty matching her style. They released two videos about the press conference and the process of creating this collection:

It's mentioned several times that the collection is exactly how she wanted it. Indeed, the quality is flawless, but the design did surprise (and disappoint) me a bit.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the display or all the products, cause the Müller I went to (the last one which had all the items) had the products, but not yet the display..

Probably a reason why nobody bought anything. Petra from Kirschblüte was so nice and allowed me to use hers. The upper shelf shows all the products from the Dita von Teese collection and the lower one is full of permanent items that suit the collection:

Back to my "irritation" with the design, most of the products have her logo on it, which is lovely except for that blue.. Petra bought two items which show that very nicely:

I would never associate blue with Dita von Teese.. Why blue? Still annoys me a little bit, but I'm kinda happy about it as well - if it would have been a prettier design, I probably would have bought much more and MAC's Heavenly Creatures is coming in July. I'll need my money for that! lol

The quality of the items is amazing. I could have bought all the products from that point of view, but since they aren't cheap and I own already a bunch of products like these, I only got two:

The blush in 22:

and the nail polish with the Nr. 19. A rich pink which looks quite red here.. No idea why

I made swatches. The texture and lasting power is incredible! One coat and it was opaque

Lovely, right? 

Not really unique though, if you take a step back and look at it reasonably, there would have been no need to buy those if you already have products like these in your collection and I'm sure most of us have!

Nevertheless, I couldn't resist, but I was better than I expected. *gg*

What did you get? Do you like the design?

Thanks again Petra!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Essie - Manicure In The City!

Two days ago I got an email from Essie with an info about a gorgeous event that will take place next week:

On the 29. and 30. June you can get a free Essie manicure close to Viennas Museumquartier!!!

You just go there between 10am and 8pm and can get a free manicure! I mean how freaking awesome is that?!

And to make it even better, they do it again on the 6. and 7. July! So make sure to stop by the Museumsquartier if you're from or close to Vienna.

Again the details:

29./30. Juni and 6./7. Juli
Ecke Mariahilferstrasse & Museumstraße, close to Vienna Museumsquartiers MQ
from 10‐20 o'clock

I'm SO gonna be there, probably at 10:01. lol Maybe we'll see each other. :-)


Alverde Nude & Flash Limited Edition

Just saw Alverdes new LE and how can I not share that with you:

I did some swatches, the shadows and lipsticks I found interesting.

The consistency felt lovely and the colour pay off was flawless! I didn't get anything though, I have enough shadows. The lipsticks seem soft, but for me those aren't pigmented enough.

Several bloggers got free products for testing. So you'll find a bunch of swatches. :-)


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weight Loss Journey - My Background

This is the first post about the long journey I'm currently making. Before we go to the present, I thought it might be interesting to know the background. Especially, since mine is a quite unusual one.

I've never been one of those lucky girls who is naturally thin. It always was hard work. 

Ever since I can remember I wanted to dance and sing. The first time I saw the musical "Elisabeth" (I was 6) , I knew this is what I wanted to do. I started working for this dream and I think I did well. 

With 12 I really started to focus on my dancing skills and started taking classes. I went four times a week and with 16, I joined a musical company for teenagers. Ballet was my passion and my talent, after two years I already started dancing on pointe shoes. :-) On the other side I sucked at Hip Hop.. *gg*

My body was lovely, I found a picture which shows it best. It's from our school ball: 

I started taking singing lessons and everything I focused on was this future. Everything I did was for this dream and I loved it, but then all those plans were destroyed - just when I was about to start auditioning for the schools.

It started with a stinging pain in my ankles, it didn't get better so we went to the hospital and I got a horrifying diagnosis. Parts of my ankle splintered off and destroyed the cartilage, on both sides.

I was told I was the only person worldwide who has that kind of damage on both sides and I had two choices - operations or never doing any kind of sports again. I was 18, so the second option wasn't an option and so the journey started..

I had four big operations. The first one was to remove the splintered bones and take some cartilage for growing it in a laboratory if the pain wouldn't go away. Of course it didn't, so I had to get cartilage transplantations, on each side. I had one on each side with a 7 month break inbetween and the last one was to remove the screws.

Three times, I had to learn to walk again and had crutches and a wheelchair. 

All in all, this nightmare lasted two years.

Needless to say you gain weight when you're not allowed to move. I fell in a huge dark hole as well and since my fiancée ate crappy fast food all the time I joined him in doing so and I just had other problems than watching my figure.

After three years I was officially allowed to start doing sports again, but I was too scared. 

6 months ago, I started again. I tried dancing on a much lower level, but had to stop after two lessons. It broke my heart, after all, being able to dance again was what kept me alive during those times in the hospital and rehab. I tried horse-riding again (another hobby I had), but it didn't work out as well. 

I started with Power Plate and using my parents Crosstrainer. So far, my feet are okay with that. When summer really hits us, which it will do soon, I'll start swimming as well. 

So this is it. My background. Not a happy one, but it made me the person I am today. It makes you appreciate even the little things. The first time I was able to use the bathroom on my own again without a nurse was incredible.

Next time I'm gonna talk about my nutrition and what changed since I joined Weight Watchers.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Drugstore Haul at the end of the world

Hey Guys,

Sorry, for not writing much this month. I'm a pretty bad blogger. Time is flying by when one has to learn all the time and not in a good way..

At the end of such exhausting days - after work, exams, pets and Uni, I just wanna lie in bed and watch 2 Broke Girls. Luckily, it's over soon!

Yesterday, I went to a Müller store which officially is still in Vienna, but actually is so far away from the center, I felt like I'm closer to Retz than Vienna.. lol

I was fascinated by that street name as well... How can anyone approve that:

I did travel there, cause it was the only Müller which had the full "Snow White" Essence collection left:

Also other full displays:

I didn't buy anything from the "Ready for Boarding" collection, though I still think about that gorgeous pink polish.

On to my haul, which includes products from DM and an "old" haul product:

Let's start with Snow White:

Snow White (THE classic red), Dopey

I don't have such a colour in my collection, how cool!!

I had to get those two as well, though I doubt I'll ever use them.. gg

I found the Zuckerschnute shower gel at the DM there. Back-Ups for when they are not available anymore, which is soon. Most stores are already sold out of it:

From the Catrice Coolibri collection I picked up one of the cream shadow pencils which are of amazing quality from what I've seen so far:

I also saw this unique alessandro nail polish and had to get it:

That was it. :-) Some pretty neat products and I think completely justified for being such a good student.  :-)

I also wanted to say thanks for being interested in my Weight Loss journey. Gonna post my prehistory tomorrow or so.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Weight Loss Journey, wanna come with??

Morning Lovelies,

In some way this has to do with beauty, so I thought you might be interested.

I recently started seriously trying to loose weight and get into my old shape. Quite a long way, but I already lost 4 kg/8 pounds on my own and three weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers and since then I lost an additional 3,40 kg/ about 6 pounds.

What I wanted to ask you: would you be interested in accompanying me on this journey?

It would mean I'd post weekly updates and tell you about my prehistory (which is quite a unique one), how I'm doing and so on. I'd like to share this with you, but I don't wanna bore you either.

So, let me know in the comments, okay?

And now to a totally random picture that we took this morning:

Most of you already know my cats - this is Chloe and she loves doing that.. Sometimes while I'm holding her (she actually seems to think she's a baby, not a cat..) she sneaks up on my shoulders.. *gg*

She loves being carried aroung and this viewpoint is one of her favorite ones, even though she's too large for it.. lol Obviously, she doesn't care. I love her so much!


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Beauty Flea Market 2012 or A Full Success!

Hey Lovelies,

Today was the Beauty flea market and it was incredible, again. :-) Some impressions:

Us getting our booths ready:

Some of the overflowing booths full of cool stuff: 

My booth:

I sold about half of those products and even though I REALLY wanted to, I resisted buying any new ones. I'm quite proud. *g* There were sooooo many freaking amazing products, it was crazy. 

Even though the official opening was at 11am, people already arrived at 10:30 and it looked quite a while like that:

It was great, even though I constantly worried about someone stealing or dropping products.. I think one of my Essie polishes was stolen. :-( And some people didn't really grasp the concept: just look at it - don't use it!

But other than that it was amazing. I met some lovely people and enjoyed being surrounded by so much beauty items!

The next beauty flea market might even be this winter, but I can't promise anything. If it will, I'm gonna be there and hope to see many of you there as well. :-)


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beauty Flea Market 2012!!

On Sunday, the second Beauty Flea Market will take place in Vienna and it's going to be AWESOME:

I just went through my stash and chose everything I am willing to give a new home. *g* I'm gonna show it to you, so you get an idea *gg* The lipsticks are missing, but other than that, this is everything and it's a lot..

Of course I had help :-) :







Shadowsticks/ Cream Eye Pencils:




All of the items I'll be selling are new, unused or only used once or twice. :-) If you're interested in one of them and want some details, let me know in the comments. 

So, if you have time - visit us on Sunday. I'm sure many treasures will be there waiting just for you!


Essie - Tard Deco

Being sick while it's nice outside is weird.. 

So, let's look at something pretty! This was in my mums last Glossybox and she was so kind to give it to me. :-) I love it!