Monday, 31 October 2011

It's November, already..

Isn't it crazy how fast time seems to fly by year after year.. Don't this weather just wants to makes you hang around and sleep?

At least my cats and I do *g*

Sorry that I've been kinda quiet the last couple of days, especially before Halloween. I promised a friend to do a Zombie Princess make up look, but my right eye decided to stop doing its job for one day..

Out of the blue I woke up on Saturday morning and had a weird milky film over my right eye, everything was blurred. First, I thought it was from my contact lense, but after cleaning it several times and taking it out again, it was obvious that it was my eye which was kinda unsettling.

As it got night and my eye remained in that condition, we decided to drive to a hospital with a 24/7 eye ambulance. After some tests including a shockingly horrible result at an eye-sight test I got a thick cream into my eye and a huge bandage over it.

Horrible, right? Sorry for my awful appearance..

I was really scared, but thank god it was gone the next morning. That cream really did its job. My cornea was offended..
Gosh guys, the hours I've wasted at hospital ambulances.. Sure, it must be up to a month by now.

So I hope you understand that I wasn't that keen on putting any make up close to my eye. Buuut I have a few reviews coming up and a youtube tag video. Stay tuned dear ones.


Latest Youtube Video

This is my latest - my Monthly Favorites Halloween Style. Though I gotta admit that the longer I look at it, the more I dislike my look.. Not the make up itself or the hair itself, but the combination. I don't know.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Dead Doll Look

Unfortunately I didn't have any doll lashes, they would have been great, but I still like it. It's perfect for Halloween.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Maybelline Jade "Fit Me" Swatches & First Impressions

A couple of days ago, I showed you pics of the Maybelline Jade Press Launch and the soon-to-be released Fit Me make up range. *click*

Now it's time for some swatches and first impressions. Here are the products again:

Liquid foundation:

Liquid concealer 115:

Compact Powder 120:

The compact has a huge mirror inside (love it) and a powder puff:


As you easily can see the foundation is way to dark for me, while the concealer and powder fit perfectly

Foundation blended:

Powder and underneath the blended powder:

Concealer blended:

The powder and concealer blend and vanish perfectly into my skin, but not the foundation..

It's really sad, cause you'd expect it to and that was the claim by this range. If one product with this number suits you, all the other products with this number are a perfect match for you..

In the U.S. the numbers 110 and 115 are actually available, which (I'm sure) would match my skin lovely. I asked the company and the reason why we don't get those is that the majority of people here wouldn't need such light foundations.
To be honest, I just can't believe that's true, but I'm sure there was some research. I still hope those will come to Europe at some point.

The prices for the products are really good for a drugstore range:

I'll let you know how the products perform on my skin and except this foundation thing I think those products truly have great potential.


Review: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Hey guys,

Recently, Burt's Bees released Tinted Lip Balms and I had the pleasure to test one of them. Some pictures before the review:

When you pull out the packaging this rose second cover is revealed with their philosophy written on it in several languages, so cute!

The balm I got is called Hibiscus:


A before and after comparison which gives you an idea of the coverage:

Pretty, right?

Now on to the review:

I truly like it! It's a perfectly balanced product. The right mix between lip balm and colour and 100% natural.

It reminds me a bit of a MAC Slimshine with a more waxy texture. It looks shiny, healthy and the colour looks natural, but still has this balmy feeling to it.

I really feel it for about two hours and after that it slowly fades away. It could be longer, but I think it's okay. It doesn't really have a scent, the only one I could smell, if I tried hard gg was the scent of bee wax.

For the moisturing aspects I'd say it's okay. It's not as moisturising as a pure lip balm would be, but definitely more moisturising than a lipstick or Slimshine or a Labello which does nothing for me at all, I hate Labellos..

If you have cracked lips this product won't be enough to heal does cracks, but if you're lips are fine or a bit on the drier side this little fella will protect them.

Would I recommend them?


Those are 8€ and contain 4,25 grams.

Burt's Bees facebook page: *click* and they also made a cute short film about the tinted lip balms:


This product was give to me for review.

Catrice Big City Life Nail Polish Swatches!!

Hey boys and girls,

Here are the swatches of the Big City Life polishes:

Berlin, London

New York, Sydney

All of them are solid and beautiful colours. Not the most unique out there, but still lovely. Oh, and the've got great coverage. Really awesome!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Catrice Big City Life Haul & Swatches!!

This collection is probably one of the most anticipated this year and Catrice's inability to say when the collection will be released exactly didn't make it any easier.

So when I read that the collection has been spotted, nothing could stop me, even not my fever and headache. I got in my mums car, drove there and bought the whole collection, despite my empty bank account.

But enough talk, I know you wanna see pictures not words:

The display in store, it's huge:

Let's start:

Let's start with Berlin:


Next Up is Sydney:


Look at those blushes:

On to London:


And our trip ends in New York:


What a trip!!

Each palette comes with a tiny kajal and brush-applicator:

Some blush comparisions, cause in the palettes the blushes from the Sydney and the New York palette actually look the same, but they aren't. Sydney is a tiny bit darker:

left side: Sydney     right side: New York

I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed seeing the swatches. Unfortunately, the light is crappy today in Vienna, if I could have taken the pictures in sunlight those would be even prettier.

For the quality: I'm happy to report that they are amazing. There are some frosty shades, but even those were nice to work with. If you like what you see, get them. They are 6,99€ each and the nail polishes 2,49€.