Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mist Stockholm Blogger Event

I decided it's much more fun to blog instead of start writing the 6 pages essay I have to hand in til midnight today. lol

Warning: long post, but definitely worth reading!! *g* About two weeks ago I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to the blogger event by Mist Stockholm. A company I've never heard of before. I'm really glad I know this brand now.
Before I start describing in detail I'm gonna overload you with pictures. The impressive swatches will follow at the end.
Shop from the outside:

The gorgeous products:

Amazing variety of eyeshadows:

They have normal eyeshadows and these gorgeous speckled ones:

Divine glitters:

Cream bases:

Brushes and face products:

I was absolutealy amazed. The quality and variety (274 different eyeshadows) is outstanding.

The eyeshadows cost about 19€. (can't find my booklet with all the details, sorry..) The speckled ones cost 1€ more. Sounds expensive, but it's about the same as the MAC eyeshadows and one MAC eyeshadow contains 1,5 grams and the ones from Mist Stockholm contain 5gram!! Talk about value for money!

For the Pro's some good news: They offer a pro discount. 30% for 30€ a year. Cool, right?

At the moment, they don't have eyeshadow refills, but they are supposed to be available soon. The products are not tested on animals and made in Europe.

If you want quality, go there: It's located on a side street of Mariahilferstraße. Kaiserstraße 8 (U3 Westbahnhof), if you want the detailed address. It's easy to find.

Now on to the amazing swatches. Let's start with the insanely pigmented eyeshadows. My arm was the most photographed that evening. lol:

The pigments over the cream bases. They were even brighter in real life. Just freaking awesome:

They also gave us a goodie bag:

Speckled eyeshadow "Alexandria":

It looks so lovely..

Lip balm "Da Vinci":

"Alexandria" after swatching:

Swatches. I got subtle products:

It was a great evening and I'm so grateful that they invited me. Again, I really can recommend them. They will have an online shop soon as well:

Hope you liked it.

Love you all,

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Jen said...

Ach, die Sachen sehen so toll aus:) Wenn ich mal Zeit habe schaue ich dort definitiv hin ..