Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ebelin Concealer & Make-Up Brush

Just a quick heads up, the Ebelin Concealer & Make Up brush finally arrived in Austria. :)

I bought it of course *g* and as soon as I used it several times I'll post a review. :)


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our weekend or the Kürbisfest

This weekend was the Kürbisfest in Retz and I have some pictures for you. It's a festivity where it's all about pumpkins. You can get all sorts of food with pumpkin in it and there are booths with sweets and other handmade stuff.

It wasn't as amazing as I remembered it being when I was a child, but I still look forward to it every year.

I ate the best Kokoskuppel in years and the Marzipankartoffel and chips weren't that bad either.

How was your weekend??


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Essence Superheroes Nail Polish Swatches

I came across a full display of Essence's new LE and first wanted to get all the polishes and the polish remover.

Then I decided to get five polishes and no remover, which you can see above. *gg* After walking around with them ten minutes, I really looked at them and if they are unique enough to get a place at my home and.. the end I only got these two "power girl!" and "super, man!":

Swatch time:

"Super, man!"

This definitely isn't a holo polish, it's a silver with holo particles. Still pretty cool. :)

"power girl"

Sadly, I wasn't really able to capture the multidimension of this polish. It switches from dark blue to purple, depending on the light. :)

What do you think? Like them? Did you buy any??

I really like those two. :-)


Saving Money Fressnapf Style

We finally have an Internet connection again, so I'll vlog and blog you to death. :-)

This has nothing to do with beauty, but it was such a crazy coincidence I have to share it. *gg* Last week I went to our closest Fressnapf, a pet supply store. It's in Horn and was recently reopened.

I was there to get Kronos favorite chewing bones, when the saleswoman told me they are currently having some dog stuff on sale, I went out and couldn't believe my eyes. Everything for 1€. I basically got all the good stuff they had.

So I ended up with this huge amount of stuff.

Aristoteles immediately had to check if there's something interesting for him:

I wanted to buy some Agility stuff for ages, but never did, because it's so expensive, but for 10€ each, hell yeah!!

The bill was quite unique:

I payed 97€ and saved over 411€!!!I mean how freaking incredible is that?

If we have a Blackout tomorrow Kronos will definitely live longest. *g*


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review: Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

I have a new favorite skin care product. Vichy's Idéalia Life Serum. Let's take a closer look:

I don't know why the hell my hand looks so old lately, I promise, it doesn't in real life. 

It's designed to even out your skin tone, minimize pores and give you a relaxed look. The serum can be used on all skin types.

My thoughts on it:

I love it. It absorbs quickly and has a nice, neutral scent. I have the impression it improved my complexion, but I'm relatively lucky when it comes to my skin, not much of a challenge there. Neverthelesss, you will need a moisturizer over it if you have dry skin. I always use it in the evening after showering and before I got to bed I put my moisturizer and eye cream on. :)

If you are looking for a good serum, this product is definitely worth checking out.


Halloween NOTD

Halloween is coming, so it's time to get in the mood. A gorgeous example: China Glaze "Ick-A-Bod-Y"

It's perfect. A pain to remove, but I love it. :)

What is your favorite Halloween polish??


Monday, 21 October 2013

Review: Redken Diamond Hair Oil

Today I have something luxurious for you. Redken's new diamond hair oil. It's pure beauty decadence. Let's take a look.

The oil comes with a pipette, which allows you to get exactly the amount of product you want to use.

That's what Redken says about it:

  • silicone-free with natural hair oils that penetrate each level of the hair fiber to nourish strengthen and reinforce strands from the inside out
  • Hair is 3x stronger with 2x more shine
  • Seals, coats and smoothes the cuticle to boost shine and protect hair from damage due to friction from brushing, styling, etc.
  • Features a unique dropper for precise, no-waste dosage
  • Hybrid Oil technology combines synthetic polymers with 99% natural hair oils, including olive, jojoba, coconut and sunflower seed oils
My opinion:

I reeeaaally like it. You all know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this oil, with its heavy glass bottle and the lovely apricot scent is right up my alley. You only need the tiniest amounts of product. Only a couple of drops, that's enough. It vanishes into your hair immediately and leaves it nice and shiny.
The only thing that numbs my excitement is the prize tag. 45€ for one of these pretty babies is quite a lot. It will last you forever, but in the end it's still "just" a hair oil.

Is it of great quality and a real treat? Yes, but I think there are others out there which are much more affordable and do a great job as well.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Drugstore Releases in October

We're still without internet, the death for a blogger.. Without our mobile phones that function as hotspots, we'd be completely in the dark.

Some new drugstore collections have been released and I thought why not share them with you :-)

Essence did something horrible. A Justin Bieber LE, how could they.. Well, most teenagers might disagree..

Sorry for the blurriness.. The other LE isn't bad at all.

Next up is Catrice:

I was really tempted, but stayed strong. :)

Essie released their luxeffect and reptile colours.

Did you buy anything? Since I bought quite a lot from MAC's Riri LE, I didn't get anything.


Review: Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Male"

A little while ago I was surprised by this incredibly cool package. Jean Paul Gaultier released a new video clip for their iconic perfumes and sent me this to get the full experience.

Besides some awesome accessoires, there was the "Le Male" perfume. I was a bit confused at first. A male perfume for a female blogger? 

But before we talk about the scent in detail, let's look at this incredible packaging.

I can't help it, but this is one naughty bottle. *gg*

The cool extras:

Before I go into detail, you should see this spot:

How cool is this video??

Now let's talk about the scent. I really, really like it. 

Sadly, after the initial excitement that I got a male perfume, my husband realized the scent is nothing for him. His verdict: "way too sweet". 

I don't mind that, but I understand him. The main notes are orange, ginger, vanilla, lavender, rose and amber. 

I must admit I wish I would have gotten the female version. I tried it at my Müller and loved it and look at that packaging:

Do you own "Classique" from Gaultier? What do you think about it?

Thanks Gaultier for letting me try it. :)


Thursday, 17 October 2013

New Manhattan Counter

When I last visited my favorite Müller I found the new and huuuge Manhattan counter. It's enormous:

Huge, right??