Tuesday, 10 March 2015

GOSH Spring & Summer 2015

As said, many beloved brands are showering us with new products. My darling GOSH is one of them. Let's take a look:

We get some preeeety pastels :-) All polishes, the new batches at least now come with a wide brush. Since I'm sadly not one of the lucky girls with elf-like hands and nails, I love that. 

There are a new series of liquid liners in many different colours.

A new primer with hydrating ingredients such as alga

There are also some new mascaras headed our way. The left one is already out, a fat volume one. The other two will be released in the next months.

We also get some giant blush sticks. I'm more a powder blush girl, but if used right cream blushes can give a lovely and natural looking result

There are also a bunch of new lip shine pencils, they felt and looked great, I'm gonna make a swatch post when I visit my Bipa.

There is also a complete new area GOSH is entering - hair care. I'm currently testing the Argan Oil series. So far, I'm happy. :)

So, there is a lot to enjoy and try, What do you like most?


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