Thursday, 26 March 2015

MAC Pro Palette

Hey guys,

As mentioned I got myself the big, double-sided empty refill palette. I have a rather excessive eyeshadow collection and for my greens, blues and browns the normal palettes weren't big enough.

I always thought this palette isn't available in Austria, but it is and with it I even have some new space. *gg* Let's take a look.

Isn't it beautiful. I love it. I was a bit nervous whether or not the eyeshadows really would stick to the palette, even if turned upside down, but it sticks nicely.

If you have a bunch of shadows of one colour and you wanna get them all into one palette - here's the solution. :)


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I featured this one before, but it's just so pretty. You just have to wear it. I'm talking about Illamasqua's "Obsess", it's an absolute delight for the eyes.

I love this nail polish. What do you think? Agree with me?


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MAC Haul - Toldeo & Cinderella

Hi guys,

I'm currently having some issues with my health and it kinda gets in the way of blogging.. But today I had a few good hours and put them to good use.

It took a while, but I finally have my Cinderella and Toldeo babies. I also got myself one of the gorgeous double-sided pro palettes.

I had to have "Kindergarten Red" which is one of Toldeo's ombre blushes. I loved the others too, but guess what - I already own them from previous LE's. *g*

God isn't it pretty!? I love it..

The only thing I'm missing here is a little mirror. It would fit perfectly and be quite handy.

Here are all three of them.

My other treasue is the iridescent powder from the Cinderella LE named "Coupe d'Chic". 

I also got the fat double-sided empty pro palette for my refills. I have a quite extensive eyeshadow collection and this is great to get all the shadows of one color in one palette. I'm gonna do a seperate post on it and show you more of it.

Have a gorgeous day!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Glossybox Fresh 'n' Fruity

The new Glossybox arrived and I'm really excited about this one, cause I think every product is a win.

I love got2b, even though I'm rather lazy when it comes to hair styling, I always enjoy products from that brand. I just like the design and a blow dry spray which makes your hair dry faster - I mean who doesn't need that?! 

I haven't tried it yet, but a body peeling is another product that everyone uses. Especially, since warmer times are coming.

I love this shower gel, it smells and feels great. Nothing more to say. *gg*

Cleaning wipes - another product everyone uses and even if it's just for when you're travelling. 

This 4LK lipstick in "pure red" is great as well. The colour pay off is nice and it's red. Everyone can pull of red. 

right side is heavily swatched, left one is done twice. It gets a bit darker when you reapply it.

So, all in all, this is one of my favorite boxes in a while. It's just so useable for everybody. :)

What do you think??


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Out and About with Origins & Smashbox

The releases keep coming. Origins just came out with a new serum :-) I love love love Origins and am always excited about news from this brand. So this is a product quite targeting my age group.

While enjoying a lovely breakfast and presentation we got to see the new quarter-life crisis serum with willow bark named Original Skin!

My age group gets more and more recognition in skin care. For years there was just young and mostly troubled skin care, a bit of unspecified one for all age groups and the anti-age range. It's interesting to see more and more of this. It smells lovely and I will do a seperate post after some testing. :)

 Besides the lovely Origins serum Smashbox was also there with their new contouring kit.

Soon, there will also be a contour stick trio available. Quite interesting. :-) Cream products are never to be overlooked when it comes to contouring.

Here it is and it is awesome!

I will review the trio as well of course. :-)

It was a great morning and I enjoyed it immensly, I will share my thoughts about the products soon.


GOSH Spring & Summer 2015

As said, many beloved brands are showering us with new products. My darling GOSH is one of them. Let's take a look:

We get some preeeety pastels :-) All polishes, the new batches at least now come with a wide brush. Since I'm sadly not one of the lucky girls with elf-like hands and nails, I love that. 

There are a new series of liquid liners in many different colours.

A new primer with hydrating ingredients such as alga

There are also some new mascaras headed our way. The left one is already out, a fat volume one. The other two will be released in the next months.

We also get some giant blush sticks. I'm more a powder blush girl, but if used right cream blushes can give a lovely and natural looking result

There are also a bunch of new lip shine pencils, they felt and looked great, I'm gonna make a swatch post when I visit my Bipa.

There is also a complete new area GOSH is entering - hair care. I'm currently testing the Argan Oil series. So far, I'm happy. :)

So, there is a lot to enjoy and try, What do you like most?


Monday, 2 March 2015

Sothys Spring Summer Collection 2015

It's March can you believe it?? And while here in Austria we're still drowning in bad weather our beloved brands are giving us a piece of Summer.

Sothys is one of them and recently released their Summer collection. Let's take a look.

Let's start with the two eyeshadows.

Here we have "Bronze nacré", a lovely chocolaty-hazel tone. It's not much of a catch in the pan, but god it looks goregous on the eyes.

The other one named "Sable fine" is a nice shimmery highlighter colour, but it doesn't really stand out. 

We also get a lovely trio blush named "enlumi-neur", the colour pay off is not overwhelming. I was quite disappointed when I swatched it on my hand, BUT when I loaded it on my brush - concinved that not much will happen - I ended up with such a pink cheek I had to whip out my make up remover. *gg* 
So what I learned from this product, it's not a fan of hands, but if you use a brush you will get a lovely result.

It's summer so you need a bronzer, simply named "poudre soleil". It has a golden overspray, but underneath is a nice bronzer you can also use to contour.

There are also two dewy lipsticks. They have a fruity scent and go on smoothly and are hydrating. 

"Corail Vivienne"

and "beige Garibaldi"

Last but not least there are two summery nail polishes for the beach. "Rouge grenadine" and "orange exotique." Haven't tried those two, but I will. :)

On to the swatches :-)

Bronzer and the blush trio, the seperate colours and below a little swirl. As you can see. the blush didn't like being swatched. 

Here we have out two eyeshadows, on the right is the lovely bronze nacré, which I adore! 

Lipsticks! The coral shade is especially gorgeous.

Here is a look with all the products. Okay I only used "corail Vivienne" on the lips in this one. ;-)

I'm really happy with this collection. I wore it all of last week and always enjoyed it. :) It's summery, dewy, but without drowning you in sparkle. Here is a link to the locations where you can get the products - *click*.