Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Event

A good week ago I had the pleasure to attend the Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Event. The official name: "The Sebastian DJ Versatility Tour 2011". It was an amazing night!!

The stars of the night:

Potion 9 Lite and Potion 9

The peak of the event was a presentation of the upcoming hair trends and the versatility of their styling products. This wasn't just a presentation, this was a perfectly created show! An event at the event. It was unbelievable. If being a hairdresser would always be like that, I'd want to become one sooo badly!

There were six models with unbelievable cool hairstyles and as if that wouldn't be enough, six hairdressers/hairstylists came and changed their look in about 10 minutes!

A couple of pictures of the models and those talented hairdressers.

The models:

Styling away:

This is true art for me and that make up.. Perfection! I wish I could have watched the artists applying the make up or the whole process of hair & make up in general.

All in all this was an incredible evening and I am so happy and glad that I could be part of it. At the end everyone got an amazing goodie bag with the two products:

I haven't used them yet, but I can't wait to do so. Anyone of you used their products before?

You can check out more of the pictures on their facebook page.


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