Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review: Silcopad

Morning fellas :-)

Several months ago I first saw this tool. A reusable high tech silicon shield to avoid a messy face, due to fall-out. I got curious..

To put it shortly: Those are amazing!!! I absolutely love them! But let's go a bit more into detail.

That's how they look:

You get one for your right and one for your left eye and they last for about 100 uses!

The "manual" *g* :-)

These pads protect your face from every mess you usually would have to remove and can be used over foundation. A few pics to see the awesome job it does:

See? Nothing! :-)

Everything that you usually would have to clean up after applying your shadow now is on these pads:

This is so cool, I can't tell you how handy those are! They cling to your skin and do an awesome job!

Two things I noticed though:

First: as soon as you start perspiring a little they lose their grip, but I guess that's normal. Nevertheless, this might get annoying during summer.

Second: they sit tightly which is great, but this can be a bit uncomfortable when you're not used to it. If you're doing your own make up you usually look up and down or move around. Since the pads sit tight on your skin, close to the under-eye are this can be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, you get used to the feeling pretty fast.

I'll definitely use them every time I use loose shadows or glitters. Again, those are soooo handy. Ever since I got them I use my pigments much more. In addition, those are incredible if you're doing make up on somebody else, so make up artists: get them! You will love them.

To clean them you use a make up remover on oil basis. I do that with my cleans off oil and it works perfectly and they dry fast.

Depending on where you buy them, they cost between 15 and 20 euro, which might seem much to some of you, but just think about how helpful and handy they are and they are reusable.  

Where to buy:

They also have a short clip on youtube:

and a homepage:

As said I absolutely adore them and truly can recommend them!

These were sent to me for review


Laura Jean Griffiths said...

That is such an amazing idea!
I have this problem everyday haha :P

Cool blog, feel free tocheck out mine where I review cosmetics and fashion.

Laura :) xx

Voodoo Blonde said...

omg this is so awesome! I'll look it up on ebay or somewhere, if one can purchase it online...
love your blog babe!