Sunday, 22 April 2012

NOTD and on my way to London

When I'm posting this I'm already at the airport heading to London. :-) I'll see you next week, prepare for a haul post. *gg*

A swatch of the lovely looking "Lounge Chair Affair" from Essence's current collection. No sunlight again though..

Soooo beautiful..

Love and take care,

Haul: Essene Soul Sista

This is a quite anticipated collection and especially because of the kabuki brush.

Well, I didn't buy it. *g* I have several kabukis and never use them, so I decided not to buy it. I tried it in the store and must admit, it's a perfect brush. Soft, but still dense and for 3,95€ certainly a bargain. 

I did get three other items though:

These two polishes are soooo lovely. They have a subtle golden shimmer which makes them unique. I hope to capture that as soon as we have sunlight again. 

from left to right: Lounge Chair Affair, Mojito Green

I love bronzers for contouring and so I had to get this one:

Shake your Booty

I'm sure 99% of you bought or will buy the kabuki. *gg* Happy buying! :-)


Alverde Modern Art LE

I found this at the DM in Excalibur City:

The products look promising and bright, but after seeing the swatches I'm not that excited anymore. Here for you to get the idea:


Lipsticks (those seem amazing):


The three colours between the blushes are gel liners, I didn't swatch them, but I'm sure you get the idea.

On the left side is a setting spray (how cool's that) and a clear gloss. They also re-released the gel liner brushes which I love.

I was a good girl and didn't buy anything, cause I do have a setting spray, a ton of lipsticks and already two of the gel liner brushes.

I have no idea when they will release the collection in Austria, I haven't seen it here so far.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Essence Rebels Nail Polish Swatches

As promised here are the swatches to the Rebel Essence polishes:

from left to right: Peach Punk, Mauve Like A Rockstar, Rebelizer, Rebel Delight

They are pretty and the finish looks lovely, but there's a huge BUT.

They don't last at all.. Ever since I got my gel nails again I can wear every polish. They last perfectly, cause the gel is neutral which means no oils or anything else from your natural nails can affect the lasting power. 

I let this polish dry almost half an hour and it still smudged, the application was streaky and I had imprints of the fabrics I touched and so on. It was horrible!

It's quite a while since I was THAT disappointed by a polish.. I only tried it once and I'll try it again, but so far I can only say: save your money! Don't buy them, they might be great in theory, but they suck in real life..


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Make Up Look: Hey Sailor!

I felt like doing something marine-like, especially in anticipation of Mac's "Hey Sailor!" collection.

So, here we go:

Like it? Two close-ups:

I didn't use a lipliner, so please excuse the slight bleeding..


Haul: Essence Rebels

I didn't expect to find the polishes anymore, so I was reaaaalllyyy happy to find all of them. Here they are:

Swatches and thoughts will follow soon. So far I like them!


Saturday, 14 April 2012


Hey girls,

Today, I have a really beautiful colour for you: China Glaze's "Sunset Glow".

I love it!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Bipa Haul or The Maybelline 24HR Shadows are finally arrived!!

Guess whaaaatt!! They are here:

Not only did the Maybelline shadows arrived, also the L'Oréal bronzers with the gooorgeous design are here: 

I have most of the 24hr shadows thanks to the lovely girls from L'Oréal (here the review), but the turqouise one was was still on my wishlist:

It's named "turqouise forever" and is freaking amazing:

There are two shades available, this is the lighter one 301 named "Into the Wild"

Looks awesome as well! The price is another story.. It did cost 19,90€ which is most definitely not a bargain, but I have another bronzer from L'Oréal and it's amazing as well, so I went for it. :-) 

In the display pic is another bronzer displayed, one with a gorgeous leo print. I didn't see it, nor would have been space for it in the display. So I doubt we'll get it.

For the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows, they retail for 7,99€ each, not cheap either, but so worth the money!

Will you get some??


Essie at Bipa!

The Essie polishes finally arrived at my Bipa. Oh, and happy Friday the 13th!! I love that date!! :-)

I love that we have them now. :-) I hope we get China Glaze soon!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bipa Nude Touch Swatches

Remember when I showed you my haul of the Bipa nude polishes? *click*

It's swatching time: :-)

From left to right: 2,1,10

They are really pretty and for 1,99€ a great deal. :-)


Review: Braun Silk-Épil 5

I was asked if I wanna test the new Silk-épil 5 epilator and hell yeah I wanted. *gg* I always wanted to try an epilator.

This one is quite a multi-talent, one can use it on legs, several body areas and even on the face. Here are some photos: :-)

The epilator itself:

All the parts:

A cooling pad to calm the skin:

The caps and charger:

As you can see, one gets a lot of tools. So what do I think?

I always considered myself a non-whining person, but I probably have to reconsider that assumption.. *g*

I must admit I didn't except it to hurt SO much.. First of all, one really has to let the hair you wanna get rid off grow, nothing I like..

When you reach the needed length you can start. There are two settings "gentle" and "thoroughly". I never got past the setting "gentle". *g*

To numb the pain you can use the cooling pad before using, but it still hurts. It really, really hurts..Yes, it's quite thorough and your hair is gone much longer, but personally, for me it's not worth the pain. I never tried it anywhere else than on my legs, sorry, but I couldn't..

First of all, I don't like the fact that I have to let the hair grow that "long" and the pain is just not worth it in my opinion.

I rather shave my legs regularly than go through that procedure.

In a nutshell, this is definitely nothing for me, too painful. Nevertheless, I read a bunch of really positive reviews, only positive reviews to be exact. So, I guess if you're used to epilation I think this is a great product.

If you wanna try it: I found it on for 82€ *click* You can also see the detailed description on the Braun homepage here.

I hope it was helpful and thanks to Braun for letting me try it. :-)

The product for given to me for review

Monday, 9 April 2012

OPI "Dutch 'Ya Just Love Opi?"

I got this from Opi's Holland collection and I loooove it..



Saturday, 7 April 2012

London, how I love thee!!

Guess who's going to be in London soon?? -> ME!!!! Gosh I'm so happy...

We're gonna be there from the 23.-29. April and I'm so excited. I missed it so much.

Does somebody have a few tips for those of us who visited already all the popular sightseeing places??

We also still have to find a hotel or something like that, so far we only got our flight, if someone has recommendations, let me know!!

Have a great easter weekend. :-)


Haul: Mac Extra Dimension

First, I didn't plan on buying something from that collection, but after thinking about it and knowing that I have a 20€ voucher, I decided to get one of the skinfinishes.

In Vienna, the collection is only available at Douglas Mariahilferstraße. So today after work I went there. Before that I called to make sure that all the skinfinishes are still in stock, the salesguy said "yes, yes". If somebody says "yes, yes" it sounds (at least for me) that there are enough items.

I wanted the golden one "Whisper of Gilt". I arrived and it was sold out, only two hours after I called. I wanted to slap that guy in the face.. Such an idiot.

I swatched the other two and the one below "Glorify" had gorgeous colour pay off, so I chose this one:

Not gonna do swatches soon, it's more of a collectors item for me. You can find great ones on It retails for 29,80€.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Body Shops New Collections

A couple of days ago I visited my Body Shop Girls and found these new products:

Especially, The Spa Fit Orange products smell divine, just like freshly squeezed orange juice.. I hope the will release a shower gel soon!


A England polishes

Ever since I got my gel nails again, I'm really addicted to getting new polishes. :-) I love wearing a different colour every day.

I've been admiring the A England polishes for quite a while now and thought "Now's the time!". Here they are and gosh they are lovely.

Look at that lovely stamp thing:

Dragon, Saint George

Swatching Time:

They are sooooo beautiful, I'm really glad that I ordered them. The full beauty is released when the sun hits them. :-) Here's the proof:

One can get them on the A England homepage, one bottle costs 9 pounds and they have free worldwide shipping. :-)

Prepare for more nail polish hauls. *gg*