Thursday, 20 October 2011

Edinburgh Nail Polish Swatches

Here are the gorgeous swatches:

Once again from left to right: Butter London "Wallis", Barry M "Blue Glitter" Foil "319" Foil "320"

Those two are really beautiful, but they are such a pain when it comes to application. Just horrible.. I haven't managed to apply them yet without looking like a toddler gone wild.. Also those are very streaky, don't know if I actually would recommend those two.

The Blue Glitter has such an amazing amount of glitter, the polish was completely opaque after three coats. I know glitter polishes which need way more coats to achieve that result.

"Wallis" gets it's own picture, I mean look at that! What a beautiful gold..



CherrySue said...

Really didn't like Barry Ms Foil attempt either but check out Essence - their's are gorgeous!!

Emma said...

I really like the look of the ButterLondon polish :)