Sunday, 16 December 2012

Review: Origins Make A Difference Plus + Moisturizer

This is my new absolute favorite from Origins. I was at the release breakfast, so you can read about it here as well "click", but now it's time to talk about its effects.

I LOVE this cream! I honestly didn't think Origins could surprise me again. Their products are just awesome, but this one is the best I've used so far. 

It moisturizes incredibly well and the cream locks that moisture in your skin. I always had this dry and red area around my nostrils and I hated it. 

Whatever I used, it didn't get better. I expected to live with that for the rest of my life.. But after two days of using Make A Difference Plus + it was gone!! I couldn't believe it.

The next thing was the fact that my skin stopped bitching around. The last couple of years my face had dry and shiny areas at the same time and in regular intervals pimples. Now it's perfectly balanced. 

I mean what can you ask more of a face cream?

It's full of great natural ingedients, one of them being the Rose of Jericho which is famous for her ability to save moisture.

So, long story short, if you are looking for a cream that moisturises and balances your face, buy this one! It's perfect, I absolutely love it. 

You did it again Origins! I love you.


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Lilly said...

I loooove Origins too :) I recently bought the Night-A-Mins cream. I swear to you it is THE best cream I have ever tried. It smells incredibly good and it moisturizes my skin like nothing else would. I got myself one of those Christmas sets (the one with the mega bright serum) but I don't allow myself to use it before the 25th :)