Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bipa Online Store!!!

OMG - Bipa has an online store!!!!!!!!! I just saw it online "by accident" *gg*

Let's look at some screenshots:

The beauty area:

My favorite Bipa brushes are here as well:

The OPI Texas collection is online too:

If only those wouldn't cost 13,99€...

Everything is there, I'm really impressed. You can select brands, price ranges and so on. The FAQ's area is neat as well.

For now they only ship to Austria, but I read on their page that they try to change that asap. Over 45€ shipping is free, under that 3,95€. One can pay with Visa, Master Card and Paybox.
I think this is a really great idea. Reminds me of the Boots online store. I don't think I will use it, cause I have enough Bipas close to me, but again I really like that they did it.
You can check it out here:


Lilly said...

Awesome. I probably won't use it either. But it's nice to know that one has the possibility to get drugstore products delivered now :)

BTW... Müller sells OPI nail polish now! 16€ per bottle. they have a huge selection in store but 16€ is just insane.

Guinevere said...

Ja, I already heard. It's really sad, having products you want right infront of you and not able to buy them..

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