Friday, 17 June 2011

L'Oréal's Make Up cube!!!

Hey guys,
Warning this is a huge post: *gg*

A few days ago, I was invited by L'Oréal to get a make over in a gorgeous looking cube on Graben. Why the cube? 

It was the Vienna Fashion Night and because of that, one could just go into that cube on Tuesday and Wednesday and get a make over - hair and make up!! Quite an awesome deal and that for free.

A few impressions:

How stylish is that? I wanna have that cube in my garden!! The theme of the make up was "Colour Blocking", which you hear everywhere at the moment.

Well and now the horror story starts.. I wanna say right now, that it's NOT L'Oréals fault! What I'm talking about? The make up artist who "violated" me. I asked - the make up artists were hired and interfered by a beauty agency.

I had bad luck, cause the others definitely did a better job, but my "make up artist" did everything wrong. Everything one can do wrong. I was truly shocked.

I asked for a flashy colour blocking look, I mean that's the freaking theme, but she seemed overwhelmed by that task. I asked what this name meant (of course I know what "Colour Blocking" means) just to test her, but she couldn't answer that. Look at that workstation:

It took her about 30 minutes to apply !one! eyeshadow and it was so uneven that she tried to fix it for 20 min, with a fucking cotton bud and make up wipes. It felt like she was trying to scrape my lid off. She didn't succeed to even it out.. 

That's the end result, you can cleary see the "unevenness" and that it is just covered with a nude shadow on the left side. Again it took her 30 min for this:

The lips were okay, but she did lipstick - lipgloss - lipstick.. Furthermore, I asked for a flashy lipstick (again colour blocking) and this was her choice:

The worst thing was that there was NO hygiene. She didn't clean the brushes she used on the last person (bad brush quality as well), I asked too late and she even tried to put the mascara on with the wand that was in the mascara, but I stopped her in time. Just think about how many germs were on that one wand..

The hygiene thing was a general problem. All the make up artists worked that unhygienic.. One thing was sure, I had the worst make up artist, a friend of mine got her make up done as well and look how lovely she looks:

I mean this is super simple, but at least nicely done.

I'm really sad, cause this was such a gorgeous idea from L'Oréal and the quality of the L'Oréal products was really great. I feel bad writing this, but well this was my experience.

It has nothing to do with L'Oréal itself, but it's an example of how many people who claim to be "professionals" have no idea what they are doing and the people who put their faith in them are the ones who loose.. Imagine this "make up artist" at a wedding.. The poor bride..

Well, but the idea itself was gorgeous, they also had a little raffle:

One could win lipsticks, I didn't win. *gg*

I also got a goodie-bag, which I'll show you soon. Did you get your make over? How was it?



Lilly said...

my god. that workstation looks horrible.
I walked past the cube on tuesday and thought that it looks awesome. would have wanted to get my make up done there but to be honest I am really glad that I didn't go there now! that's just horrible.

Chamy said...

Ich kenn dich ja eh... wobei verfolgen tu ich dich erst seit ein paar Tagen. Pfff... ja, jetzt wo du's sagst. :D Hätt dich aber nicht erkannt bzw. hab dich ja auch nicht erkannt. ;-9

lg Carmen

Lilly said...

bluntly speaking that's excactly what I expected this l'oreal makeup cube to be - a pit full of bacteria. you know I'm a not a big fan of that company but these 'professionals' there could have brought some alcohol for desinfection at least. I'm very sorry that your makeup was not done properly and you had to tell your mua about hygenic working conditions. You should have done your makeup yourself, you do way better than the girls from this cube.

PS. after the semester is almost over what about coffee and a chat soon? ^^

Kirschblüte said...

ich war am dienstag dort und war sehr zufrieden damit (das amu das ich heute trug, ist ungefähr das, was sie mir am di verpasst haben) - leider hab ich die fotos alle gelöscht und kann keinen post darüber machen ;(

Blusherine said...

Really?? Mascara straight out of the tube for everyone?? Even I know that, and I haven't had even one single day of makeup training!
I was thinking of going to get my makeup done there, but on that day I didn't feel too good and color blocking would not have me made feel better! Now that I read your story, I'm glad I didn't!
They should hire us for a color blocking theme *gg* Hell, I would slap on some pink and red onto those eyes and pair it with purple lipstick!! :-)) Not that I would ever wear that! *lol*

Guinevere said...

@Lilly: yes the workstation was horrible... I mean if the rest of the performance would have been alright, I would have overlook that, but so..

@Chamy: is ja nicht tragisch, aber freut mich, dass du mir "folgst" ;)

@Lilly: definitely coffee and chat :-) I didn't expect it to be that bad. She even had alcohol, but told me she can't clean it after every change (how disgusting is that?)

@Kirschblüte: ja wie gesagt meine war eindeutig, die schlechteste und nude looks haben sie ja eh zusammengebracht aber ein nude look ist auch keine kunst

@blusherine: I would definitely wear that! why not? *gg* I think I'm gonna do a make up look with those colours now :-)

Lilly said...

*haha* what she is too busy to clean her brushes? *rofl* sorry but that's a lame excuse.

Blusherine said...

i would love to see you wear that! :-)

Kirschblüte said...

das schlimmst ist ja dass sie gar nicht von l'oreal selber waren, sondern von einer sehr bekannten wiener agentur! aber ich hoffe du hast das einzige "schwarze schaf" erwischt ;)

Guinevere said...

Yeah thought that too..

Look is coming asap