Monday, 20 June 2011

Alverde Hippie Deluxe LE

Hey guys,

A few days ago Alverde released the "Hippie Deluxe" collection in Austria and I was right there.

I literally looked through the box with the not-yet-set-up products. lol That saleswoman, who was so nice and brought it out of the storage place, must have thought I'm crazy, but I wanted to see the products so badly..

In the heat of the moment I took these with me:

After a "Do I really need this??" monologue I returned the bronzer duo and the eyeshadow. I'm very proud of myself. *gg*

A few swatches:

The two bronzer duos

The two liquid blushes/lip stains (swatched heavily), the green shadow and the two powder blushes.

I bought the powder blush in "Berry", as you could see above and I absolutely love it, such a beautiful colour.

I was a bit disappointed by the liquid blushes. They just didn't dry... The red one was way too pigmented for an even distribution and the rose one not at all.

The sunglasses on the other hand rocked! I love the white one. 60's all over.

Did you buy anything?


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