Monday, 31 October 2011

It's November, already..

Isn't it crazy how fast time seems to fly by year after year.. Don't this weather just wants to makes you hang around and sleep?

At least my cats and I do *g*

Sorry that I've been kinda quiet the last couple of days, especially before Halloween. I promised a friend to do a Zombie Princess make up look, but my right eye decided to stop doing its job for one day..

Out of the blue I woke up on Saturday morning and had a weird milky film over my right eye, everything was blurred. First, I thought it was from my contact lense, but after cleaning it several times and taking it out again, it was obvious that it was my eye which was kinda unsettling.

As it got night and my eye remained in that condition, we decided to drive to a hospital with a 24/7 eye ambulance. After some tests including a shockingly horrible result at an eye-sight test I got a thick cream into my eye and a huge bandage over it.

Horrible, right? Sorry for my awful appearance..

I was really scared, but thank god it was gone the next morning. That cream really did its job. My cornea was offended..
Gosh guys, the hours I've wasted at hospital ambulances.. Sure, it must be up to a month by now.

So I hope you understand that I wasn't that keen on putting any make up close to my eye. Buuut I have a few reviews coming up and a youtube tag video. Stay tuned dear ones.



Blusherine said...

Jetzt hast du ja doch einen Halloween-Look gepostet ;-)) Nein, nur Scherzerl, hoffe es geht dir bald wieder gut!!

Anna said...

Gute Besserung!

michischaaf said...

ujee! Gute Besserung! Glg