Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Artdeco Dita von Teese

Hello Lovelies,

I know I've been quiet and I'm sorry, but life got and still gets in the way. I'm almost done with all the exams, the last is on the 12th July, but after Friday the worst is over.

I kept away from the blog to avoid distraction, but since I can't concentrate anymore, why not. It might make it possible to re-focus. :-)

As I'm sure all of you know that Dita von Teese recently teamed up with Artdeco to release a limited edition exaclty matching her style. They released two videos about the press conference and the process of creating this collection:

It's mentioned several times that the collection is exactly how she wanted it. Indeed, the quality is flawless, but the design did surprise (and disappoint) me a bit.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the display or all the products, cause the Müller I went to (the last one which had all the items) had the products, but not yet the display..

Probably a reason why nobody bought anything. Petra from Kirschblüte was so nice and allowed me to use hers. The upper shelf shows all the products from the Dita von Teese collection and the lower one is full of permanent items that suit the collection:

Back to my "irritation" with the design, most of the products have her logo on it, which is lovely except for that blue.. Petra bought two items which show that very nicely:

I would never associate blue with Dita von Teese.. Why blue? Still annoys me a little bit, but I'm kinda happy about it as well - if it would have been a prettier design, I probably would have bought much more and MAC's Heavenly Creatures is coming in July. I'll need my money for that! lol

The quality of the items is amazing. I could have bought all the products from that point of view, but since they aren't cheap and I own already a bunch of products like these, I only got two:

The blush in 22:

and the nail polish with the Nr. 19. A rich pink which looks quite red here.. No idea why

I made swatches. The texture and lasting power is incredible! One coat and it was opaque

Lovely, right? 

Not really unique though, if you take a step back and look at it reasonably, there would have been no need to buy those if you already have products like these in your collection and I'm sure most of us have!

Nevertheless, I couldn't resist, but I was better than I expected. *gg*

What did you get? Do you like the design?

Thanks again Petra!


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