Friday, 21 December 2012

Balea Oh Balea! Shower Gels

Balea and I fell in love quite a while ago. New limited editions in regular intervals, a gorgeous prize and good products. What do you want more?

So it wasn't a surprise that my collection grew constantly. Now, I'm gonna show you all my Balea shower gels and what I think about their scent. I'm not crazily good at describing scents, but I'll give my best.

Let's start with the first row:

  • Dark Glamour: the scent reminds me of the picture on the package. It's glamourus without being heavy
  • Sparkling Grapefruit: I love this one, it smells incredibly fresh and just like a grapefruit
  • Fresh Melon: from the same series as the grapfruit one and just as lovely. Just as the name - a fresh melon
  • Beautiful Berries: this was just released and is a creamier version of a shower gel and it does smell like berries. 

  • Feigen und Schokolade: this smells a bit artificial, but you can still smell chocolate and figs, a bit weird *g*
  • Kirsche und Mandeln: it smells like marzipan mixed with cherry sauce. Strong, but nice.
  • Relax Atempause (permanent): Another new shower gel, at least in Austria. It's from the Relax series and smells amazing. Kinda floral without being heavy. Just lovely and relaxing.

  • Zuckerschnute: this is famous by now. They discontinued it to the disappointment of many fans, including me. It smells genius. A lemon cupcake, it smells like the bottle looks, sugary and dreamy.
  • Hüttenzauber (permanent): this one is new and I don't like it at all. I used it once and doubt I'll ever use it again. It smells so artifical, like a melted pot of gummi bears. Not a smell I want all over my body.

That was a lot of shower gels. :-)

To the shower experience: All of them foam lovely and feel nice on my skin. Their scents don't last long which is fine with me.

Overall, even though Balea sometimes goes a bit wrong with scents, they are freaking awesome most of the time and that's why I like them. Curious what comes next, Balea, keep them coming! :-)


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