Friday, 28 December 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitter Liners

I bought those over a year ago when I was in London after seeing some gorgeous swatches online.  

I couldn't get myself to use them though. They are just so pretty. I didn't until my sister just grabbed the green (Spandex) one and put it on her eyes.. Gosh I was pissed, but I finally tried them and they are freaking AMAZING!

Let's show you my three:


Le Freak:

Dancing Queen:

They are just as incredible as they look:

No coloured base or anything else is needed. I've never seen a glitter liner with that opacity. It lasts all day as well. 

I wore it last month to an event and got more than one compliment. Many asked if I used an eyeshadow beneath, cause it's so intense.*click* :-)

My résumé: If you are looking for a good or let's say awesome glitter eyeliner, you can stop looking. Here it is! They are definitely worth getting. I'm gonna get the rest of them next time when I'm in the UK, which is soon. :-)


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Current Skin Care Routine

I thought it's time for an update. It changed a bit, but it's still mainly from Origins. :-)

From time to time, I use Origins Check and Balances face wash. I don't really need a face wash since my skin is more on the dry side, but from time to time I like using it.

I use my beloved Make a Difference Plus + moisturizer twice a day. I reviewd it here *click* In addition, I use my GinZing eye cream in the morning..

..and in the evening I use Florenas lifting eye cream. I love this cream and will review it soon as well. :-)

Quite basic and it's perfect for my face. I can recommend every product I use. :-) Use any of those?? I hope you're happy with your face products.


Merry Christmas and the Giveaway winner!

Hey lovelies,

I hope you had a wonderful christmas and got everything you wished for. Ours was really nice and Santa Claus did a great job. :-)

My giveaway is over and  Ms. K won. :-) Congrats!!

I sent you a mail, please answer asap!

Don't be sad if you didn't win, I have many great giveaways planned.


Friday, 21 December 2012

Balea Oh Balea! Shower Gels

Balea and I fell in love quite a while ago. New limited editions in regular intervals, a gorgeous prize and good products. What do you want more?

So it wasn't a surprise that my collection grew constantly. Now, I'm gonna show you all my Balea shower gels and what I think about their scent. I'm not crazily good at describing scents, but I'll give my best.

Let's start with the first row:

  • Dark Glamour: the scent reminds me of the picture on the package. It's glamourus without being heavy
  • Sparkling Grapefruit: I love this one, it smells incredibly fresh and just like a grapefruit
  • Fresh Melon: from the same series as the grapfruit one and just as lovely. Just as the name - a fresh melon
  • Beautiful Berries: this was just released and is a creamier version of a shower gel and it does smell like berries. 

  • Feigen und Schokolade: this smells a bit artificial, but you can still smell chocolate and figs, a bit weird *g*
  • Kirsche und Mandeln: it smells like marzipan mixed with cherry sauce. Strong, but nice.
  • Relax Atempause (permanent): Another new shower gel, at least in Austria. It's from the Relax series and smells amazing. Kinda floral without being heavy. Just lovely and relaxing.

  • Zuckerschnute: this is famous by now. They discontinued it to the disappointment of many fans, including me. It smells genius. A lemon cupcake, it smells like the bottle looks, sugary and dreamy.
  • Hüttenzauber (permanent): this one is new and I don't like it at all. I used it once and doubt I'll ever use it again. It smells so artifical, like a melted pot of gummi bears. Not a smell I want all over my body.

That was a lot of shower gels. :-)

To the shower experience: All of them foam lovely and feel nice on my skin. Their scents don't last long which is fine with me.

Overall, even though Balea sometimes goes a bit wrong with scents, they are freaking awesome most of the time and that's why I like them. Curious what comes next, Balea, keep them coming! :-)


Lush So White Ballistic Bath Bomb

As promised, the first item in the lovely "Best Wishes" box you can win.

This gorgeous, foamy bath bomb is named "So White Ballistic" and one of the limited edition winter products. So how does it smell?

Lush says: "Our favorite fizzer returns with a fresh makeover! This year we were inspired by Holi, a traditional Indian festival in which people throw colored powders at one another to celebrate the end of winter. With this in mind, we redesigned So White to be thrown into your tub just like a snowball. Once in water, So White dissolves to reveal a bright pink center and an enticing appley fragrance. Our inventors brewed up a soft, fruity and floral scent with an enchanting blend of bergamot oil, neroli oil and orange flower absolute, for bathing happily ever after"

I can't confirm it, cause I didn't buy it yet, but I will later today. I can't resist.. As if my wallet hasn't suffered enough. *g*

You wanna win this foamy dream? Just click on the picture on the right side and you will find what you need to do. It's quite simple. :-)

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the next item.


Office Cat and the End of the World

Well, we're still here. :-) I think that's good news and sorry to those who will have to pay their credit card bill after all. ;-)

Today is my last day of work before Christmas and New Year! So excited and happy to have a few days in peace surrounded by ours families.

And of course I need to share a cat photo - Yesterday Chloe accompanied me to work, she obviously decided I might need her support.


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway!!!

Hello dear ones,

As promised - my christmas giveaway!! Lush and I teamed up and here is the amazing set you can win:

This set, "Best Wishes" is filled with three gorgeous items: Snow Cake Soap, So White Ballistic and Melting Snowman!

I'm gonna talk about each item in the next three days in detail. :-)

How can you win:
  • be a follower
  • tell me your dream present (mine is a LV bag)
  • and where you're from
The giveaway will end on the 25th December at 1 pm. Thanks to Lush for sponsoring this gorgeous set! :-)

Good luck!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Marks and Spencer Online Shop

A little while ago Marks and Spencer opened an Austrian online store.

I love Marks& Spencer! It's always a must-stop when I'm in the UK, but mainly because of those genius noodles. *g*

So, I didn't really get overly excited, especially because I know that their clothes and accessoires are expensive. But they do lovely items, for example that gorgeous coat:

Nevertheless, I think they deserve to be mentioned. Maybe I can talk them into opening a store with a food counter. I'm sure I have that power ;-)

They have a new bag collection and at the moment several chrstimas offers, so if you wanna get your british on. Try it. Their website: Marks & Spencer


Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Today Flo and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary. :-)

I first met him when I was 14 , he was a kick-ass punk and I was a ballerina. A lot changed, but we always stayed together.

We grew beside and with each other and have been through a lot, but we always got out of it stronger than before.

I hope many years will follow with you on my side. I can't wait for our wedding.

I love you!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Body Shop Christmas Shopping

I love gingerbread and after seeing this I just had to buy it. The scent is sooo lovely and I mean look at that freaking adorable box!

The other two items I got were their christmas Vanilla Bliss body butter and shower gel. That scent is incredible! It smells like vanilla pudding.

Did you buy anything of the christmas products from The Body Shop?


Review: Origins Make A Difference Plus + Moisturizer

This is my new absolute favorite from Origins. I was at the release breakfast, so you can read about it here as well "click", but now it's time to talk about its effects.

I LOVE this cream! I honestly didn't think Origins could surprise me again. Their products are just awesome, but this one is the best I've used so far. 

It moisturizes incredibly well and the cream locks that moisture in your skin. I always had this dry and red area around my nostrils and I hated it. 

Whatever I used, it didn't get better. I expected to live with that for the rest of my life.. But after two days of using Make A Difference Plus + it was gone!! I couldn't believe it.

The next thing was the fact that my skin stopped bitching around. The last couple of years my face had dry and shiny areas at the same time and in regular intervals pimples. Now it's perfectly balanced. 

I mean what can you ask more of a face cream?

It's full of great natural ingedients, one of them being the Rose of Jericho which is famous for her ability to save moisture.

So, long story short, if you are looking for a cream that moisturises and balances your face, buy this one! It's perfect, I absolutely love it. 

You did it again Origins! I love you.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Review: Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow Pencil

I got this a couple of weeks ago by Maybelline and was quite curious. Let's look at it:

Here a swatch:

It's really fascinating, it doesn't dry when you apply it, only as soon as you smudge it out it dries. It did last incredibly well, on my hand..

Let's look at it applied. I used a lot of product, but it wouldn't get darker..

That said, I must say applying it was truly painful. I had to drag a lot and the smudger that's on the other side was really hard on the eye. 

When you try it one your hand it is fine, but on the eye area it was really uncomfortable.. I wanted to stop, but I needed to find out how dark it would get. Well, the result you see above is four coats of shadow pencil..

I was really disappointed. To top it all off, it looked like that after a couple of hours:

Conclusion: Don't buy it. 

I read that some were fine with it, so it's probably just me, but there are a billion different ways to get smokey eyes without hurting you eyes and getting a smudgy result.

It costs 9,99€ and is available at drugstores. I'm sorry Maybelline, you do great products, but this definitely isn't one of them.

Product was sent for review

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Advent Giveaway Winner

Sadly, samelike didn't answer or contact me, so I re-raffled.

Congrats to amixeres86 :-) 

I'll contact you via mail, but if you don't answer in the next three day. I'm gonna re-do the thing again.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Garnier Olia Color Party!

At the beginning of November I was invited to a top-secret Color party. Garnier released a revolutionary new hair coloration that works completely without ammoniac. You know the ingredient that smells so bad you're always on the verge of fainting because of the fumes.

We were at the L'Oréal academy in Vienna and the idea was to get a at-home experience, so we had to dye our hair by ourselves, but of course we got some help.

I chose the shade nr. 7 which was quite popular. Let's share some pictures:

Here we go:

Miss Austria was also part of the event. She's so skinny and her facial features are so perfect, I was so jealous.. 

Group photo of some of the guests. I looked really bad standing next to the best looking person:

Me with my new hair color!

It was a lovely evening, even if it wasn't that easy to color your hair by yourself.. Several girls had troubles, but luckily it worked for me.

It's a little over a month now since I dyed it and the colour still looks lovely, the nice smell is another plus. 60% of the colour is made of oils, several of them of natural origin. Pretty cool.

Thanks to Garnier for inviting me and if your looking for a hair color without those horrible fumes, go get this one! In France and the UK it's already available, we'll get it in January


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent Giveaway Winner!!

Hello lovelies,

Thanks for all the entries, I was very happy to see so many participating. Also hello to my new followers, I hope you will stay and enjoy reading my posts.

Now to the winner!

I used and numer 30 won. :-)

Congrats samelike! Please contact me asap.

My fiancée was quite excited about that, cause his mum is from Hungary. *gg*

For the others, don't be sad, on christmas will be another giveaway with an amazing item!! A hint - Lush!