Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mist Stockholm Blogger Event

I decided it's much more fun to blog instead of start writing the 6 pages essay I have to hand in til midnight today. lol

Warning: long post, but definitely worth reading!! *g* About two weeks ago I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to the blogger event by Mist Stockholm. A company I've never heard of before. I'm really glad I know this brand now.
Before I start describing in detail I'm gonna overload you with pictures. The impressive swatches will follow at the end.
Shop from the outside:

The gorgeous products:

Amazing variety of eyeshadows:

They have normal eyeshadows and these gorgeous speckled ones:

Divine glitters:

Cream bases:

Brushes and face products:

I was absolutealy amazed. The quality and variety (274 different eyeshadows) is outstanding.

The eyeshadows cost about 19€. (can't find my booklet with all the details, sorry..) The speckled ones cost 1€ more. Sounds expensive, but it's about the same as the MAC eyeshadows and one MAC eyeshadow contains 1,5 grams and the ones from Mist Stockholm contain 5gram!! Talk about value for money!

For the Pro's some good news: They offer a pro discount. 30% for 30€ a year. Cool, right?

At the moment, they don't have eyeshadow refills, but they are supposed to be available soon. The products are not tested on animals and made in Europe.

If you want quality, go there: It's located on a side street of Mariahilferstraße. Kaiserstraße 8 (U3 Westbahnhof), if you want the detailed address. It's easy to find.

Now on to the amazing swatches. Let's start with the insanely pigmented eyeshadows. My arm was the most photographed that evening. lol:

The pigments over the cream bases. They were even brighter in real life. Just freaking awesome:

They also gave us a goodie bag:

Speckled eyeshadow "Alexandria":

It looks so lovely..

Lip balm "Da Vinci":

"Alexandria" after swatching:

Swatches. I got subtle products:

It was a great evening and I'm so grateful that they invited me. Again, I really can recommend them. They will have an online shop soon as well:

Hope you liked it.

Love you all,

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Proud to be pale

Hey guys,

One more day and I'm back, just to make the time shorter and show you something fun:

Guess which arm is mine? lol


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Brush Cleaning Time


How often do you deep-clean your brushes?


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection

Hey guys,
Last week I was at the Mariahilferstraße with a friend and spontaneaously decided to swatch the whole Honey Bronze collection in my favorite The Body Shop store.

Naturally, this was the one time I had no digicam with me, so I had to drive home with an arm full of swatches, which included a bunch of strangers looking at my arm in the underground.. *gg*

If I wouldn't be so broke I definitely would have given some of those products a new home.

A shimmering body oil, brilliance bronzing powder, a bronzing gel for your face, two lipglosses and three different bronzing powders.

You see, a lot of bronzing stuff. Not exactly my favorite "look", but I was incredibly curious about the orange gloss and the bronzing powders (in my case for contouring). And I mean look at that pattern:

Looks familiar? Yep, MAC had the same design for their powders in the "Naked Honey" collection. Also the body oil does remind me of the Illumine Oil by Illamasqua.

First, I wasn't that fond of those similarities, I prefer companies doing new things, but just look at the liquid liners by MAC and Illamasqua, they are basically the same and those two brands even released them at the same time. So, what the hell. I guess that's unavoidable in this industry.

Here the set-up at the store on Mariahilferstraße.

Now on to the swatches and damn they are good:

From left to right: body oil, gel for face (swatched heavily!), glosses, bronzing powders (swatched heavily)

Let's take a closer look:

The bronzing powders are amazing, smooth, nicely pigmented, just really good. From bottom to top: 1, 2, 3. There are 4, but they only had those three.

The glosses blew me away. Look at that colour pay off!!!! I love the orange one, it's called Coral and looks just awesome.

The face gel looks way too pigmented and dark in this swatch , but as you can see below, as soon as you distribute it, it's gone and only leaves this "healthy glow" everyones so crazy about, behind. The body oil is actually more see through than anything else. It was tough to make a swatch, but it's a body oil after all.

The face gel distributed:

All in all a really nice collection. Definitely made for everyone. I wish I could have bought one of the bronzing powders and the orange gloss.. I hate having no money at all..

Did you get anything??


Monday, 20 June 2011

Colour Blocking!

Hey dear ones,

This is for Blusherine. :-) The idea: read and pink eyes, purple lips. Well, I couldn't resist. *gg*
Here we go:

Some close ups:

I hope you like it lovely Blusherine. :-)


Alverde Hippie Deluxe LE

Hey guys,

A few days ago Alverde released the "Hippie Deluxe" collection in Austria and I was right there.

I literally looked through the box with the not-yet-set-up products. lol That saleswoman, who was so nice and brought it out of the storage place, must have thought I'm crazy, but I wanted to see the products so badly..

In the heat of the moment I took these with me:

After a "Do I really need this??" monologue I returned the bronzer duo and the eyeshadow. I'm very proud of myself. *gg*

A few swatches:

The two bronzer duos

The two liquid blushes/lip stains (swatched heavily), the green shadow and the two powder blushes.

I bought the powder blush in "Berry", as you could see above and I absolutely love it, such a beautiful colour.

I was a bit disappointed by the liquid blushes. They just didn't dry... The red one was way too pigmented for an even distribution and the rose one not at all.

The sunglasses on the other hand rocked! I love the white one. 60's all over.

Did you buy anything?


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Purple Days

Like it?