Saturday, 11 June 2011

Origins Blogger Event

Hey dear ones,

This will be a huge post.. *gg*

On Wednesday Origins Austria invited some beauty bloggers to a let's-meet-each-other and presentation of some new products, which will hit stores in fall and I was one of them.

It's no secret that I love Origins and that invitation made me jump around our flat. It's such a wonderful feeling to get noticed, even though I'm still a small blog follower-wise. Every day I try my best to make sure you enjoy this blog and like reading it.

Here some impressions of the event. :-)

Lovely Elisabeth, who organised the evening, really put a lot of effort in the set-up:

I want this poster!!


The new products: 

new formulated: Super Spot Remover gel, Night-a-Mins cream, and the completely new Plantscription eye cream

We were lucky and got to take the Spot Remover Gel, the Night-a-Mins cream and the already soaked Spot Remover Pads with us. The eye cream isn't available yet, even for trying, but I hope I can test it as well. I adore my Starting Over night cream, I'm sure I'll love this a well. 

I'm so excited for the Night-a-Mins cream, it's one of my absolute favorites ever since I bought it at the airport in London. :-)

We also got to try a few bestsellers: 

My blogger colleagues :-) The guy who took the picture obviously wasn't that motivated.. I'm only gonna write the blog names which are links as well. From left to right: Coral and Mauve, Kirschblüte, Once upon a cream, Make up by Manu, Don't you wish you had some more and me. All of them were so lovely and I'm truly happy to have met them :-)

I'm gonna test the products thoroughly and review them asap. I already used the Super Spot Remover gel and the pads on my boyfriend, who has skin like a 15 year old. *g* After one night one could already see an improvement. Origins continues to amaze me. :-)

I hope you already know that, but I'm gonna say it again anyway. All my reviews are and will be honest. If you look at past reviews, I definitely said my honest opinion. lol

Thanks again to Origins and Elisabeth for the invitation. :-)

Have a great weekend guys.



Kay said...

I would want that poster too! Looks like it was a well planned event and fun. The tote bags are charming too.

Guinevere said...

it really was and the tote bags are so cool, I am really happy that they invited me

Kirschblüte said...

OMG, schau ich doof aus!
das treffen war super, jetzt weiß ich endlich wer du bist - hat mich gefreut :)! LG

Elisabeth said...

Ich sehe aus als sollte ich wiedermal Zero Oil verwenden ;-)

Anonymous said...

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