Thursday, 2 June 2011

DM Balea Haul

Already June, crazy how time flies by..

I bought quite a few things over the last month at DM. Could be cause I'm on a "don't-buy-make-up" diet, but they had so many lovely things..

I didn't buy them at once and haven't used all of them yet, but so far I love all items.

I tried the Glücksmomente body lotion and absolutely love the smell, the Aloe Vera Handlotion - amazing product, the shaving gel Kiwi -  does its job nicely and smells great.

I can recommend all of these so far.

I'll keep you updated, if you're interested in any of those, buy them soon, most of them are limited editions. How I love limited editions.. *gg* Prices are great as well. :-)



CopyCat said...

in the end, my body just doesn't like Balea :(

Guinevere said...

sorry to hear that..