Thursday, 19 April 2012

Essence Rebels Nail Polish Swatches

As promised here are the swatches to the Rebel Essence polishes:

from left to right: Peach Punk, Mauve Like A Rockstar, Rebelizer, Rebel Delight

They are pretty and the finish looks lovely, but there's a huge BUT.

They don't last at all.. Ever since I got my gel nails again I can wear every polish. They last perfectly, cause the gel is neutral which means no oils or anything else from your natural nails can affect the lasting power. 

I let this polish dry almost half an hour and it still smudged, the application was streaky and I had imprints of the fabrics I touched and so on. It was horrible!

It's quite a while since I was THAT disappointed by a polish.. I only tried it once and I'll try it again, but so far I can only say: save your money! Don't buy them, they might be great in theory, but they suck in real life..


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