Thursday, 13 October 2011


Some (make up) impressions from Edinburgh:

We had this beautiful weather for about three hours and the rest of the holiday was rainy:

Now on to make up, those are not all beauty brands they have, it was just a bit weird to stand there with my digicam..

I was very tempted, but didn't get it, cause I have 5 mascaras at home at the moment..

Look how cute, the have a "red hair" range, we only got John Frieda "brown" and "blonde" products:

Lee Stafford: :-)

Look what I found:

Who would have thought they have MNY polishes gg

Heaven, right?

It actually made me a bit sad, cause I saw all these awesome products, knowing that I can't buy them all.. I'm gonna show you my haul later today, I think I did restrain myself quite well.


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Anna said...

Oh I'd love to be there and make myself poor...