Sunday, 22 April 2012

Haul: Essene Soul Sista

This is a quite anticipated collection and especially because of the kabuki brush.

Well, I didn't buy it. *g* I have several kabukis and never use them, so I decided not to buy it. I tried it in the store and must admit, it's a perfect brush. Soft, but still dense and for 3,95€ certainly a bargain. 

I did get three other items though:

These two polishes are soooo lovely. They have a subtle golden shimmer which makes them unique. I hope to capture that as soon as we have sunlight again. 

from left to right: Lounge Chair Affair, Mojito Green

I love bronzers for contouring and so I had to get this one:

Shake your Booty

I'm sure 99% of you bought or will buy the kabuki. *gg* Happy buying! :-)



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

you are so right!

little miss polish said... were standing in front of it and didn't get the kabuki? impressive :)
the kabuki was sold out here right away!

Maquiyonkis said...

All three look nice. Would like to try the yellow polish but... really don't need it. :D

Guinevere said...

yeah I'm quite proud to be able to withstand such an offer *gg* would have been impossible a year ago